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Terribly sorry for my extreme tardiness.

I’d like to come up with some amazing excuse, but unfortunately, there isn’t one. I’ve just been lazy during the evenings (typically playing either Battle Moon Wars or Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer) and work’s been kicking my ass with overtime for the rest. Well, that and having to re-organise the slot of my old D&D game to Thursdays to co-inside with my day off, but anyway.

So yeah, I decided to finally do this little post. We’re roughly into the sixth/seventh episode of most seasons anyway by now, which is the half way point for those ones that end up just being 13 eps, but is typically the point where longer shows start to pick up pace.

My selected six for this season

Continuing from before:


Well, obviously. This show just goes from strength to strength, which is actually pretty unusual, especially in a Shonen anime. There’s not once when I’ve been unexcited about watching an episode. Oh, don’t get me wrong, its certainly a There is no kill like overkill type of show in that various random power-ups and awesome fight scenes are used as lampshades for the plot. However, its animated so well and the backstory is sufficently decent that I can forgive a little bit of hand-waving from the writers. Because, hey, its cool. And sometimes that’s enough.


Kuro and Keita got a massive power-up when she started wearing a Chinese Dress for combat.

Wha’dya mean, why? Does there need to be a reason for it? Its a Shonen Anime…


Giga-Exe, the upgrade of Mega-Exe, is a hilarious attack. Makes me wonder if there’s going to be a Tera-Exe to follow up the chain in her next power up. (You know, like, Kilobytes > Megabytes > Gigabytes > Terabytes?)

Eden of the East

Yup, definately. This show has style, baby. Its also got a rather bizarre and interesting backstory that’s really getting into its swing now. Basically, some dude going by the handle ‘Mr. Outside’ has designated a bunch of people, called Selaceo, to save Japan. To achieve this task, they each have a mobile phone. But its no ordinary phone. On it is 10 Billion Yen (Roughly £69 million or $105 million) in pay-as-you-go credit. And with it, Takizawa, our male protagonist, can phone the mysterious Juiz. Who can make any request happen within moments. As demonstrated by the other Selaceo, this includes killing people you don’t like, bribing officials, constructing hosptials, and clearing up murder scenes. The cost of said action is then deducted from your credit. The catch? If you’ve not ‘saved’ Japan before your dosh runs dry, you’re killed. Yikes.


The developing relationship between Saki and Takizawa is both fascinating, nice, and tragic all at the same time…


Talk about ‘Phone of Wishes’. Its quite literally a modern genie in a bottle.

‘Noblesse Oblige’ is another title for these twelve people picked to save Japan, by and the by.


Maybe not as laugh out loud funny in the last few episodes, but that was evidently the opening act into the story. Its instead taken the role of being the quite charming 4-koma. So far, its been fairly masterfully switching between its humour and WAFF, in fact, which is great to see, since only Lucky Star managed to do this quite as well, in my opinion. Like a good cheesecake, it is light and enjoyable and makes your day. Well, maybe that’s just me…


Well, uh, what can I say about this? How about WTF?


Awwww…this scene was so full of cute sisterly love. Nice. Real Nice.

Valkyria Chronicles

And here’s another one which likes to frequently play the style card. Its pretty with some lovely animation. And whilst the Edelweiss tank was intially the star of the show, they have actually started some alternate character development now, especially with Alicia and Welkin. What I do like is that Welkin is actually a fairly stable, noble, slightly eccentric and lovable guy, and yet, still manages to still be a tactical genius. Normally in Anime, great generals nearly always have some character flaw. Like being a complete bastard. (I’m looking at you, Lelouch) So yeah, I’m still quite interested in this.


Yes indeed. What are you doing?


Wise man is Welkin. A commander worth his salt indeed.

Ristorante Paradiso

Well, this was a sheer surprise entry for me, as I’m sure I noted before. But, despite the fact its clearly a Shoujo anime, I find it mightily charming, the drama of this little resturant in Rome with its bespeckled staff of older men and the girl caught between their antics. Everyone is characterised so interestingly, I can’t help but be somewhat amused.


Sure you were, Nicoletta. We believe you.


Ye gads, even as a middle aged man, he manages to be a charming bishie. (though that’s a contradiction in terms, I know…)

Wait! That’s Five shows, I hear you cry!

Yeah, that’s right. My remaining slot is still contested. At the moment, much to my shock, Hanasakeru Seishounen is still ahead to take it, which again is because it has a nice WAFF feeling to it.

But it is a three-horse race, with the fate of two still to be determined. The other two are Phantom ~Requiem for a Phantom~, and PandoraHearts. Pandora has had some serious ups and downs. Alice and her Scythe-weilding rabbit form are pretty cool. The bit in the actual abyss was cool. Not sure if I appreciate how quickly they managed to get out of there though, since I prefered the sheer lunatic feel of it. It also has a distinct danger of turning into a monster of the week show. Phantom started amazingly, but has been reluctantly dragging its feet a bit since then since its been spending SO much time with plot exposition. Still, its not bad.

So I’m kinda stuck, ya know?

Anyway, I apologise once more for my tardiness in posts as of late. I can’t assure you blank-outs like this won’t happen from time to time but please don’t hold it against me. (its, uh, writer’s block! Yeah!)


I can hardly believe I’ve had so many visitors in the last six months or so. A big thankyou to you all for visiting, and hope you enjoy the blog!


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Well, I’ve now had time to look at the first few episodes of the new season, specifically, Asura Cryin’, K-ON, and Phantom~ Requiem for the Phantom, so I’ll post an inital look at them. I’m not going to put in full plot summaries or anything here, just a few thoughts and notes and stuff.


Actually the first thing I looked at from the three, so I’ll do it first. The first episode involves a little bit of timeskip to involve us in the action. Presumably, what happened before will be explained in later episodes.


We open with our mail and female protagonists infiltrating a villa.


We then flashback to the male protagonist remembering his first ‘test’.


She looks pretty scary in that mask, no?


That’s almost a bit artsy. We learn that the girl and the guy have been assigned the names Ein and Zwei respectively (literally, one and two).


Apparently, no one else on the beach seems to care much about the giant explosion just a mile from them. Shocking…

Well, this was very slickly animated. Ein reminds me alot of Kirika from Noir. I’ll probably keep an eye on it.

Asura Cryin’:

Well, I’m still a little suspicious of this due to my general lethargy in general to mecha series, especially since nothing groundbreaking has happened yet and I’m generally confused about what the hell is going on since the shit hits the fan rather quickly. I mean, I’m fine with the whole ‘I nearly died and got a ghosty girl companion who only can see’ thing. In fact, I thought the first 10 minutes were pretty cool, but then all of these people started fighting + random unexplained characters appeared + there’s a mecha in a suitcase (is it inflatable?). So I eventually got to the general conclusion of ‘Lul Wut?’.


Ghosty Girl is Ghosty. And has the same Lul Wut? expression I did, I think. Hehe.


Heterochromia is so popular these days! Damn you, Asuna!


Bitchslap of death punishment. Well, he did seem creepy. LOL at the reaching hand in this image.


…guys what’s goin’ on? I laughed at the ghost boasting about how she was stylish because she could change clothes.


A lesson to you. DO NOT open strange suitcases. Even in a three way fire-fight. Even if your ghostly companion says do it. Resist!

Though there could be a Loli in there; this could also show up. Its like a Chance card in Monopoly.

Well, I’ll definately look at episode 2. Hopefully the tempo calms the frack down and we see development for ghosty girl and deathslap girl. If so, I might enjoy it.


Quite possibly overhyped? Almost definately. But, nevertheless, its pretty good from what I can see. Its definately got an episodic 4-koma feel like Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star. (In case you’re not aware, a 4-koma is basically an anime/manga version of a comedy sketch programme, like Monty Pythons Flying Circus. They’re usually based upon 4-panel comic strips, which is where the name comes from.)


This girl REALLY takes the De-jikko archetype (careless/airheaded) to new levels.


My god, McDonalds employees get more terrifying by the second.


Yeah, because the Light Music Club is SO going to be like this imagination bubble…


She can’t get her sentences out right, and they think she’s a shit hot guitarist who loves Jeff Beck. By far the best sketch in this episode. I laughed at loud at them misinterpreting Jimi Hendrix and then Jeff Beck.


‘I think I’ll actually join your club because you all suck.’ Yeah. That’s really the tack to take, girl.

Yep, there were so reasonable laughs to be had here. Its a very solid start. I hope it continues to grow.

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Well, its already swung around to the next quarter, despite it being hard to believe. That means its time for another new anime season!

I’m obviously looking for more shows to fill the gaps this season as well since pretty much everything that I’ve been following has just ended or is about to end. Only Kurokami and Kohako no Regios are continuing from the last season. Toradora, Tytania, Index, Maria+Holic, Rideback and White Album are all leaving the schedule! Fortunately, there’s alot waiting there to leap into the slots.

So, a preliminary look at what I’m possibly interested in…

  • Asura Cryin’ Well, I’m not normally into the mecha stuff, but this one piqued my interest again, since its got some kind of dimension hopping going on as well as a haunted main protagonist. Could be interesting. I’ll have to research it more.
  • asura-cryin
  • PandoraHearts Some kind of thing about a guy with Amnesia (yawn) who gets sent to Carceri (or some other prison plane) and ends up forming a contract of some description with a girl. It seems tremendously generic, but again, I’m a sucker for dimensional travel and weird planes of existance, so I’ll give this a shot.
  • pandorahearts
  • K-ON! Based on a 4koma, this sounds like a typical one of those. This one has a bunch of girls who form a music club and each take an instrument. These things can be amazing, like Lucky Star, but can also fall and splat themselves. We shall see…
  • k-on
  • Phantom ~Requiem for a Phantom~ What? Thats an awfully repititous subtitle. Something about a female assassin whose cover is blown by the random male protagonist. Fortunately for him, he has some kind of knack for killing himself and she decides to train him. Sounds a bit like a reverse version of Daughter of 20 faces, so its got my attention.
  • phantom
  • Shikyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S MOAR CORTI!!!!!!! Well, I loved Polyphonica’s concept. The actual anime was a bit…meh…but its a great theory. Spirits that are fuelled by music. And, I’m Corticarte’s ravenous fanboy, so I’m definately watching this. Also, can’t forget Phoron’s bike. It transforms into a church organ, dont’cha know?
  • corti-2
  • Senjou no Valkyria I’ve heard some talk about this. Its based upon a PS3 game or something. I don’t have a PS3 and probably never will, being Nintendo’s bitch. Maybe I’ll look into it.
  • valkyrie
  • Cross Game Some kind of timehopping/snapshot romantic comedy with a big baseball sports element. Though I can hardly believe it, I have to admit I’ve enjoyed these kinds of sports romantic comedies alot in the past, so I’m very interested in this.crossgame
  • Hanasakeru Seishounen Some rich girl is issued an ultimatum to select a suitor from a pool of three guys. But apparently, these guys are not aware they’re being targeted by her or something. Sounds weird and political. But so mysterious, I may look into it.
  • hanasakeru
  • Natsu no Arashi Some weird pseudo-sci-fi romance about a guy who likes a girl but has suspicions that she’s actually a ghost after finding an ancient photo of her. Its by the School Rumble guy, so I’m a bit suspicious about it, but we shall see.
  • natsuarashi1
  • Tears to Tiara Haha, well, I’ve played the game and reported to you guys on it. Now its being anime-ised. Considering that the game is awesome and that Utawarerumono had a fabulous anime adaptation, I suspect this might be pretty good too. Of course, taking away all of Arawn’s wives kinda spoils the fun, but whatever. As long as Rhiannon has her oven-glove snake hand puppets, the anime will automatically be awesome. That said, what the heck happened to the character designs? Llyr looks good though, so hey, whatever.
  • tears
  • 07-Ghost From the same stock as Hatengou Yuuki, which despite being a Shoujo manga, I actually enjoyed a bit. Sounds kinda fantasy action oriented too.
  • 07ghost
  • Ristorante Paradiso Nicoletta, the heroine, goes to the restaurant to confront the mother who abandoned her as a child. As Nicoletta has already studied at culinary school, she decides to apprentice at the restaurant (owned by her step-father) while she repairs her familial relationships (with encouragement from the head waiter). EDITED ~ Thanks to Rman for correcting my somewhat off description! I guess I didn’t research this one enough! About a girl whom, attracted by the bishies in a resturant, decides to become an appretice chef there. Though its a daft concept, I think its funny her doing this for all the wrong reasons. Almost sounds…like GTO…or something…
  • ristorante
  • Eden of the East About a Japanese girl on a field trip to america and whom gets saved by a naked guy in front of the white house. What?!? Well, the sheer lulwut factor will get me to watch at least the first episode of this.
  • edeneast

That’s not all. I’ve already eliminated 11 shows I’m not really interested in.

Hence, the Non-Starters are: Sengoku Basara, Queens Blade, Basquash, Arad Senki, Gokujou! Mecha more Iincho, Guin Saga, Shangri-La, Tatyutama Kiss my Deity, Saki, Souten Kouro, Hatsukoi Limited.

Yeah, I know that’s alot to dump, but hey, 24 new shows is pretty damn stupid. I doubt I’ll even watch all of the aformentioned 13. You know, with time constraints and all that.

In fact, considering that I’m holding onto Kurokami and Regios, I suspect I’ll have to pick maybe six new shows to watch.

Anyway, I may also post more on the subject as and when episodes start rolling out.

Hope this report is handy to some people at least…

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