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Wow, I’ve been negligant again, huh?

To be honest though, I’ve had nothing much new to contribute recently to the blog, as most of the time I’ve been busy with work and also writing on the side, attempting to polish up Aniventure, my pen and paper Anime Roleplaying system, to a state where it can be fully released (which, hopefully, I should be able to do soon, most likely in an electronic format, though if it becomes popular I’ll look into paper publishing).

Anyway, to herald the fact that it’s nearly ready for release, I’ve decided to put up some samples for everyone to look at, rather than just the measly character sheet that’s been floating around the project page for awhile. I’ll also put up a brief commentary.

In case you’ve not looked into it before, my system is entirely of my own devising and all of the illustrations are also my own. It uses a unique dice system I have invented called the Stacks system; which was especially devised for the purposes of larger than life roleplaying, as it allows multiple attacks per dice roll, a system that awards low and high numbers in different ways, and crazy stuff like the ability to parry a burst of machine gun fire with just a combat knife (if you’re just that good!).

As always, click images to see them full size

Core to the game system is the fact that everyone has an Anime Class. There are 19 of them, ranging from the Avatar, above, through Desperados and Kensai, to Warlocks/Witches. A class alters your Talents (stats) and gives you your base dicepools, as well as granting you a discount to certain powers and a special superpower.

On the other hand, a class is merely a springboard for you to build from. Aniventure is meant to be versatile; allowing you any combination you can think of; as you can always take any power, even if its not favoured for your class (it just costs more).

On top of that customisation, there is the archetype, which allows you to customise your character with any one of a huge number of anime and media related cliche’s. Here’s some of the unique Male only ones:

Naturally, there’s also a general selection (7 pages!) and females only selection too.

Archetypes have been a big part of Aniventure since the early days of its conception. The system runs especially well off cliche; and relishes in its complete lack of political correctness; as appearance, gender, figure, looks and personality have a big effect on your characters stats and final outlook.

And of course, seeing as how you’re an anime character, its not unusual for you to vastly exceed normal human potential in most of what you do, especially when it comes to using amazing and mundane powers; of which there are significant selection. Here is some of Deadeye Shot, two of its sub-disciplines covering handguns and automatics:

Most interesting in Aniventure combat is the fact that tactical positioning, or in fact, any movement, doesn’t exist at all. You always automatically move as your choice of battle action requires.

Of course, this means squishy wizards and shooters need support, as nothing stops people from attacking them. Party support option powers exist in many forms, from the Defensive Supports of Aegis, to the inspiring actions of Majesty.

As you can probably see from above, you can also find other options, like learning to Parry attacks using Handguns (shoot the bullet!).

Aniventure also looks into less obvious combative powers that explain the crazy nonsense that goes on in Anime. Take, for example, the Magnetism discipline:

This covers everyones favourite: needless fanservice; which allows you to heal yourself as you get injured due to the hit actually just tearing your shirt off.

Assaults of superhuman attractiveness? Check. Harems of minions more concerned with fighting rivals than your personal safety? Check.

There’s also the sister discipline of Isei-Jikoshuji, that covers incredible egotism and angsting wind; and the Destiny Inversion discipline, that allows you to develop plot armour, xanatos gambits and bad pun mastery.

Finally, as well as esoteric disciplines, there’s a good selection of anime flavoured magic. Here’s the intro page for Witchery:

You can purchase spells singly, or select entire domains together as a discount package, which helps sorcerers fill out their spellbooks more easily. Spellcasters have both Instant and Complex spells available to them; allowing both to attack in the same way as more traditional combat bunnies (only with blood and fire and darkness, rather than guns and swords and fists) and also use powerful effects that take several rounds to cast.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this small preview. I should be releasing this system for full public consumption sometime in the near future.


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EDIT: This is for April- June. If you want to see the preview for the June- Sept 2010, click this below:
Summer/Autumn 2010 Anime Season

This is for the period of April – June, so I call it the Spring/Summer season in the same way that the previous season was Winter/Spring.

I’m little bit later this time (or, more like, only two weeks early, LOL). Spring is usually moderate in terms of new shows, and my early estimations put 10 new shows out there. This is discounting the usual kids stuff and the sequel and spinoff series. I’ve also discounted three baseball shows… since there’s always alot of those.

As usual the Format is: Title, Promo Image, Description, My Thoughts/ Enthusiasm Scale. Let’s get this started, eh?

B Gata H Kei

Well, here’s something stupid to start the report with. This apparently covers a girl called Yamada whom is strangely like a typical lonely otaku: that is to say, sexually inexperienced and full of ridiculous ideas for sexual fantasies. A whole 100 of them, in fact. So much so that has a proverbial ‘devil on the shoulder’ (an erogami-sama, so to speak).

The plot revolves around these strange ecchi desires of hers, and also branches out in a apparent real life romance with a plain looking boy whom she falls for, Takashi. Whether or not she forces her lewdness on him is yet to be seen.

In other words, another Harem show that verges on softcore porn, by the sounds of it. Which begs the question of why so many would watch this rather than going out and actually getting laid. But such is the strangeness of the Anime Industry.

Anticipation: You might have One Hundred Sexual Fantasies, but I only need one, baby.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

‘Oh no, not more maids!’, I hear you scream (well, maybe you don’t, but I certainly do). Fortunately, this is not an oblivious harem comedy again (though there are plenty of those this season), but rather a Romantic Comedy show based on a Shoujo manga. It follows Misaki, the student council head who fancies herself a bit of superior girl and despises most men, especially the slovenly, foolish and foppish examples set at the school where she attends, which was once an all-male academy until recent years. This even extends to the local bishie, Takumi.

Nevertheless, she has a ‘shameful’ secret. She works at a Maid-Cafe afterschool! This secret, as you might imagine, is somehow stumbled upon by hapless Takumi, and the anime follows the backlash.

It’s a silly premise, but I’ve heard that manga is very good. Since Kimi no Todoke looks to finishing now as well, this may satisfy my fix for romantic comedies in the meantime, if it turns out well.

Anticipation: Five out of five frilly aprons of fun.

Angel Beats!

Purple haired Haruhi with a silver Berreta, anyone? That silliness in character design aside, I can’t actually decide from my notes whether this is some kind of fantasy world with angels or actually some interpretation of heaven. In any case, it seems that all of the characters are some kind of angels; whom are apparently forced to fight to determine what is going to happen to them.

Some Angels are aghast of this apparent scheme by the almighty, and form a society called the Shinda Sekai Sensen, who rebel against god. Our purple haired girl is Yuri, the leader of said organisation of Rebel Angels. It appears that the rebels are (sensibly) denied the ability to use angelic powers, and instead of forced to resort to firearms and such to battle against the order (which has no such issue in causing devastation with supernatural magics). And so the anime details the gun-toting angels vs. Magic angels, I’d imagine.

What is perhaps most interesting is the mix of prolific crew on this: the director of Seto no Hanayome, the animators of CANAAN, and character designs by the ever famous KEY. Quite a set, eh? No doubt it’ll be full of screwed up theology too, so that’s always a plus.

Anticipation: Eight Glowing Halo’s, two unloaded shotguns.


Another day, another samurai with heterochromia. I think every season needs a character with mismatching eye colours in there somewhere, eh? (damn you, Asuna, for starting this trend!). This is based on a PS2 visual novel from a couple of years back that seems to have been of a dark shoujo theme. That is to say, told from the pespective of a girl, Chizuru, whom becomes involved in the ever famous Shinsengumi in the 19th century.

In case you were guessing, by the way, that is a guy in the picture, Toshizou. Definately being a trapworthy bishie. If you thought it was a girl, go back and brush up on your trap detection skills.

Being a Shoujo base, there is the usual one girl for an armada of pretty guys, but I hesitate to call it a reverse harem comedy, since it seems too dark for that. We’ll see, I guess.

Anticipation: Six sharp katanas, four dull blades.

Arakawa: Under the Bridge

Another strange tale of lunatics and snobs forced into a blender for no apparent reason other than entertainment. Basically, it follows a lovely and beautiful homeless girl called Nino (which is a contradiction in terms, really). She lives under a bridge over the River Arakawa (hence the anime’s namesake) and thinks that she is a martian abandoned on earth. Oh dear.

One day, a young upper class man called Kou (or is it Riku, seems to be different info around or is it a nickname?) is saved by Nino of the bridge, presumably from commiting suicide, but this isn’t too clear. Apparently, however, it is his policy to not owe a debt to anyone. As a result, he decides to shun his prior ways and live under the bridge with Nino.

Well, it’s a weird concept, as I’m not quite sure how you can base either a Romantic comedy or a slice of life on this, but then, I dunno. I suppose there’s some potential there for a watch, at least.

Anticipation: Seven stable girders, three rickety planks.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

Sai lives in a world ruled by magicians whom also form part of their countries clergy (A Theocratic Magiocracy?!? Marx would have a heart attack!). He is a young man who aspires to join his countries elite Wizard Saints and contribute to society. To do that, he studies hard and is admitted into the Constan Magical Academy. However, his future aptitude test suddenly predicts ‘Lord of Darkness’ as being his career of choice! Thus begins his difficult school life in which he is equally resented, desired, hunted and guarded by a bevy of peculiar girls (the usual, you know).

Basically, another magical harem comedy along the lines of Rosario to Vampire or Maburaho, by the sounds of it. However, it is based on a light novel, which to me has a better than usual track record, so we shall have to see whether it can overcome the cliches and actually provide some entertainment. I’m not holding my breath, though.

Anticipation: Six crazy succubi, four laughing devils.

Kiss x Sis

Apparently not convinced with the throughly ridiculous OVA of late, they actually decided to give the green light to making a full series of Kiss x Sis. Which really kind of puzzles me, since I seriously doubt there’s enough plot to make a series of it.

In any case, this series is pretty much ‘how close can we make a show to hentai without it actually being hentai’. Guy lives with sisters, sisters are retarded and totally smitten for him (and of course, are not blood related. We can’t have that; it might actually provoke some controversy! Wait what?). Cue insane close to hentai scenarios.

As you might tell, I’m nearly downright hostile with this. Apologies, but I highly doubt it can redeem itself easily given its source material. I guess we shall just have to see.

Anticipation: For the last time, I’m not bathing with you now you’re grown up.

Senkou no Night Raid

Another one with suprisingly artsy animation (similar to Bantorra, I guess), this one is a historical action/thriller. It’s set in China in the 1930’s and follows the exploits of a military spy organisation (presumably the Japanese spying on the Chinese, in this case). In case you’ve forgotten your history, this period is following alot of wars (the Imperial Japanese Army fight alot of people in the period between WWI and WWII!).

By the sounds of things, this is going to be intrigue and conspiracy heaven (though I guess it could equally possess infiltration and actiony parts too, who knows…). It might be interesting as its actually a period of history rarely covered by Anime and Japanese entertainment in general. For obvious contraversial reasons they often try to forget about the Imperial period. Also has a semi-unique distinction of being an original anime work rather than being based upon something.

Anticipation: Seven Cheongsams, three loose neckties.

Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Takumi (lots of Takumi’s this season, eh?) lives with his elder sister Otome (whom is, of course, totally unrelated by blood…[headdesk]…) in their dodgy somewhat run-down sweet shop, which for no apparent reason is called ‘Stray Cats’. Why you’d want to buy sweets that promised being made of delicious kitten is beyond me, but whatever. Of course, a strange homeless catgirl gets adopted into this scenario whilst wondering the local streets. Cue the, err, plot?

Considering the vastly vacant amount of information about this, one assumes they’re trying to sell it based upon the cute loli’s acting like kitties, and perhaps trying for a cash in on the popularity of Nyan Koi, whilst simultaneously completely forgetting what actually made that one pretty good.

Due to my absurd love for cat related plotlines, I guess I shall have to watch an episode, but I can’t say I wait with baited breath.

Anticipation: Four purring kittens, six hissing alley cats.


Technically, this has already started: the first episode has already aired, and I believe it then continues on the 4th of April.

It’s based on another 4koma, so much like Lucky Star or Azumanga Daioh, the skits come on thick and fast. The focus this time is a family resturant in Hokkaido called Wagnaria. Souta is recruited to work part time at this place by his sempai, Popura (Poplar, like the tree, is her actual namesake). Despite being named after a tree with the pretense of her growing taller, she is actually a 17 year old with body of a 12 year old (go lolicon bait). Apparently Souta likes small cute things (oh dear) and so takes the offer.

We then subsequently see his various silly exploits at work and interactions with the other eclectic employees. The boss has a no-nonsense attitude, and the other girls besides Popura seem inclined to violence (of course). They’re joined by two mysterious male chefs.

Having looked at the first ep, it made me chuckle a couple of times (though not roar in laughter like my first K-ON viewing) so it might have some potential. We shall see how it shapes up.

Anticipation: Eight Scoops of Ice Cream Sundae, Two violent waitresses.

Although I’m not normally here to discuss sequels, speaking of K-ON, yes, we have a second season starting to air on the 7th of April, in case you were interested. Of course, this is sometimes a mixed blessing, as second seasons can occassionally wear out their welcome. Nevertheless, I’ve heard they still have plenty of the manga to cover, so we’ll see.

And, phew, I think that’s about it. As usual, there might be sudden surprise announcements and extra shows creeping into the schedule. I of course have no control over this, and if one does show up that warrents my attention, I may or may not do an additional post about it.

With several things finishing, I imagine my schedule is going to be completely empty except perhaps Fairy Tail (which I’d imagine, being a Shounen type thing, will likely break the usual 26 episode limit).

Anyway, hope this post helps you with your selection this season. Enjoy, and stay tuned!

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Yeah, I know, its a day late. Busy, busy, etc.

Well, I haven’t got a specific anime this time like I had with the K-ON spot the difference. So this is really a miscellaneous bunch of spot the difference exercises, mainly showcasing ridiculous things that have been found in the anime and games world recently. Its also hopefully funny and perhaps even marginally educational. (LIES!)

Exercise 1: A Loli wearing nothing but a copy of Zelda: Twilight Princess?

Yup, The IGN guys even somehow managed to find their way into Bakemonogatari!

I had to rewind to see this again because I burst out laughing too hard.

The exercise here is to guess which part is causing the reaction. The Loli or the game?

I guess this meme has taken a life of its own. I believe they are known as bakagaijin on 2channel. Which is amusing.

Exercise 2: And behind magic curtain number 2, is… <drumroll>:

Its like that daft game of chance in Mario Party, where you just choose doors until you die. Except with curtains. And, uh, more lingeries.

Despite a ridiculously rushed and rather contrived ending, Gendai Yokou Mahou had its moments like this. It amazed me to see the curtains opening simultaneously apparently by Kaho’s telekinesis. She’s so hardcore, she doesn’t even have to look to know its going to be an unfair deity moment.

Speaking of mystery curtains, why aren’t there any cheesy gameshows on television anymore? Everybody loves the Price is Right and Strike It Lucky. Or am I just showing my age? (or perhaps my disgust at so called ‘reality television’, which is drivel in my opinion).

And I just see Yumiko being that obligatory girl modelling on the top prize sports car. LOL.

Exercise 3: Testing your Trap Detection capabilitiestrap-detection

Yessiree, you have 5 seconds to decide which of the above is male, and which is female.

Times up! Answers on a postcard to the comment box.

Gotta Love Maria+Holic. Easily one of my favourite shows of the season it was in. Mainly because it was just innately WRONG, I suppose. And no, the above is not a trick question at all, which you will understand if you have actually watched the anime. One of the above is Maria, and one of the above is Shizu. One is a trap, the other is a reverse trap.

See, reading blogs is not a waste of time. This is actually developing survival skills! (well, survival skills for watching anime, anyway)

Exercise 4: Learning to play the pure/vile maiden guitar?Maria-vs-Yui

With you powers combined, I…AM…Captain Gibson!

Which do you think makes a better riff, Mio’s Panties or Matsurika’s Bloomers? Both are instruments of the finest caliber? Its hard to say, isn’t it? I guess some of these exercises are a bit mean. Sorry.

LOL, this combines the old and the new. That is to say, I managed to stuff some K-ON in here again, and double the Maria+Holic for double the fun.

Exercise 5: King of Heroes and Queen of Gaps: A match made in hell?Gap-of-Gensyoko-vs-Gate-of-Babylon

Yukari vs. Gilgamesh. Gap of Gensyoko vs. Gate of Babylon.

Holy cow, I’d pay good money to see that fight. But I don’t have to, as it is happening right above as I speak.

In before causing a storm of excrement, who wins? I imagine its a standstill. Depends on how many Flandres can be pulled out and their effectiveness against the blast of Ea. Are the roadsigns epic artefacts in same realm as noble phantasms? I’m sure Yukari thinks so.

Exercise 6: And we’ll be right back after this…

Lets go full circle to finish and close up with another comment from our new friends, the IGN bakagaijin guys!

Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na’s anime adaption was one of those that makes you lose your faith in humanity. I mean, everyone can tolerate some animation cuts, but the animation in this was…sheer eye cancer. The above shot of the Anime Feena is actually a pretty good shot as far as some of them go. The anime is legendary for the slanting eyes of doom and the never ending lettuce of death. So much so, it became known as Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na: Cabbage Love among more cynical 2channel viewers.

And of course, considering how amazing the ingame art is, many fans of everyones favourite lunar princess died a little inside that day.

Its also one of the reasons that I am VERY wary of most dating game adaptations these days. They can be done right, like with Akane Iro Somaru Saka. But more often than not, they can be done wrong. Very wrong, like the above. And VERY, very wrong, like the soul crushing travesty that is Da Capo Second Season.

Anyway, thats all for now. I’ve exhausted all the spot exercises I could think of! Enjoy!

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Its that time yet again, for another new season is around the corner. Much to my surprise, there’s actually Thirteen new shows that show some potential to be watched this season. Its about half of what turned up in the spring season, mind you (which is to be expected, since alot of shows like to start then). Nevertheless, it does mean I’ll probably at least get to watch at least the first episode of most of these, rather than having to immediately eliminate several of the shows off the bat. At least K-ON, Kurokami, Eden of the East and (I think) Ristorante Paradiso are all leaving the schedule. Probably leaving only Valkyria Chronicles and maybe PandoraHearts. So again, I’m left with 5 slots. The new Haruhi season will be watched, of course, but if several good shows are around, I may stretch to not including that in the seven limit. We shall see.

  • Umi Monogatari (a.k.a. Sea Story) Well, this has technically already started, with the first episode just out on Wednesday. I have in my queue to watch, but haven’t got around to it yet. It is apparently to the effect of a Magical Girl show meeting the Little Mermaid (the proper story, not the disney trashfest) and having a bastard child. As in, Mermaid Magical girls. Or something along those already bizarre, convuluted lines. Add some elemental shenanigans for your viewing convienience, stir, and bake in the oven for 35 minutes. I’ll give some better thoughts after I watch it.
  • S2009-Umi-Monogatari
  • The blonde girl in the closest foreground reminds me of Collette for some reason. But with a chest. LOL.

  • Bakemonogatari I’m not quite sure what to make of this. Guy becomes vampire. Gets cured. Meets girl literally made of paper. Introduces her to amazing homeless guy who can apparently cure demonic afflictions (somehow?). Sounds like the show will go through lots of traditional japanese bakemono and show the ways that they can be redeemed. And yet, somehow, it wants to sell itself as a comedy or at least a parody? If my research is right, that is. Weird.
  • S2009-Bakemonogatari
  • (And they’re trying to sell it with a poster of a Meganekko and her cats…which just makes it even more bizarre)

  • Needless Sounds like an uninspiring post apocalypic fightfest. Basically, weird wastelands appear. Said areas are blocked off by government. Criminals and other undesirables move in. They gain weird powers. Cue needless destruction. See what I did there? Anyway, its got a significant shounen vibe going on, so I’m wary of it.
  • S2009-Needless
  • Well, the picture of this already tells you all you need to know about the show…LOL…

  • Taisho Yakyuu Musume (a.k.a. Taisho-era Baseball Daughters) The sports anime of this season. Only, this appears to be interesting to me because it shares some rather big similarities with Princess Nine, which I quite enjoyed. The usual ‘Girls want to form a baseball team’ thing. Only this one is set in the Taisho era, as you might imagine (1912-1926). So historical sports. With lots of girls. At least I’ll give it a look.
  • S2009-Taisho-Yakyuu-Musume
  • I thought the Bottom right girl looked like Tsuruya’s great grandmother. Before the green hair gene, at least. I laughed.

  • Canaan Huzzah! Kinoko Nasu’s new baby is here!! You know, that guy who wrote Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night, and Kara No Kyoukai? Head honcho writer dude of TYPE-MOON? Naturally, being a rabid TYPE-MOON fanboy, this is almost guaranteed a slot from me, assuming it doesn’t manage to massively crush my expections, of course. Its based upon a mystery visual novel where an assasin like girl decides to go to Shanghai because a terrorism suspect is said to be there with a group of minions.
  • S2009-Canaan
  • I’m amazed I managed to restrict my oozing fanboyism over this. LOL.

  • Kanamemo The obvious 4-koma port of this season. Hence, it’ll most likely be lots of light humour and parody amidst a slice of life. It also somehow seems to give me Fruits Basket vibes. Because the main girl sounds like a doormat. Like Tohru was. Its set in a Newspaper delivery office which is convieniently packed with a pure female staff. These shows rely on good punchlines and likable characters, so we shall see. K-ON did it nearly right. Lucky Star did it right. Azumanga Daioh started the trend. We shall see.
  • S2009-Kanamemo
  • Pink haired lass screams ‘Loli-Tsundere’. And it looks like the usual drunk glasses girl showed up too.

  • Princess Lover! Well, the title is hilarious, and it deserves a watch purely based upon that. Though, of course, it should also be handled with some care, being the obvious Harem show of this season. Orphan dude goes to rich-bitch academy thanks to the ludicrously wealthy grandfather ploy. As always, these types of series live or die (at least for me) based on the balls of male protagonist and the annoyingness of his main female target. The first should at least exist, the second needs to be minimal. If so, though invariably mind-rot, the show can be at least enjoyable.
  • S2009-PrincessLover
  • Is the Euphemia knockoff girl going to be awesomecute or gouge your eyes out horrible? We shall see..

  • Sora No Manimani Its the overused “guy goes back to hometown to reunite with genki childhood friend” gag. But, being dragged into the astronomy club, and the whole ‘actually, I only have poor memories of her’ things might make this into something worthwhile, assuming they don’t do a heel-face turn on us. If they keep with the fresh ideas, rather than the tired ones, then this has the potential to be a decent romantic comedy, something I always dig.
  • S2009-SoraNoManiMani
  • (Lets see if I can guess: On the left foreground= Childhood Friend. On the right foreground= Girl he actually falls for.)

  • Geijutsuka Art Design Class G.A. Its another contraversial girl filled show. It almost sounds like a 4koma again, too. Just a slice of life thing focusing on ladies who are in an Art Class. Not actually alot of detail to be found about it. Maybe I’ll look to see if I can check out the manga to get a better picture of what it’ll be like, but at the moment, I haven’t got alot.
  • S2009-Geijutsuka-Art-Class
  • (I like the left hand girls character design. But I suspect thats because she looks like Yue from Negima; and I keep thinking she’s got a weapon over her shoulder, rather than a fold up canvas.)

  • Spice And Wolf Season II (a.k.a. Spicywolf) Well, I’ll say this almost another of those dead cert choices, since I loved Season One of Spicy Wolf. And I’ve read the manga. And the translated light novels. Though I know the arc these episodes will likely cover (the pyrite saga), I’ll probably watch this anyway. Because its awesome in its unique-ness. And Horo is amazing. And it has the strange chemistry of Pagan Wolf Goddess with a Travelling Merchant. Certainly, the slow pace and economics aspect aren’t probably everyone’s cup of tea, though.
  • S2009-Spicy-Wolf2
  • HORO! LAWRENCE! Its like reuniting with old friends. Or something.

  • Tokyo Magnitude 8 Now that’s fairly rare: a Disaster Anime. Using disasters as entertainment is a very western thing, and in general, the Japanese just can’t do it right. Because it becomes serious business for them. As anyone whose watched the terribly depressing and heartwrenching ‘Grave of the Fireflies’ can attest. This is also one especially close to home for them, since its about a critically bad earthquake. I’m very wary of it, but if they do manage to strike the right balance of common people facing extraordinary circumstances, it might end up a surpise winner.
  • S2009-TokyoMagnitude8
  • I didn’t think the Tokyo Tower leant that way. ROFL.

  • Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou (a.k.a. Properly Learnt Modern Magic) Interesting in that this one of the few shows this season based upon a fantasy light novel. I have a good track record with those types of shows, and like fantasy, and hence, I’m quite interested in this. A ~really~ short teenage girl who gets mistaken for a gradeschooler gets apprenticed to a powerful sorceress. Shenaningans await.
  • S2009-YokuWakaruGendaiMahou

Summer is usually the time when you have a surprisingly awesome romance to liven up your day. I hope this is so, since I’ve been lacking a decent one for quite some time. Well, if nothing else, Spice and Wolf will come close. If Nasu has his way and the production budget is up to it, Canaan will automatically be made of win and god.

There’s actually alot to be excited about in this lineup from my initial estimations, and I may have to stretch my already limited free time to its limit! As I did last season, I’ll provide first impressions of the shows as I watch them. Expect Umi Monogatari within a day or two. So stay tuned!

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What? Has it really been ten days since I blogged something?!?

Thats totally crazy! It seems like two minutes ago I was writing that last Touhoumon post. I guess that shows just how little time to spare I seem to have at moment.

Anyway, I’ve scanned in my latest artworks to display to you all, since thats all I’ve got time for today. I’ll post some more Kurokami and perhaps I’ll do an article on Regios/White Album too if I get around to it. Hope you’ll carry on tuning in despite my recent slowdown of posting due to RealLife™

This post has about 2.5 mb of images (thumbnailed, though), so it might temporarily rape your browser. I apologise in advance. As usual with these big pictures, click the image to see the full size.

With that in mind, on with the sketches…


Cecelia, my Pokemon Trainer from Pokemon Battle Revolution.

I’ve had her lying around in my pad for awhile now and haven’t actually got around to scanning her in. I seem to like picnic scenes, huh?

The original concept of this had a shameless insertion of myself lying on her lap. ROFL.

And yeah, I’m well aware the trees look rubbish. Foiliage has never been a strong point of mine. You might have fathomed that my drawing skills originated on the technical side (with 3d objects, especially), and then eventually branched into the development of my anime style.


Luna/Runa, the Tide Witch, from the DS game Luminous Arc 2.

There’s alot of water in this picture, for good reason. She’s naturally obsessed with it in the game, and often goes swirly eyed if she doesn’t get a nice drink after a battle, which I found amusing.

I’ve liked the game so far, but the voice samples promptly got switched off. They were seriously annoying (especially Rena screaming ‘Super Sniper Rena!’ in battle…god I wanted to slap her voice actress for that travesty…). I also LOL’ed that Roland in this game constantly had girls coming up to him shouting ‘Lets get engaged!’, in the context of giving him magical power (oh yeah?). Also, no one notices when his HAIR turns Silver and his outfit changes. Come on guys, get some spectacles already!

Heh, well, I still need to finish the game. Looks like I’m going for an Althea ending. I’m dissapointed I can’t have a Luna (or Karen) ending, however…


Deneb Zeltretch, my most recent D&D character, Witch of the Star Pact extrordinairre.

I had several sketches of her head and shoulders, but never actually went and did the full whammy until yesterday (at work, LOL). Her character is based upon the girl of the same name from Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen (hence the pumpkin obsession), but with several alterations.

Also, I especially enjoyed doing the background to this one. Check out the bookshelf. Some quality stuff there…that hardly seems like the kind of reading material a good witch would have…LOL…

Anyway, until next time…

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Its a TRAP!

Haha. Taken out of context, this page seems so dodgy.

But, don’t worry:

Yep, thankyou Admiral, your sense for traps is as good as always.

Indeed, Yuki (the “Girl” in the above strip, who says “Maa-kun”) is indeed a man. A disturbingly cute man. Apparently Yuki is a trap that’s so good he manages to convince everyone he meets of his femininity. So, our protagonist, Masato, constantly finds himself attracted to him, and struggles with the implications of his attraction. Since he’s also the only one who ‘knows’ the truth…and everyone else is trying to get them together thinking they’d make a cute couple -_-‘ Not to mention that he has a real girl chasing after him on the side convinced he’s her hero after mistaking a random undercover cop for him.

I can’t help but love that Manga (“No Bra”, in case you’re wondering). Its so twisted. So full of misunderstandings. Almost like a classic british comedy like Fawlty Towers or something.

After my rant yesterday, (and the random collarbones article) its refreshing to read this again.

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