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Well, I’m quite bemused, because I just got around to watching Umi Monogatari, and it turns out my feeling that the main girl is obviously related to Collette is true.

  • Friendly Ditz: Check
  • Oblivious: Check
  • Makes daft statements: Check


Sky People own lovely rings => Sky People not dangerous despite legends suggesting otherwise. An impressive jump of logic, dear.

Oh yes, and she also has the absurd crass innocence:

She doesn’t apparently (yet) have the hideous lack of dexterity, though.

Nevertheless, certainly a 92 on the airhead scale. Or should that be waterhead?

As for the actual episode, I can’t really say it was in any way impressive. Her ditzy behavior forcing her to go above water with her imouto and then somehow having her imouto release an ancient evil of some description is pretty lazy excuse for a plot.

Anyway, this joins the other prediction I made some time back coming true:
Yup. You may remember me saying before about Kurokami that, having seen Mega-Exe and Giga-Exe, we were eventually bound to see Tera-Exe, given that upgraded progression in hard drive storage space appears to provide powerups to Kuro.


And apparently, the power is such that it temporarily makes her go bright blonde! Oh well, at least they reserved a decent amount of animation budget for that final attack. Unfortunately, I can’t really say the ending was immensely satisfying since it was so… inevitable… I really kinda wanted to see Akane turn out to be really evil. Redeemed Reishin was also arrgh. Or, at the very least, it would have been nice for Kuro to win against the other parts of the Masagami and then embrace her evil origins rather than sealing herself away like the good little girl/super god hybrid she is.

Nevertheless, it did provide one revelation that made me go ‘squee’ and have a disturbing fanboy train of logic that probably equals one had by the girl in Umi Monogatari.

  1. Keita has aged to an old man and lived the blissful life with Akane.
  2. Kuro, sealed in her circle, served by Yakumo, has not aged, however.
  3. ZOMG! Eternal Loli!
  4. <SHOT>

I guess she joins Vita on the never aging Loli pile because of this.

Anyway, thats all for today. More previews and stuff as they happen.


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Terribly sorry for my extreme tardiness.

I’d like to come up with some amazing excuse, but unfortunately, there isn’t one. I’ve just been lazy during the evenings (typically playing either Battle Moon Wars or Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer) and work’s been kicking my ass with overtime for the rest. Well, that and having to re-organise the slot of my old D&D game to Thursdays to co-inside with my day off, but anyway.

So yeah, I decided to finally do this little post. We’re roughly into the sixth/seventh episode of most seasons anyway by now, which is the half way point for those ones that end up just being 13 eps, but is typically the point where longer shows start to pick up pace.

My selected six for this season

Continuing from before:


Well, obviously. This show just goes from strength to strength, which is actually pretty unusual, especially in a Shonen anime. There’s not once when I’ve been unexcited about watching an episode. Oh, don’t get me wrong, its certainly a There is no kill like overkill type of show in that various random power-ups and awesome fight scenes are used as lampshades for the plot. However, its animated so well and the backstory is sufficently decent that I can forgive a little bit of hand-waving from the writers. Because, hey, its cool. And sometimes that’s enough.


Kuro and Keita got a massive power-up when she started wearing a Chinese Dress for combat.

Wha’dya mean, why? Does there need to be a reason for it? Its a Shonen Anime…


Giga-Exe, the upgrade of Mega-Exe, is a hilarious attack. Makes me wonder if there’s going to be a Tera-Exe to follow up the chain in her next power up. (You know, like, Kilobytes > Megabytes > Gigabytes > Terabytes?)

Eden of the East

Yup, definately. This show has style, baby. Its also got a rather bizarre and interesting backstory that’s really getting into its swing now. Basically, some dude going by the handle ‘Mr. Outside’ has designated a bunch of people, called Selaceo, to save Japan. To achieve this task, they each have a mobile phone. But its no ordinary phone. On it is 10 Billion Yen (Roughly £69 million or $105 million) in pay-as-you-go credit. And with it, Takizawa, our male protagonist, can phone the mysterious Juiz. Who can make any request happen within moments. As demonstrated by the other Selaceo, this includes killing people you don’t like, bribing officials, constructing hosptials, and clearing up murder scenes. The cost of said action is then deducted from your credit. The catch? If you’ve not ‘saved’ Japan before your dosh runs dry, you’re killed. Yikes.


The developing relationship between Saki and Takizawa is both fascinating, nice, and tragic all at the same time…


Talk about ‘Phone of Wishes’. Its quite literally a modern genie in a bottle.

‘Noblesse Oblige’ is another title for these twelve people picked to save Japan, by and the by.


Maybe not as laugh out loud funny in the last few episodes, but that was evidently the opening act into the story. Its instead taken the role of being the quite charming 4-koma. So far, its been fairly masterfully switching between its humour and WAFF, in fact, which is great to see, since only Lucky Star managed to do this quite as well, in my opinion. Like a good cheesecake, it is light and enjoyable and makes your day. Well, maybe that’s just me…


Well, uh, what can I say about this? How about WTF?


Awwww…this scene was so full of cute sisterly love. Nice. Real Nice.

Valkyria Chronicles

And here’s another one which likes to frequently play the style card. Its pretty with some lovely animation. And whilst the Edelweiss tank was intially the star of the show, they have actually started some alternate character development now, especially with Alicia and Welkin. What I do like is that Welkin is actually a fairly stable, noble, slightly eccentric and lovable guy, and yet, still manages to still be a tactical genius. Normally in Anime, great generals nearly always have some character flaw. Like being a complete bastard. (I’m looking at you, Lelouch) So yeah, I’m still quite interested in this.


Yes indeed. What are you doing?


Wise man is Welkin. A commander worth his salt indeed.

Ristorante Paradiso

Well, this was a sheer surprise entry for me, as I’m sure I noted before. But, despite the fact its clearly a Shoujo anime, I find it mightily charming, the drama of this little resturant in Rome with its bespeckled staff of older men and the girl caught between their antics. Everyone is characterised so interestingly, I can’t help but be somewhat amused.


Sure you were, Nicoletta. We believe you.


Ye gads, even as a middle aged man, he manages to be a charming bishie. (though that’s a contradiction in terms, I know…)

Wait! That’s Five shows, I hear you cry!

Yeah, that’s right. My remaining slot is still contested. At the moment, much to my shock, Hanasakeru Seishounen is still ahead to take it, which again is because it has a nice WAFF feeling to it.

But it is a three-horse race, with the fate of two still to be determined. The other two are Phantom ~Requiem for a Phantom~, and PandoraHearts. Pandora has had some serious ups and downs. Alice and her Scythe-weilding rabbit form are pretty cool. The bit in the actual abyss was cool. Not sure if I appreciate how quickly they managed to get out of there though, since I prefered the sheer lunatic feel of it. It also has a distinct danger of turning into a monster of the week show. Phantom started amazingly, but has been reluctantly dragging its feet a bit since then since its been spending SO much time with plot exposition. Still, its not bad.

So I’m kinda stuck, ya know?

Anyway, I apologise once more for my tardiness in posts as of late. I can’t assure you blank-outs like this won’t happen from time to time but please don’t hold it against me. (its, uh, writer’s block! Yeah!)


I can hardly believe I’ve had so many visitors in the last six months or so. A big thankyou to you all for visiting, and hope you enjoy the blog!

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As per usual, sorry for the delay. I realise I still haven’t actually finished blogging series from last season. In a nutshell, I feel exhausted with all the extra work I seem to be doing at the moment, and when I get home, the last thing on my mind is to go and blog stuff. I’m doing this post during the day!

What I’m basically saying is that you shouldn’t expect them anytime soon. I am going to endevour to put some posts up for White Album and update Toradora and Tytania too, but considering the circumstances…

With this, I’ll be trying a new post format. Which is a quick summary with a gallery of images…perhaps if its much faster than the uploads for the huge number of usual images, then I’ll have more time to throw posts together.

Anyway, Kurokami has continued to impress me with its awesomeness.

What’s happened?

  • The little girl next door neighbor was mowed down by a car, and the mysterious girl reappeared. Keita attends the girls funeral.
  • She (the mysterious girl) finally introduces herself as Kuro. She is found eating lettuce in his apartment!
  • Keita is shot through the heart (!) by another punk wielding a mysterious power which Kuro refers to as Exceed. This occurs after he tries to help her.
  • As a result, the early flashback of the first episode makes sense now, as he was dying in that.
  • The punk reveals he got this power from defeating several Mitsumitaima’s. Kuro escapes with his body.
  • She revives him with a mysterious spell. It is explained in episode 3 that she has quite literally given him her heart (and hilariously shows off her chest scar to everyone, lol).
  • This binds them together. When he is determined, he seems to be able to pour power into her being, charging her up and making her a much better fighter. The punk is defeated.
  • However, when he is far away or feeling lethargic, her power now drops significantly.
  • This is shown when he goes to school and tribal end punks trash his apartment and nearly beat the crap out of Kuro because of her sudden loss in speed and skill due to the lack of proximity. Since he also shares her heart, he suddenly doubles up in shock and pain whilst at his desk. However, she manages to escape and uses her dog to track his scent to the school.
  • She is determined to increase their syncronization. This creates some hilarious situations in episode 3.
  • It turns out his class teacher is also part of this mysterious group. After a syncronisation power-up brought on by the revelation that the teacher had a hand in Risa’s death from the first episode as well as this doppleliner phonomenon, he too is smashed out of the 3rd floor window. (ouch!)
  • A strange woman called Excel appears to investigate the Doppliners in this city. Someone is messing with the flow or something here, manipulating things so Master Roots are more likely to be created.

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Well, after looking at episode II for Kurokami, Maria + Holic, and Asu no Yoichi, I’ll make marginal adjustments to my previous thoughts about this new anime season.

Well, Kurokami hasn’t gone down at all in my estimations, actually. Its still pretty darn exciting, even if the whole contractual shishkebab has been done before innumerate times. Still a 10/10.

Maria + Holic has gone up marginally. Mainly because it has an awesome intro and it might be interesting to see just who knows about the trap-i-ness, and how these interact. The blind maid is also fun. Its now a 6/10 as a result. I might consider looking at episode 3 and seeing if it continues to improve.

Finally, Asu no Yoichi managed to fail miserably in the second episode. The moment our main female protagonist turns needlessly violent, it immediately fell flat on its face. Also, I expect a certain degree of ‘accidental’ perversion in a show like this, but its pushing it on that front too. Not to mention he starts writing Haiku about breasts. This instantly throws his previous respectability in the trash. Oh, and the blonde tsundere had a moment of embarrassingly awful broken thought process. “Oh yeah, so he touched me up (accidently) this morning. Now he’s ill, so I’ll apologise by making some cooking for him!” WHAT??? THE!? F*CK!?!? Yes, sorry, this immediately demotes it to 1/10. Talk about crash and burn.

And as you may have assumed from the title, I also have another new wallpaper to offer up:


Evangeline, from Negima, that lovely uber-vampire and Negi’s Master and teacher of the dark side of magic. I felt obliged to create it after reading the latest manga chapter where she seems to re-appear again. Though I realise Evangeline herself is actually not associated with the Blood Moon (thats Arcrueid from Tsukihime), but I was just playing around with the vector I had and thought it looked sweet in deep red, and hence the blood moon came naturally into the equation.

I also cocked up the ratio slightly, for some reason. This one’s actually a 1280 x 768. Put it on Stretch mode if that bothers you. Still looks fine, I do it. As always, click the above image to see the full size version…

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Well, I’ve been immensely busy…

But, here I am, finally, with a ‘what’s cooking this season?’ post, having finally got around to watching all of the initial episodes. Let me state immediately for the record that I’m not blogging all of this. I’ve still got to catch up with the blogging of last seasons shows for crying out loud. If only work didn’t consume a ludicrous amount of my time…

Also, the format will be:

  • Title
  • LOLCaption
  • Genre
  • Summary
  • Screen Caps
  • Likeliness of me watching/pursuing…

Anyhow, without further ado:

White Album

Ah, the romanctic eighties pop-scene (no really…)

Well, this looks to be the winter romance entry. Its been a while since theres been a good one. I took up Akane-Iro under the false pretense that it could have been something, but it devolved into mind-slop (in a good way, mind you, I still mostly enjoyed that series). So, again, the last proper romance focused series I finished would be True Tears. Which was probably this time last year. Jeez. Though I suppose Toradora is partially filling it currently in a rather quirky little way.

Anyway, this is set in the eighties, and follows our male protagonist and his love for childhood friend Yuki, whom has recently become a pop-idol. However, she has become friends with an already famous idol, Ogata Rina, and evidently, a love triangle forms. I also think Yuki has a thing going on with her manager, whom I believe is Rina’s brother. And then there’s the other friends hanging around. Who knows what could happen.

What is interesting in this is how character thoughts are articulated through on-screen subtitles, which is an interesting direction choice that I’ve not seen before. Usually, the characters have monologues to themselves. I also suck up a good sappy piece of entertainment every so often, so thats good. That said, this hasn’t done anything to totally grab me yet, much to my surprise. Its felt, I dunno, wishy-washy? Even after two eps.


Yuki does look very ‘eighties’ here with the weird hair, doesn’t she?


Yeah, maybe, but its in a cute way, right? The subtitle is of him watching her (above) on the telly.


I did? Well, I guess it never hurts, right?

Likelihood of Watching/Pursuing? : 7/10 ~ I’m interested since I like this stuff, but it hasn’t grabbed me yet.

Maria + Holic

How to take traps to new extremes…

Eh, well what can I say? The LOL caption sums it all up. Its an anime about traps. If you’re not up to date with your 4chan vocabulary, a ‘trap’ is literally a guy whom is so beautiful that they can easily get away with being a girl, and is hence skilled in trapping poor innocent hearts (and crotches). They naturally wear clothing of the opposite gender and its very hard to tell the difference. The classic example is ‘Jun’ from ‘Happiness’, but there are innumerate others.

In this case, however, our trap goes to new extremes. She goes to an all girls school and everything. I have no doubt weirdness will ensue. This is definately one of those times where you get confused as whom in this Girls school is ACTUALLY a girl… (sigh…)

When I first watched this, I thought I had a very poor copy, but I eventually figured out that the animation is supposed to be favouring a pastel like, patterned effect, a bit like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. The animation style certainly reminds me of that, along with the questionable sense of humour. Eh, its not my cuppa tea, but I know alot of people like this stuff.


Our premium trap, above, gets revealed in the first episode.


The catgirl landlady has a most excellently dressed dog. What the hell did I screencap this for?


Ah, the overflowing Yuri (or is it?) begins…

Likelihood of Watching/Pursuing? : 4/10 ~ Not really my thing….

Asu no Yoichi

A Samurai learns the wonders of fanservice.

Again, not much to say here. Its the obvious fanservice show of the season, and it doesn’t even try to hide that fact. I laughed when the little girl is asked about the defining features of her older sister, and replies ‘She has huge breasts…’

Its very much a face-palm moment, I’ll agree. But at least it doesn’t pretend to be intellectual. Also, it does have the rare benefit of having a stronger than usual male lead. He actually appears to be a pretty adept swordfighter, rather a total loser as is often the case in these scenarios. I also sympathise with him getting lost in a department store. They are a terrifying place. And, he manages to get nicked by the cops at least three times in the episode, which is refreshing given how the perverts usually get away scott-free in anime.

So yeah. It might have potential if approached with low expectations.


Well, trust the man with the bow. Just do it!


Indeed. A wise choice. Who knows what that handbag thief could do with it.


The cops have some dirt on him. Brandishing a weapon in public, (supposed) kidnapping of a minor, and perversion. But then, he also stopped a thief, rescued a lost child, and apologised for his actions, so they have to let him go.

Likelihood of Watching/Pursuing? : 5/10 ~ Maybe. Depends on how bored I get.


Dopplegangers galore and thirty-hit combos.
Fantasy Action/Mindfuck

See the below post for details of this. I’m definately watching it, and probably blogging it.


Likelihood of Watching/Pursuing? : 10/10 ~ Hell yes.


Transforming mecha-motorbikes learn to do ballet.

Well, this is last one I watched, since I’m not normally a mecha lover, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Basically, there are psuedo-sentient motorbikes, called RIDEBACKs, which can operate in three dimensions more easily than usual, going into standing modes, having arm like attachments, and even understanding voice commands.

Its set a bit into the future, where the superpowers were apparently taken down by a band of freedom fighters using superior technology. Sounds a bit like a Command & Conquer plot to me with a weird high tech terrorist organization taking the reigns from the UN. Presumably this techology was the RIDEBACKs, but this is not actually stated.

Anyway, our protagonist is the grand-daughter of Ogata Rina, and is hence expected to be an entertainment star. I had to do a double take on that. Yep. Its true. IS IT ONE HELL OF A COINCIDENCE or is this show is related to White Album, above, huh? The generational gap is correct and everything since thats in the 80’s and this the 2020’s. LOL.

However, our protagonist goes in ballet, but tears a ligament, crashing face first on stage, ruining her career before it ever really takes off. Now at college, she accidently gets involved in the RIDEBACK club, and find her old dancing skills are surprisingly cross compatible in making the machine move like a dancer. Some amusing chereography here.


The GGP has taken over the world.


A thunderstorm leads our heroine to seek cover in a club building…


Wow, she has a pretty orgasmic face riding that thing…heh…

Likelihood of Watching/Pursuing? : 8/10 ~ Despite initial reservations, I’m quite interested in this…


My girlfriend is a can of Melonade. I like to slurp her.

Well, that quote really sums it up. This is an obvious fanservice anime that follows the old ‘a strange object actually turns out to be a girl’ premise. Of course, you can do this right, and you can do it wrong. The right way is making a cool series like Demonbane, with its ancient Lovecraft ties and magical tomes that are girls. The wrong way is this way.

This guy randomly buys a can of melonade. He gives it a slurp, and it transforms into a girl. He believes this is a dream and tries repeatedly to do questionable things to her (sigh…). Then we have the ridiculous side-plots, like you must drink from this girl every day (kiss her), re-fill her from time to time (with extra cans from the machine), and make sure that she doesn’t lose her carbonation and go flat, because this kills her (so you need to put her in the fridge).

Despite the rampant objectophilia, there’s really nothing going for this series. Unless total mindless fanservice is your thing. Personally, I need a little more most of the time (even AkaneIro had more, thats as low as I go…)


And I wonder why anime gets a bad rep from the un-educated… (sigh…)


Wow, yeah. Everyone has hobbies like that.


Down the toilet, apparently…

Likelihood of Watching/Pursuing? : 1/10 ~ For the sake of my sanity. No.

Ah yeah, I’ll also continue to watch Toradora, Index, and Tytania.

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Yikes, I haven’t even got around to doing a new season preview, and yet here I am starting my first proper new year post with a new show. What gives?

Well, I’m of the opinion you can’t fully judge the new seasons shows until you’ve watched them all. You may remember I first started when we were at the 3rd or so episode of things. So I’m waiting until everything has aired. There should be something up next week.

However, after watching this, I was convinced I was going to follow it. Its just up my street. I was immediately attracted by the female lead and her distinct resemblance to Shana in her Alastor mode, but withheld judgement until now.

No longer, however! The show begins with our female protagonist eluding capture from generic looking agents.

Later, a young man is woken up by a call from a woman, who tells him to eat his pork cutlet sandwiches. However, in her worried call, she misses her train:

The young man, our male protagonist, gets ready for school. As he begins to leave, he sees theres some kind of ruckus outside. Seems a young girls mother was reversed over in the car park and is off to the hospital.

He also chats briefly with the next door neighbor and her young daughter. The little girl wants him to play later, but he says he’s already got plans…

On the way to school, he is pretty late, but bumps into a classmate, Risa, who is also late.

She believes she’s being very lucky since she won some concert tickets. He asks if she’s inviting him, but she says no, they’re for her friend.

After school, he blows off some guys who think they should hang out, using the excuse that he’s looking after the neighbors kid. (LIES!) He spends his afternoon eating out and shopping and things by himself. Seems he enjoys being a bit of a loner. He eats a ramen stand, and then cycles to the end of an unfinished Highway and stares at the scenery…

During the concert, Risa and her friend notice a girl who looks remarkably similar to Risa. At the same time, our protagonist sees a black haired woman on a train and seems shocked, chasing the train briefly on his bike before running out of platform. We learn that this woman actually resembles his mother later. (which is why he was chasing her). Turns out his mother died when he was young, shortly after meeting another woman remarkably similar to her.

Our protagonists next day proceeds rather similarily. Risa and her friend joke about her doppleganger. He seems disturbed and genuinely worried by this. After school, he eventually ends up at the usual Ramen place. He calls the owner his uncle (though whether this is a term of respect, I don’t know). Suddenly, a strange girl wearing a collar turns up. Its the girl from the intro. She says she wants some Ramen. The stand owner asks if she has money, and she says, of course!

Whereupon she produces about 90 yen in various chump change. He says thats not even enough for a cup noodle, which makes her severely dissapointed. But for whatever reason, our male protagonist feels sorry for the apparently hungry homeless girl and gives her his bowl…

Which she and her strange little dog start to enjoy. The Ramen stand owner wonders whether he should treat the guy to something else, given that he’s a regular customer. But he says thats not neccessary, since his father should send some money soon. The stand owner wonders aloud about his mother. So we hear about her death following her doppleganger experience. The girl pipes in at this point, strangely knowledgable about this subject, and says that there are three people exactly like you in the world, and when you meet one, the other is immediately destined for death, as you effectively sharing the same destiny. One of the four is called the Root, and this is one which is destined to survive. She calls this phonomenon Doppleliners.

Suddenly, a strange man in a raincoat appears behind the two sitters. And…slams the girl flying about 20 feet into the concrete with a steel baseball bat smash to the head!!

The boy and the Ramen shop owner are stunned. More so when she staggers and starts to get up again. He goes to make another swing, but the boy regains his senses and tells his ‘uncle’ to call the police before charging the assailant with a stool from the Ramen stand. He connects and smashes the tall man to the ground. But, like the girl, he gets straight back up again, apparently unfazed, and blows the boy away…

This distraction has given the girl chance to recover, however. She is very pissed that the Ramen was spilt (LOL), and begins to properly fight the man.

He appears to have a slight advantage at first, smashing her face-first into a car window (OUCH!)

But he eventually leaves a opening. She doesn’t miss it.

In fact, she lands a 30 HIT! Combo on the sucker…

And here comes the smash!

Which sends the guy slamming into the chain link fence, which bends at an odd angle. He seems to feint.

The girl apologises for getting him involved and wasting half his Ramen…

She runs off to leave. He asks, ‘where are you going now?’

Her reply: “I’m off…

Yikes. Scary.

Perplexed, he heads home. Here we find out that the women who missed her train earlier was his (much older) childhood friend who takes care of him in lieu of his mother.

She finds an old photo album, and we learn he tries not to get close to people as friends often, since everyone who does in the past has seemingly died, including his elementary school mate. The TV is on in the background in the news, when a report comes up about a local accident. Dead from it is the girl Risa, from earlier (the one who saw her doppleganger)…

The next day he tries to go to school, but gets upset that Risa died, (theres flowers at her desk), and runs off. He goes to the unfinished highway again and screams for awhile. Poor chap seems cursed, huh?

Later, he sees the little girl from next door again at the crossing.

She also tells a story about seeing a girl just like her (uh oh). The light goes green for the crossing, and the girl merrily skips across. He has a sudden realisation and shouts after her. But its too late…as a speeding truck blows the poor little lass away in a spray of blood….

Cripes, alot of deaths for a first episode, huh?

He is stunned. Then he hears a familiar voice.

“Its a shame. She obviously wasn’t a Root, either…”

Its the mystery girl from the Ramen stand again…

And so the first episode draws to a close.

Well, that was awesome. Great animation and action and the unlying mystery which is interesting.

Definately has a Shana-vibe going on, but it looks sufficiently different at this stage to make it fresh.

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