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Well, I’ve been immensely busy…

But, here I am, finally, with a ‘what’s cooking this season?’ post, having finally got around to watching all of the initial episodes. Let me state immediately for the record that I’m not blogging all of this. I’ve still got to catch up with the blogging of last seasons shows for crying out loud. If only work didn’t consume a ludicrous amount of my time…

Also, the format will be:

  • Title
  • LOLCaption
  • Genre
  • Summary
  • Screen Caps
  • Likeliness of me watching/pursuing…

Anyhow, without further ado:

White Album

Ah, the romanctic eighties pop-scene (no really…)

Well, this looks to be the winter romance entry. Its been a while since theres been a good one. I took up Akane-Iro under the false pretense that it could have been something, but it devolved into mind-slop (in a good way, mind you, I still mostly enjoyed that series). So, again, the last proper romance focused series I finished would be True Tears. Which was probably this time last year. Jeez. Though I suppose Toradora is partially filling it currently in a rather quirky little way.

Anyway, this is set in the eighties, and follows our male protagonist and his love for childhood friend Yuki, whom has recently become a pop-idol. However, she has become friends with an already famous idol, Ogata Rina, and evidently, a love triangle forms. I also think Yuki has a thing going on with her manager, whom I believe is Rina’s brother. And then there’s the other friends hanging around. Who knows what could happen.

What is interesting in this is how character thoughts are articulated through on-screen subtitles, which is an interesting direction choice that I’ve not seen before. Usually, the characters have monologues to themselves. I also suck up a good sappy piece of entertainment every so often, so thats good. That said, this hasn’t done anything to totally grab me yet, much to my surprise. Its felt, I dunno, wishy-washy? Even after two eps.


Yuki does look very ‘eighties’ here with the weird hair, doesn’t she?


Yeah, maybe, but its in a cute way, right? The subtitle is of him watching her (above) on the telly.


I did? Well, I guess it never hurts, right?

Likelihood of Watching/Pursuing? : 7/10 ~ I’m interested since I like this stuff, but it hasn’t grabbed me yet.

Maria + Holic

How to take traps to new extremes…

Eh, well what can I say? The LOL caption sums it all up. Its an anime about traps. If you’re not up to date with your 4chan vocabulary, a ‘trap’ is literally a guy whom is so beautiful that they can easily get away with being a girl, and is hence skilled in trapping poor innocent hearts (and crotches). They naturally wear clothing of the opposite gender and its very hard to tell the difference. The classic example is ‘Jun’ from ‘Happiness’, but there are innumerate others.

In this case, however, our trap goes to new extremes. She goes to an all girls school and everything. I have no doubt weirdness will ensue. This is definately one of those times where you get confused as whom in this Girls school is ACTUALLY a girl… (sigh…)

When I first watched this, I thought I had a very poor copy, but I eventually figured out that the animation is supposed to be favouring a pastel like, patterned effect, a bit like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. The animation style certainly reminds me of that, along with the questionable sense of humour. Eh, its not my cuppa tea, but I know alot of people like this stuff.


Our premium trap, above, gets revealed in the first episode.


The catgirl landlady has a most excellently dressed dog. What the hell did I screencap this for?


Ah, the overflowing Yuri (or is it?) begins…

Likelihood of Watching/Pursuing? : 4/10 ~ Not really my thing….

Asu no Yoichi

A Samurai learns the wonders of fanservice.

Again, not much to say here. Its the obvious fanservice show of the season, and it doesn’t even try to hide that fact. I laughed when the little girl is asked about the defining features of her older sister, and replies ‘She has huge breasts…’

Its very much a face-palm moment, I’ll agree. But at least it doesn’t pretend to be intellectual. Also, it does have the rare benefit of having a stronger than usual male lead. He actually appears to be a pretty adept swordfighter, rather a total loser as is often the case in these scenarios. I also sympathise with him getting lost in a department store. They are a terrifying place. And, he manages to get nicked by the cops at least three times in the episode, which is refreshing given how the perverts usually get away scott-free in anime.

So yeah. It might have potential if approached with low expectations.


Well, trust the man with the bow. Just do it!


Indeed. A wise choice. Who knows what that handbag thief could do with it.


The cops have some dirt on him. Brandishing a weapon in public, (supposed) kidnapping of a minor, and perversion. But then, he also stopped a thief, rescued a lost child, and apologised for his actions, so they have to let him go.

Likelihood of Watching/Pursuing? : 5/10 ~ Maybe. Depends on how bored I get.


Dopplegangers galore and thirty-hit combos.
Fantasy Action/Mindfuck

See the below post for details of this. I’m definately watching it, and probably blogging it.


Likelihood of Watching/Pursuing? : 10/10 ~ Hell yes.


Transforming mecha-motorbikes learn to do ballet.

Well, this is last one I watched, since I’m not normally a mecha lover, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Basically, there are psuedo-sentient motorbikes, called RIDEBACKs, which can operate in three dimensions more easily than usual, going into standing modes, having arm like attachments, and even understanding voice commands.

Its set a bit into the future, where the superpowers were apparently taken down by a band of freedom fighters using superior technology. Sounds a bit like a Command & Conquer plot to me with a weird high tech terrorist organization taking the reigns from the UN. Presumably this techology was the RIDEBACKs, but this is not actually stated.

Anyway, our protagonist is the grand-daughter of Ogata Rina, and is hence expected to be an entertainment star. I had to do a double take on that. Yep. Its true. IS IT ONE HELL OF A COINCIDENCE or is this show is related to White Album, above, huh? The generational gap is correct and everything since thats in the 80’s and this the 2020’s. LOL.

However, our protagonist goes in ballet, but tears a ligament, crashing face first on stage, ruining her career before it ever really takes off. Now at college, she accidently gets involved in the RIDEBACK club, and find her old dancing skills are surprisingly cross compatible in making the machine move like a dancer. Some amusing chereography here.


The GGP has taken over the world.


A thunderstorm leads our heroine to seek cover in a club building…


Wow, she has a pretty orgasmic face riding that thing…heh…

Likelihood of Watching/Pursuing? : 8/10 ~ Despite initial reservations, I’m quite interested in this…


My girlfriend is a can of Melonade. I like to slurp her.

Well, that quote really sums it up. This is an obvious fanservice anime that follows the old ‘a strange object actually turns out to be a girl’ premise. Of course, you can do this right, and you can do it wrong. The right way is making a cool series like Demonbane, with its ancient Lovecraft ties and magical tomes that are girls. The wrong way is this way.

This guy randomly buys a can of melonade. He gives it a slurp, and it transforms into a girl. He believes this is a dream and tries repeatedly to do questionable things to her (sigh…). Then we have the ridiculous side-plots, like you must drink from this girl every day (kiss her), re-fill her from time to time (with extra cans from the machine), and make sure that she doesn’t lose her carbonation and go flat, because this kills her (so you need to put her in the fridge).

Despite the rampant objectophilia, there’s really nothing going for this series. Unless total mindless fanservice is your thing. Personally, I need a little more most of the time (even AkaneIro had more, thats as low as I go…)


And I wonder why anime gets a bad rep from the un-educated… (sigh…)


Wow, yeah. Everyone has hobbies like that.


Down the toilet, apparently…

Likelihood of Watching/Pursuing? : 1/10 ~ For the sake of my sanity. No.

Ah yeah, I’ll also continue to watch Toradora, Index, and Tytania.


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Yeah, sorry for the distinct lack of…well…anything…over the xmas and new year period. I was mostly at the folks; and was technologically impared whilst I was staying over for the holidays. Though I had internet access of a sort, it was far too slow to consider doing any blogging, and I was also pretty busy.

Suffice to say, this now means I’m somewhat behind, yet again, with my anime blogging. In the interests of playing catch-up over the next few days, I’ll likely dispense the large scale, full plot posts for snap-shot type things.

I’ll also put up a ‘what I’m watching post’ for the new anime season. Kannagi and Akane-Iro have finished airing now (Toradora, Index and Tytania look to be carrying on). So I need something to fill up the slots!

From my initial look at the new season, I’m most interested in Kurokami (reminds me of Shana) and White Album (potential for a good new romance?), but I’ll have to evaluate their first episodes to be sure. RIDE-BACK and Maria+Holic might also be worth looking into, though they’re not my usual cups of tea. (the former has motorbike mecha and the latter involves a TRAP!).

And, as my New Years gift to those whom are interested, have a new wallpaper:


Its Alice Margatroid from Touhou, the mistress of dolls, sometimes known as the seven coloured puppeteer. Which I’ve taken literally in this design (LOL). As per normal, click the image to see the full size version…

Keep tuned!

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(sigh)  Looks like this is going to be my main style of posting when I’m as busy as I always seem to be these days. So yah, another double whammy post. I actually kinda like doing them this way anyhow.

In any case, Tytania seems to like pretty much setting up two-parters. Episode 7-8, like 5-6, form a set, this time focusing back on Fan Hulick and the Red Flag army.

Episode 7 opens with Fan finding Alan in the ships bar angsting over all the money he lost now that Miranda has yoinked him into her service.

An alarm goes off in the midst of their conversation. Running to the bridge, they find a pirate ship is threatening them. Turns out its an escapee from Turanjia/Tyrandia, the kingdom that was destroyed in the previous arc. Fan says its best to run; and Miranda does so. His deduction is correct, as the ship threatening them is really just blowing hot air, and has no ammunition nor capicitors left, and cannot make chase.

Arriving at their next delivery spot, and a place to refuel, Miranda is shocked to find this planet, which was once known as an economic paradise, is now in ruins with homeless kids everywhere; and that they were attacked by an unnamed party.tytania7-2

The kids make off with Miranda’s wallet. Alan tries to stop them, but she calls him off. He curses and says she doesn’t appreciate the value of money (jeez he’s quite the capitalist!).

Going to her usual fuel supplier, she finds him charging a ludicrous sum. Apparently, this planets economy has really gone down the toilet. He does however recommend she contacts Doorman. Miranda tells Fan that this is leader of the local pirates. This planet once was, and still is, a base for their operations.tytania7-3

When they get the place, Doorman is making a rallying speech. Turns out he was once a famous businessman or something.

He is proclaiming they should take advantage of Tyrandias defeat and use the wake of the chaos to attack a local Tytantian fortress. They have numbers and everything. His speech is cut up by a guy called Dr. Lee Zhang-Chen, who says that this plan is foolishness, and leaves, refusing to be a part of it:tytania7-5

He’s a doctor of philosophy by the way (LOL) with an apparent attitude problem (but is a certified genius, isn’t it always the way, ne?)

Anyway, after the speech, Miranda meets with Doorman. It doesn’t take long for Fan to be recognised as the hero of Cerberus again.

And naturally, Doorman wastes no time in trying to recruit him. But Fan, being his usual self, decides sitting on the fence is the best idea. Or perhaps he knows more than he lets on…

Doorman also co-operates in refueling and restocking the Honest Old Man for Miranda. It obviously a less than subtle bribe to Miranda to try and take Fan, but he remains (deliberately, I’m sure) oblivious to it.

Nevertheless, the Pirate attack goes ahead on the fortress. Though Lord Zalish (the beardy guy) has posted one of his ‘best’ subordinates there, they stand no chance with 300 strong Tytania reserve garrison vs. 3,000 battle hardened pirates and the base falls promptly.tytania7-71

This is obviously not Sparta, or the 300 would have won, LOL.

Despite this victory, Fan is still dubious about joining this pirate army.

Moving onto Episode 8, Fan is again yoinked by Doorman in a recruiting attempt whilst Miranda is loading the supplies onto her ship. He introduces him to 3 other generals, and boasts about their victories and how this has swung even more forces their way:tytania8-1

However, again, Fan says he needs some time to think about the proposal.

Alan thinks Fan is crazy to pass up an offer to join a conquering fleet as its premium general. But, Fan recognises he is being used, and also realises the same thing that Lord Jouslain did just moments before, that flies are difficult to swat when they move around. But what if gather them all in one location?tytania8-2

Yup, talk about killing 5,000 birds with one stone. He tells Miranda that he’s sticking with her for now and that they should leave this sinking ship ASAP.

Doorman is discussing with his other generals how they’re gonna be fine even if the Tytanian’s attack. Then he gets a call telling him Fan has skipped town and looks distraught.

Are you sure this guy worked in business? That you should never place your faith in uncertain factors is surely common commerical sense… Idiot…

Nevertheless, the other generals come up with a plan. They call it a hedgehog formation, and its a strategy based upon using the Fortress as a shield against attackers, under the assumption that Tytania wants to keep their fortress intact. Obviously, they still haven’t realised what Fan and Dr. Chen did last episode; that pirates shouldn’t rely on brute force over guerilla tactics for their objectives. Idiots. (again…)

We skip back to Princess Lydia at this point:tytania8-3

She’s covering up her antennae this episode with a hat, LOL. Turns out her father is shielding the escapees from the destroyed Tytanian fortress. But it was a difficult decision for him, since he doesn’t know if the pirates would see it as a threat.

Meanwhile, Zalish has been dispatched to deal with the pirates, and Ajman thinks his brother is planning a coup’d etat against him. Or at least Idris is convinced of this. As a result, Jouslain is assigned as Zalish’s backup command and is in turn told to command Marquess Estrates son to be his assistant as, technically, a hostage of sorts in case things go pear shaped:tytania8-4

The pirates discuss attacking Lydia’s homeworld after learning that they shielded the Tytanian refugees. But Zalish’s incoming fleet is more important.tytania8-5

Zalish looks a bit of loon here, doesn’t he?

Naturally he doesn’t slow the fleet or the bombardment one little bit because of the fortress being in the way, so the fact that all the foes ships are in one place is practically asking for them to be killed.tytania8-6

On a side note, why does the so called evil empire use the blue ion cannons? Surely, its an established fact that the so called goodies have dibs on those, right? Hahahaha…

Question: What happens when a hedgehog meets a speeding artillery shell?


If you answered “Squishy Parts and Gibs!”, you’re correct! Have a cookie!

So the Pirates are totally pwned by Zalish’s brutal battering ram strategy. Naturally, the fortress is blown to high heaven as well. So much for that moronic hedgehog strategy.

Evidently, the real reason Tytania is in charge in this galaxy is because everyone else doesn’t bother sending their general’s to actually STUDY tactics. Even Euria assigned Fan on the assumption he’d cock up at the battle of Cerberus, but they screwed up worse because they didn’t notice he was a natural genius. Idiots.

Miranda’s ship picks up Dr. Chen Lee again. He recognises Fan as a fellow genius, and correctly points out that there is no value in the man himself, just the seeds of hope for a different future.tytania8-7

Switch back to the Kingdom of Elbing (Lydia-Land), where we actually see her father the king for the first time. He is having quite a problem. Seems like Tytania expected him to defend the fortress before or something, but instead he merely sheltered the evacuees. In response, they’ve partially forgiven him, but in return want to take Elbing’s energy mine as a sign of their true loyal intentions.

This is a no-no, because it will bankrupt the kingdom entirely. Even Lydia knows this. So he’s stuck in a lose-lose situation (Bankruptcy and suffering people or Blown to Hell and suffering people, ow). However, Lydia, realising this is a test of loyalty, offers an alternative solution:tytania8-81

These last few episodes have served to demonstrate her impeccable moral character with her random scenes, but this really took the cake. What a honorable little girl she is!

Not to mention it looks like she’s actually going to involved in the main plot more properly now, which is cool.

Well, I’m still impressed with this shows pace. Its always moving forward but never spinning out of control or slagging through the dirt, which is far more than most manage. Must be a pretty solid script they’re working from. I look forward to more.

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I’ve actually got reason to do this set of Tytania as a double whammy for a change, since they are a contiguous story for the most part.

Fan Hulick’s almost entirely out of the picture in these eps as well, as the story goes to focus on the Principality of Tyrandia. We open seeing the funeral of the Duke of this place:

It turns out that the nobles of Tyrandia, seemingly inspired by the Battle of Cerberus (the one Fan Hulick won), want to seperate from the Tytanian conglomorate. So Duchess Laetitia is manipulated by them into sending this proclaimation.

As a result, Lord Idris (the bishie blonde, vicious nutcase of the big four) has to return from his fun shooting random people to go to a meeting, so has to delegate his position temporarily. He does so, and hence we’re introduced to:

Marquis Estrades is actually the older brother of the leader of Tytania, Ajman:

Well unlike beardy guy and his brother, they do actually look somewhat related…

At the council meeting, Psycho Idris and Beardy guy want immediately quash Tyrandia for their audacious claim, but Ariabart and Jouslain are more level headed and correctly deduce that the duchess is being manipulated. So Jouslain goes to try and negotiate.

We switch back to Tyrandia, where we’re also introduced to the Tytanian representative Erwin, whom was a childhood friend of the duchess:tytania5-4laeteta-erwin

That subtitle out of context makes it sound like they’re having an affair, ne? Hehe…

Anyway, we learn that Erwin made a promise to her when he was young that he’d help her see the gods of Uraniborg by becoming a great Tytanian official…
Aww…ain’t they cute?

Jouslain arrives; and after the politcal games and charades are over, the foolish nobles immediately get an assassination attempt under way:


Thanks to Jouslain’s savvy, however, he negotiates his way out of it; and almost secures an escape for all three of them. However, the Tyrandian nobles insist on Laetiata staying behind. Jouslain tries to argue, but she says its okay if its for Tytanias wellbeing and that he should go. Hence, Erwin also ends up staying…

However, shortly after his shuttle leaves, Laetiata goes and shoots herself! Apparently she was well aware that she was merely a puppet for them and figures this was the best way out of it… (WHAT? <sigh>)


Erwin goes balmy seeing her die before keeping his promise and does a suicide run at the corrupt men who drove her to this. He is obviously gunned down by soldiers. (how depressing)

Moving onto Ep 6, we see the repercussions of before. The nobles are marshalling their forces. Idris decides to send them some insane demands for surrender in order to irritate them and flush out rebels:


Jouslain on the other hand is informed of the Duchess and Erwin’s death, and starts to wonder whether Tytania is really an entity worth dying for. He calls it:


We also see Super-Antennae girl again, with a ‘Feed me Seymore’ plant:


There seems to be alot of random scenes with her in. I hope that they actually add up to something. This one was a little relevant at least because we hear her father denouncing the Tyrandian plan of attack and refusing to help out. They turn out to gather no allies whatsoever, so it looks like they’re screwed…

Much to beardy guys disdain, Ariabart is again given the command of the situation. Presumably to redeem himself from the previous failure vs. Hulick.

Jouslain and Ariabart think its a great idea for him to learn from his mistakes and nick Hulicks strategy of using Weigelt cannons. Fast forward to the battle:


This man is smarter than he looks. He figures out Tytania is up to something with their low fleet count. Of course, the admiral doesn’t listen to him and thinks Ariabart will fight using normal tactics.



(Sigh) You should have listened to that wise guy, Admiral…

So, half of the Tyrandian fleet gets taken out, and they retreat. The guy from earlier suggest they ignore their losses and attack though, as he also realises that the Tytanian formation is just as weak after using the cannons. Again, however, that idiot admiral ignores him. So he sighs, and uses his five ships to try a suicide charge to take out Ariabart, by himself:


And he almost succeeds in ramming Ariabarts flagship and taking him out! But is shot down at the last second:


It is only now the foolish admiral realises the wisdom of this hero. But its too late; and the battle is decided. We’re given a monologue from the narrator on how Tyrandia hence becomes wiped from map (ouch…).

In these couple of episodes it gets a little confusing from time to time with the Tyrandians and Tytanians, doesn’t it? But its nice to see what’s going on in the universe whilst Fan is goofing around and eating omlettes. Seems he’s set quite the trail of dominoes running though…

On a side note, Laetitia is spelt that way in the subs, but its pronounced Lay-tee-ett-ah, so I reckon it should be Laetiata. Same with Aryabhata, when its said Ar-re-ah-bah-tt, so I write Ariabart.

So yeah, I’m aware the names probably change from time to time in this post… If someone knows how they are spelt in the novels and wants to correct me though, then please, go ahead…

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Tytania 4

Again, blah, late etc.

After the events of last week, Fan is now holed up in the resistance headquarters, as a wanted man.


Nope, he’s totally not upstairs…

Since Lira is a bit ambiguous, the soldiers decide to crash the place, but they don’t find anything. Turns out he’s hiding in a secret trapdoor. The soldiers curse and leave, but not before making fun of Lira.

Then we have a cliche ‘I didn’t mean to walk in on you in the bath’ scene. Fan also hears about Miranda, the princess of of Casabianca (the principality that Lira is trying to revive).

Of course, despite Lira’s best efforts, Fan is still determined to leave, so she starts resorting to some pretty desperate measures:



Of course, he immediately wises up to her scheme to get him to stay. Then she pulls a stun dartgun on him. He gives her a little talk on loyalty and not knowing what it is she actually wants to protect. Then some soldiers bust the party. Turns out Lira’s gran ratted him out because she’s sick of living this lifestyle. Fan is about to be escorted away by them, when:



This, hilariously, is a bluff. It shocks the soldiers, and Lira takes advantage of the situation to fill them full of stun darts. Then apologises to her grandmother. She says its okay if that’s Lira’s choice.

Fan leaps out the window to escape, but not before saying ‘Thanks, that was the best kiss in the universe!’. I lol’ed at that. Then Fan is on the run again, but soon gets captured by the guards (FAIL!). However, as he is cuffed by the guard captain called Alan, he escapes once more.

Only to run into another situation. However, in this case, he gets saved by someone weilding a shock baton. Turns out this is Miranda, the princess. Miranda also takes Captain Alan with her for some unknown reason. They escape to her ship, which is called the ‘Honest Old Man’. Fan is then suddenly recruited into her crew. Lacking choices, yet again, he has to accept.


Well…Miranda looks really butch in this shot, doesn’t she…

We also find out Alan was making a bit on the side as a black market trader, so he’s also blackmailed into joining the crew. Poor guys… Miranda also produces Fan’s wallet, which somehow got to her through Lira (after she pickpocketed it again last episode)…


Fan thinks about Lira now, as the ship blasts into space…

Yeah, I’m sure her name was Liza before…but now its Lira. Whatever…

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Tytania 3

Again, yeah, I’m way behind on some of my series, aren’t I? Well, I finally got around to watching the next episode of Tytania today. And it was another one of those instances of zomg! plot! that seems to be prevalent this week. Because its easier for me to explain this way, I’ll interlace the shots with the blog this time, by and the by.

Fan Hulick has fled off planet Euria; feeling a bit distressed. (who wouldn’t be? He got fired from the military because he won the battle!). Arriving at a new place, he has hangs around in the starport cafe eating an omlette, when a girl enters, sits next to him, and then leaves after being told her favourite drink isn’t being stocked. Of course, this was merely a cover for her pickpocketing him, which he realises quickly; chasing after her. She admires his perception and gives his wallet back; but he shrugs it off and just says its because he’s always suspicious of young women acting cordially to him:

LOL. Well, yeah, he did. The last girl basically forced him to join the military if the case file the Euria mayor hears in the previous episode is to be believed

Anyhow, the girl introduces herself as Liza and then leads Fan to the jobcentre as an apology. We have an amusing scene about spaceship licenses (he only has a B class licence? And they let him command a fleet before?) before he’s arrested by the local Tytania force, which is lead by a narcisistic bishounen duke who looks frankly disturbing and is apparently related to the beardy guy from the big four:

Aniki? He’s your big brother? YOU LOOK NOTHING ALIKE!!

Fan is basically offered the ‘Join us or die’ package, as was discussed by the big four in the previous episode. He has little choice but accept when the offer is proposed in the presence of a giant pirahna tank. However, as he is then escorted the guest quarters, the Shotacon butler suddenly changes in attitude and runs with Fan to help him escape. He’s apparently a spy for some rebel force:

Yeah, I’d be disturbed if a little boy butler called me the Admiral too.

There’s a shootout at the mansion grounds and Shota-butler and some others get shot, but Fan escapes with some more help from Liza (she turns out to be the ringleader; like we didn’t see that coming…)

And he learns the story about her dispossessed people and the rage she has for Tytania, and asks Fan to join as he’s the only one to ever destroy and humiliate a Tytanian fleet in a battle.

But he says ‘topple one tyrant, and another always takes their place’ and tries to leave. Only to find she’s somehow managed to snag his wallet and ID again (that sly woman); giving him little choice but to enter the safe house. There, he eats more omlettes and finds more about what’s going on. And various further political machinations occur.

Poor Fan. He’s being railroaded alot in this episode for plot convienience. I’d have been interested to see what happened if he actually managed to get away; but then we wouldn’t have had much of a story would we? Tytania is constantly portrayed as tyrannical, but if you read behind the lines, they’re really not an evil organization by any means (though some of the dukes are VERY questionable characters).

Though we’ve still not had any space battle since the first episode, I’m still fairly interested in this series.

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And yeah, before I close up shop for the night: a quick lowdown on what I’m watching this season:


Good lord, it feels like its been ages since I’ve seen a good Anime Space Opera. The last real one of note was Banner of the Stars. Though I guess I did also enjoy Starship Operators.

Tytania might finally fill that gap. Lots of epic-ly animated space battles amidst a space-born politcal climate of some significant upheaval. Its even got the obligatory Opera like opening song.

Unfortunately, it is a bit of a Sausagefest TM, for what I’ve seen so far. The only girls we’ve seen so far are the girl with the amazing antennae in episode 1 who got about 5 seconds of screentime, the loli shoeshiner Fan Hulick pushes his hero gig on in Ep 2, and the concubine of the apathic Tytanian noble.

But heck, not that this really matters, so long as it delivers in other departments.

Pow, pow, pow, etc.

Fan-Hulick. A man from the Tylor school of Captains, apparently…
As in, a bit of womanizer, and the guy no-one expects to win. (but they should)

Its the Star-Trek moment where everyone falls around. Except they did the bridge in Georgian Decor and spilt their tea in the process. Ponces. I mean really, who calls their flagship “The Golden Sheep”. Thats like asking for trouble!


Watch out! Its another dating game adaptation!

But so far, I’m impressed with the pace that AkaneIro has been offering. So many of these things drag on through the mud for ages and the guy can’t even decide if he actually likes women (and hence should shoot himself). But not here; we got him kissing Yuuhi in the first episode.

Assuming they can keep this up, it might restore my faith in game adaptations that was so hideously shattered by the mind-rot that was Da Capo Second Season. (and don’t even talk to me about Sister Princess)

And its a bonus that his sister looks remarkably like StrikerS Nanoha. Though we have the usual obvious ‘we’re not blood related so its okay!’ thing going on already here. Groan. Do dating game protagonists EVER actually have Blood related sisters? EVER? If they did, they’d know just what an incredibly bad idea it is… Jeez…

Yuuhi uses alot of Hair Gel. And goes ‘grrr’ alot, apparently…

See? Grr, again! Though I guess I’d be pissed off too if a guy I met yesterday came an snogged me in front of 30 other people. Nanoha His sister can only look on scared.

To Aru Majutsu No Index (aka. A Certain Magical Index)

Aha, something which at least marginally reminds me of the awesomeness of DemonBane. Though no doubt with considerably fewer Cthulu and H.P. Lovecraft references.

I read a little bit of the manga for this; and decided it was pretty good. A guy who can cancel magic and psychic powers with his hand? A great power, but apparently it also cancels out all of the good luck that he recieves, lol.

And a girl called Index, who’s basically a library of magical tomes. Who likes to bite things. And even eats out of date sandwiches. Oh, and did I mention she dresses up as a Nun?

No jokes about sticking bookmarks in Indexes, please children…

Its been awesomely animated so far, and they did the Sprinklers vs. Fire Mage fight most excellently.

Damn Index! For a book, you’re well illustrated. Or something.
(Yeah, I know she’s not actually a book like Al Alzif/Necromonicon was in DemonBane, but I can’t help think about that in reference. This might have even come first. I don’t know…heh)

Poor Innocentius. Like most Fire Golems, I’m sure he just wanted to be loved.
Unfortunately, said love is likely to cause painful third degree burns. So poof you go, young lad!

Kannagi (aka. Crazy Shrine Maidens)

I still can’t really understand why Kannagi has that subtitle. Its not about Shrine Maidens at all. Rather, its about the Goddesses of said shrines.

Oh well. Again, I read a little of the Manga here. Its a quite hilarious romp. Nagi is of course the centre of attention, with her magical girl, bug squashing, split personality antics. Though Jin seems to spend most of his time angsting about having a female goddess suddenly living in his home. Give up and accept it, man! I know you’re peeved that she manifested in your woodcutting for art class and destroyed it, but get over it.

I also seriously enjoy (and sympathise with) Nagi’s destruction of bugs with extreme predujice.

And of course, Zange-chan has just appeared in episode 3. Woohoo!

Yar, I wear T-Shirts that say ‘Shameless’. It sums up her character perfectly. Heh…

Nagi, the Magical Girl Goddess, has arrived! 0_o

Tora Dora!

And finally, I guess I HAD to watch the Kugiyama Rie show of this season. As you might have guessed from the banner to this blog, I’m a Shana nutcase. And its good to see she’s still voicing Tsundere Loli’s of the highest caliber.

Again, I’ve peeked at the translation of the novels upon which ToraDora is based. Taiga and Ryuji are most superb characters. Unlike some series like this, I can really relate, as they actually seem to have more normal thought chains. I just hope the anime can do them justice!

There are of course the puns on their names; as Taiga is well known as the Palmtop Tiger, and Ryuji describes himself as a Dragon (Ryu). Their alliance to get together with their best friends is of course, as we all know, quite doomed to failure as they are obviously meant for each other instead. But their antics trying is indeed quite hilarious. As is the telegraph pole kicking exercise.

Well, anyhow, lets hope they don’t turn Taiga into a Louise from the atrocious 3rd season of Zero No Tsukaima. As I say, her character deserves better.

Ryuji caught himself a Taiga. Good show, son, good show!

And Taiga has an Eva Unit 02 moment. Oh SHI–

Personally, I’m quite sure Kitamura is mentally unbalanced. What Taiga sees in him, we’ll never know.


Anyhow, that wraps things up for now. Tune in again for more cynicism!

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