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Hey everyone; apologies for my absence as of late; there has been alot less free-time available for me in general, since my hours at work recently increased alot; and I also purchased a copy of Rune Factory Frontier, which has been draining my time quite alot!

Within a couple of days I shall release a post for the new Winter 2010 Anime Season.

The draft is already started, so its just filling things in. Alot of pretty interesting stuff to look forward to.

Anyway, until then, here’s just a very brief post tonight with my two new wallpapers:

First up; its Aya Oshino. Not really a proper wall as more of a fairly quick photoshop:

As always, click the above to see it full size

Those whom have seen Bakemonogatari will probably recognise the above as Shinobu Oshino, the loli-vampire from that series. Basically, all I’ve done with these images is carefully alter their colour pallette. She was previously blonde, and is now pink haired.

The reason for this is because I recently started a new campaign for my RPG system, Aniventure, with a setting thats draws inspiration from Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria, Kagetsu Tohya, and Bakemonogatari. Most notably, the players are stuck in a Groundhog Day loop somewhat akin to the former two, and a world full of strange youkai somewhat like the latter, in an organisation that controls youkai.

Of course, they didn’t originally know this, and were told that they were in a simple high school setting, but have since figured out this is an illusion created by a Youkai, partly through aid of a strange transfer student, Aya Oshino. (whose name is mix of Aya Otonashi from ZeroMaria, and Shinobu Oshino from Bakemono, in tribute to both). This is the source of the character idea. I described her to have pink hair, and then made this to show them her looks, basically.

Anyway, they also figured out she’s a vampire, which is my reason for her breaking free of the groundhog loop and retaining her memories (though the players didn’t play them, their first gaming session was actually the 32nd loop of a certain day; and Aya has lived each one and remembered them all).

Secondly, we have my latest, a wall of Ryouko and Ryoushi from the Seven Friends of Ookami-san.

As always, click the above to see it full size

Another fairly simple job, taking these two vectors and making this, but one I rather enjoyed. I think the contrast between the cute Ryouko and determined Ryoushi is especially fun, since its sort of a reversal of their usual characters.

The Sakura patten just came pretty naturally to the equation, but it was rather difficult getting it to tile properly so it didn’t look atrocious since was not a naturally repeatable image. Theres actually about 14 tiles in there!

Thats all for now, but stay tuned.


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Yikes, I’ve been gone again for a little while, eh? I’ve been meaning to crank out a post for nearly a week, but well, it has been busy in real-life due to me starting a new job and having to get used to that.

Anyway, the big news for me recently (though I’m late on the bandwagon) is that there will shortly be a brand new TYPE MOON game being released, Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (Witch on the Holy Night):

It may not be immediately obvious, but the above is everyone’s favourite Beam Spamming, Suitcase wielding, ‘Sugoi’ Sensei, Aoko.

The game is actually therefore covering a pseudo backstory effort for Tsukihime, showing her in her magic academy (aka. Teenager) days, and specifically, it seems, showing her interactions with another pair of characters, Soichiro and Alice.

Apparently, its also before she got the blazing red hair, but given what else happens in the Nasuverse, hair colour changes due to magic seem to be fairly reasonable (see Sakura from FSN, and Akiha from Tsukihime).

Our male protagonist, Soichiro.

Though part of me, upon first hearing about an Aoko based game, wondered whether or not they would have her as a protagonist (like Rin was in the prologue of Fate), another part laughs at the silliness of such an idea since it would likely give little variety for choice in a good visual novel, eh? (If you don’t get it, this would be due the fact that a sample choice for Aoko would be: You see a door, what do you do? A) Beam Spam B) Kick the door down and Beam Spam C) Beam Spam the wall and step through the hole.)

Our other Heroine, Alice

It interests me that she appears to wearing a Burial Agency dress similar to Ciel’s in this image. Though I could be over-analysing that. All that we do know about this Alice is that she is from a long magical line, and will obviously play a big part in the story. There are some thoughts floating around that Soichiro and Alice is already a canon coupling, but since this is a game about an Aoko primarily, I doubt its quite as straight and easy as that.

And a uniformed Aoko

Though I could be wrong, Aoko’s uniform also kind of resembles Rin’s, though with sleeves rather than a waistcoat affair, and the skirt seems to be more beige than black, though this could be the lighting?

What will be most interesting, in my opinion, is that we should perhaps get to see some of the reasons for the enmity between the Aozaki sisters. Given that the Kara No Kyokai movies have now completed and we’ve seen alot of Touko’s modern day appearance, it’ll be nice to see what the background there is and what caused Aoko and Touko to come to literal blows, and also perhaps how Aoko gained the name of ‘Blue’, besides the easy colour of eyes (and lasers?) theory.

And there are of course plenty of oppertunities for Aoko to be cute, I suppose, as above.

Though we have been informed as a certainty that this game is finally non-H. Given Nasu’s hilarious writing in the porno scenes, this is probably a great choice on TYPE-MOON’s part (no really, if you’ve read the translations, you’ll never be able to view meat and mollusks in the same way again… the man seriously cannot write an erotic sentence. So much so that you end up with visual dissonance given how amazingly awesome and hot the CG by Takeuchi’s team is…)

We also know for sure that this one is a bit shorter than the epic-hueg Tsukihime and rather-huge FSN, as there are no multiple routes to speak of, just the one. But then, I guess this is to be expected, since we’re talking mainly a backstory effort that can’t really conflict with the various facts already established in Kara no Kyoukai and Tsukihime.

Anyway, for many true TYPE MOON fanatics, I suppose I’m merely regurgitating information, but oh well, its still an interesting time as we’ve not seen an actual VN from them since Fate/Hollow Ataraxia.

I mean, we’ve seen a few games in general (including many FSN spinoffs of various degrees like Fate/Extra, Fate/Unlimited Codes etc), the Fate/Zero prequel novels, and of course the fairly recent Kara no Kyoukai movies (I never got around to posting about Movies 1-3, 5 and 7, but I did definately watch them), but not actually a Visual Novel. So yeah.

Onto other matters, Comiket 78 is coming to a close, so I guess we can also expect a huge upsurge in new doujin and other stuff.

And finally, also Type Moon related, there’s also a new wallpaper for you all:

As always, click the above to see full size. (Maybe NSFW)

Yep, its everyone’s favourite scandinavian wrestling thaumaturgist, Luviagelita Edelfelt.

It started out as me trying to vector one of my favourite images of her from a calendar (original here, if you want to make comparisons), but then I realised that it wasn’t really possible to do a proper vector of her due to the, ahem, semi-transluscent nature of her nightwear. So yeah, some normal use of the line tool and photoshop layers galore were required and I imagine it isn’t truly upsizable to any resolution. Nevertheless, it looks bloody amazing if I may say so myself.

I took a few liberties in the conversion of the image, but I prefer this expression and suchlike, so yeah, I think it was a good selection.

The actual wall itself isn’t much of a work compared the five hours or so that went into the pseudo-vector, but sometimes a simple run of the fibre filter is effective too.

Anyway, that’s all for today, methinks. I might get around to a midseason anime post shortly. Stay tuned.

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Eh, actually, I think I forgot to blog the previous Kara no Kyokai, didn’t I? Yeah…oh well…

This is the sixth one in the chain and is a bit shorter than Paradox Spiral (5), being only an hour long.

As I noted before, they call these episodes, but when each one lasts 50 to 120 minutes, I think they’re more like individual movies (they were shown in Japanese cinemas anyway).

This one includes 100% more Azaka for your enjoyment, as she is paired with Shiki on an assignment in her own magic school to catch a rogue magus who has killed someone with fairies (well, more accurately, made someone to kill themselves). Of course, Shiki is sent here by Touko because apparently her Mystic Eyes of Death Perception allow her to see the fairies they are tracking, which apparently, Azaka cannot. Strangely enough, however, Azaka seems to see the fairies (and block them with her mages fire) several times in the film, so I have to wonder whether this was a serious continuity error Nasu forgot about or whether it was intentional, and Touko actually just used this as an excuse to see what would happen if Shiki and Azaka, eternal rivals for Kokutou, were paired together. This would suit her personality, I guess, but then, Azaka also misses some fairies at times, so whatever…

I’d also say this one is a bit less grusome than the prior couple. Fewer rotting corpses, slightly more lighthearted plot and all that. Though we do get an exposure to all of Azaka’s incestuous feelings toward her brother, so I guess its just a different form of poison.

What did amuse me though is that Azaka’s thought that Shiki is a rival for Kokutou’s love actually seems to be false. Shiki riles her up about it alot, but never actually seems to be bothered about it. I guess that kills all the obvious evidence for Kokutou x Shiki. I can almost hear the shippers screaming. Though the sexual tension of Strawberry Hagen-Daaz incident is still there from the first movie, I suppose.

Azaka gets to play the Kawaii card a hell of a lot here as well. But then, I guess she is the episode focus, so whatever.

I did like the Gods Word guy. That’s a fun magic concept, making anything you say become true. Saying ‘You cannot See Me!’ and suddenly, they can’t. Logromancy, I suppose. It completely foils Shiki’s usually infalliable eyes and makes her rather inneffective this episode, which is quite a rarity.

I also lol’ed that Seo, from Kagetsu Tohya, showed up. Though she may well be in the actual novels and it was actually Kagetsu that stole her from here, I don’t know…

Araya also shows up again to be deliberately creepy, witnessing a cannibalism thing at the end.

Anyway, here’s some shots:

Well, you should be!! Jeez, woman…its like Sister Princess all over again.


Wow, that looks dodgy. Azakas little speech about loving forbidden things is really true! LOL.


Prototype Rin! (in case it isn’t obvious, Azaka was the template for Rin from Fate Stay Night. Especially the delicious Tsundere aspects. She was also probably a bit of an influence on Akiha with the brother love tendancies.)


Nothing. Nothing at all. As a side note, do you prefer ‘Shiki-sama no Miteru’ or ‘Maria-sama no Kyoukai’? This episode certainly seems to steer in that direction from time to time, ROFL.


For some reason, I noticed that Azaka crashing onto her bed was really well animated. There was bounceback and flailing of limbs and all that, as there should be. Most animated sequences of this regard seem to percieve beds as being made of concrete.


Gwaaaahhhhh! Definately an Akiha vibe going on there, with the vermillion hair as she pours mage fire everywhere.


And suddenly, Kawaii!


This guy just ate somebody (no really!).

Hmm, well that was a fun episode. I look forward to more Kara no Kyokai, as always.

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Engrish is great. Or something like that.

In any case, I’ve hardly had much time for blogging in the last few days since I’ve been hard at work on the 5th Edition of my Anime Roleplaying system, Aniventure. As you might guess, the older edition was lost on the hard drive death. Fortunately, not all of it was lost, however, and instead of having to rewrite everything from scratch, I at least had some stuff remaining.

It now works off a brand new dice system entirely of my own creation; which I call the ‘Stacks’ system. It uses competing D10 clashes to resolve situations and looks to be quite interesting even at this early stage of playtesting. It also works harmoniously together with percentiles when those are needed; and completely suits the craziness of anime based combat. Building mechanics around it is a pretty interesting process.

In time, I’ll probably actually update the Aniventure page on this blog with the new material; and possibly put up web-samples for use, though further testing of the material means that it might be a while yet before this is realised.

In other news, I also made a new wallpaper to share with you all:


I always wanted to do a Satsuki wallpaper; but never actually ever seemed to get around to it…until just now. She always had my support as Tsukihime’s ‘forgotten heroine’, though its plausible she’ll make her way into the remake (when it comes around) at bequest of the fans.

In this case, her right hand bloodlust version got alot of subtle edits. I’m particularily pleased with the glowing eyes.

I guess its ‘another vampire, another blood moon’ scenario from my perspective, but oh well, its still pretty cool. As always, click the picture to get the full sized wallpaper.

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Well, the title is fairly self-explainitory, but I figured I didn’t actually ever do a post for Battle Moon Wars, and I should.

In case you’re wondering, Battle Moon Wars is a fabulous parody of Super Robot Wars games and also a fanservice game for TYPE MOON nutcases (like myself) at the same time. Since, hey, we get to see all of our favourite TYPE MOON characters fighting together on the same team with all their awesome unique abilities versus all of the villians. It is also translated most excellently by Aroduc of Tenka Seiha.

Previously, before my hard drive death, I had completed all of Act 3 on both the REAL and SUPER routes, and had started Act 4 on the REAL route, so, as you might imagine, I was initially a bit lethargic about starting from scratch once more. However, fate conspired to re-kindle my interest since Werk (the makers) chose just now, recently, to release a so-called “Perfect Edition” with alot of the older graphics replaced with newer versions, a couple of bonus things, making sure the old plotholes were fixed and suchlike. Actually, despite the title, this is more like the actual proper release version, since originally the game started as Act I, and extra acts were pretty much just bolted onto it as Werk created them. So, really, they just normalised the quality so its better throughout rather than showing an obvious increase over time.

Anyway, I just cleared Act 1 again with the Takumi (SUPER) route. The most obvious changes so far are Takumi and Haruna (the main characters) having a total face-lift. Takumi’s prototype Futsuno no longer looks like a metal boat oar, but shows much better similarity to the Mk II version he gets later in the plot during his Power-Up. His portrait also looks better, as you can see below:

Rupture Strike is now actually a pretty damn cool attack!

Yup, his enormous sword, Futsuno, actually looks vaguely like a sword now.

But, as well as that, all of the characters have had a general graphical clean-up done….


Baseball Rin is no longer strangely pixellated when throwing her gemstones.


I’m also pretty sure Saber using Excalibur got a massive clean-up as well.


Yup, pretty sure.


I also never remember seeing School Seifuku or Lingerie Ren/Len when she uses her Sweet Dreams Attack. Although I’ve heard those have been there before, but its just that they hardly ever showed up. So evidently, they at least fixed the random number generator that picks which Sweet Dream you get in this version. I always got the pyjama & meganekko one or the swimsuity one in the older versions.


Not sure if the maps got a face-lift, though I don’t actually remember this one from before (then again, the first time I played the Takumi route was a heck of a while ago…I may have just forgotten it…)

Anyway, if you’ve been hesistating getting this before, now’s the time to get into it, since this version is out. It IS obviously meant for the TYPE-MOON nutter, and assumes you’ve played Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya, Melty Blood, Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, as well as seen some Kara no Kyoukai. Although you don’t in any way need to have played all of that (I haven’t played F/HA, actually) or even any of them, it does offer some pretty immense spoilers!

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Well, as I’m sure you’ve all realised by now, I’m quite the TYPE-MOON fan, so I was looking forward to seeing some more Kara no Kyoukai animated.

In case you’re not aware, Kara no Kyokai was a set of novels written by Kinoko Nasu before he went on to co-create TYPE MOON and write Tsukihime, and eventually Fate/Stay Night. Tsukihime is, in fact, a heavily modified version of Kara no Kyokai’s story, and this work forms a prototype for alot of what happens in the Nasu-verse.

It also stars the original female version of Shiki, Ryogi Shiki, upon whom the male Tohno Shiki of Tsukihime is based. She too has the Mystic eyes of Death Perception, and generally shows greater control over them than her male counterpart (though that probably has something to do with the fact that male Shiki gets Mystic Eye Inhibitor glasses from Aoko, where Ryogi Shiki has no such luck).

This episode/movie (they are technically 50 minute episodes, but were originally shown in Cinemas, so I consider them to be short movies) is technically the fourth in the series, but chronologically is actually the second, showing how Shiki obtained her Mystic Eyes after the car accident and coma of two years. My Synopsis of this will be fairly brief, or else I’ll be here all day!


Technically, I believe this follows after episode 2. (That episode is actually the first one in the chronology, and shows Shiki struggling with her dual personality disorder and getting irritated after meeting Kokutou the first time and finding that he is the only one to show interest in her)


Death is bleak in the Nasuverse. No pretty angels for you, no siree…


As she wakes up, she immediately gets her first manifestation of the Mystic Eyes; which is of course a pretty horrifying experience, seeing the lines and points of death everywhere. She touches the lines she can see on the roses Kokutou has left her, and they immediately wilt away. She then passes out.

As a nurse arrives, she is shocked Shiki has awoken. Apparently she’s been out for two years.


Whew, these lines of death are scarier than the Tsukihime ones.

Shiki struggles for a little while, then immediately tries to put out her eyes.

The doctors put it down to confusion. And they call in a speech therapist, since she cannot seem to talk. (though in truth, she’s just too scared to do so.)


Touko happens to blag her way in as the speech therapist, however, probably with some Mystic eyes of her own, if I remember rightly. (hers are just ones of suggestion gained from using magic, though).


Hmm…thats troublesome, huh…

We also learn that Shiki’s mysterious eyes are likely to attract the evil spirits of the hospital; and that whilst in her coma, she has become ‘lonely’ because she has lost her alternate personality.


Kokutou starts doing a rendition of ‘Singing in the Rain’ for some reason. That manniquin of Shiki on the right is pretty creepy. At least I believe its supposed to be her… (but then, its expected to be there, since Touko is considered to be the dollmistress)


Shiki is attacked in the night by the evil spirits possessing a body. She struggles with whether or not to fight back or whether to just die quietly, but eventually decides on the former, leaping out of a 4th floor window, throwing the zombie into the electrical generator, and landing like a cat. Apparently, two years under hasn’t diminished her martial capacity.


Touko is there again, waiting in the rain. She says she didn’t expect this to happen; and uses her cigarette as a wand to cast a gout of green fire at the zombie.

However, being a zombie, (one of the ‘Dead’ to use the Nasuverse term) it doesn’t much care. It can’t be killed, since it is already dead.


Not that this matters to the Shiki. She finally realises some modicum of control for her power. And as we all know, the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception can even kill the dead, for they focus on destroying the very concept and existence of an object/being.


The zombie is annihilated, but the spirit possesses Shiki herself, making her turn the knife against herself.

However, in stabbing herself, she percieves the death of the wicked spirit inhabiting her, and kills it instead.


Kokutou finally visits again to help her leave the hospital. And the episode ends there.


And in the next episode preview, we see Proto-Shirou!!

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Like I said before, it seems like quite a few individuals were searcing my blog for something of this description. (as in, my evaluations of the other routes of FSN). Obviously, however, this didn’t exist, so here I am, rectifying that.

There will be BIG BAD SPOILERS HERE. If you want to appreciate FSN by yourself, skip by this post!!!

Unlimited Blade Works

aka. The Rin Route

  • This all starts when you choose not to let Saber slash Archer in the third day. You even waste a command seal over the affair! This isn’t possible if you haven’t already cleared the True End of the Fate route, by and the by.
  • It has a pretty GAR Shirou (not as manly as the one in Heavens Feel, mind you). He kinda loses some points for his obsession about being a Superhero. Which is REALLY in full force here. However, he does drop most of his chauvanism that is present in the Fate route.
  • He is, however, a disgustingly good fighter. He becomes entranced by Archer’s fighting style and his usage of Kanshou and Byakuya; the twin chinese swords. He learns to summon these blades early on this route.
  • The big highlight, for me, in this route, is seeing Shirou and Rin team up to fight Soichiro and Caster. This fight is epic amazing. So much so, that they ended up including this part of the UBW route into the Fate/Stay Night Anime, despite the fact such a fight never occurs in the Fate route (which the anime mostly follows).
  • The prelude to this is going to try to team up with Ilya, but finding her dead and having to team up with Lancer instead. Lancer (Cu Culainne, the hero of Irish Myth) is a REALLY nice guy in this route, and has a pretty soft spot for Rin. Whilst Rin and Shirou scrap with Caster and Soichiro, Lancer and Archer have a second fight; unleashing most of their powers in the process. This has the insane scene of the Gae Bolg vs. Rho Aius. As in, the Lance which always strikes vs. the Shield which always deflects. Talk about dividing by zero!
  • In the meantime, Shirou uses projection to fight with (and distract) Soichiro and his uber-martial arts; pulling the pressure off Rin; and allowing her to have a Magic Battle with Caster (!). Naturally, Rin is somewhat disadvantaged here; having to burn a gem just to block each of Caster’s attacks. But, she has a trump card: chinese martial arts! Caster (The tragic sorceress Medea, from Greek Myth) might have a slight edge in magic power; but hasn’t the smidgen of martial training. So, Rin gets to beat the crap out of her after closing to melee distance!
  • And, as I mentioned before, it all ends with Shirou taking on Gilgamesh, king of heroes…and winning, after he finally figures out the secret to using Unlimited Blade Works. You have all the artifacts of the world? I have them too, bitch! Nothing says a copy can’t beat an original. And so WTFPWN occurs.
  • Rin is obviously classic Tsundere in this route. Though thats not neccessarily a bad thing; I find it to be super-cute. (Yeah, Rin is still my favourite girl from FSN~ She always manages to have a great part in all the routes) And both endings are enjoyable (though the good ending is a bit ‘WTF, lol, you pimp Shirou’).


aka. The Saber Route

  • This is the original story. And also the source of Shirou’s classic line ‘People die when they are killed’.* (O RLY, you don’t say? ROFL) In the other routes, Shirou always manages to lose Saber’s service somehow (She becomes Rin’s servant instead in the Unlimited Blade Works; and becomes evil Dark Saber in Heavens Feel). Its also what the anime is (mostly) based upon.
  • Ilya gets to be slightly spooky and evil in this route (rather than fairly cute as she is in Heavens Feel), with all those ‘I’ve come to kill you, Onii-chan…’ moments. And you can get loads of Bad Ends with her too here, LOL. The Taiga workshops following these bad ends are pretty funny too…
  • It has the classic Saber vs. Beserker fights, the first of which where the street ends up looking like its been through a mincer, and the second where Caliburn gets summoned by Shirou and he is destroyed. (But not without some help from Archer taking 5 of his lives and Rin chopping off another 2 or 3 with a concentrated gemstone blast).
  • Obviously, in case it wasn’t obvious with Caliburn; this is main route where we learn of Saber’s history as our great legendary king of England, Arthur. Though all the legends imply King Arthur was a man; Nasu obviously screwed with this. Not that we really care. Arthuria sounds cool anyway.
  • Gilgamesh ends up being the final boss here too; much like it was implied that he was in the scenario of Fate/Zero. Only, of course, its Saber fighting him rather than Shirou in UBW. (and, technically, Sakura in HF, though he eventually gets pwned pretty easy there).
  • Shirou is at his worst here, as many have pointed out. He’s a chauvanistic, hardheaded prat, to put it fairly nicely. He also happens to be practically invicible, since his has Avalon, sheath of Excalibur, implanted inside of him.
  • Saber is pretty cute. She has troubles expressing herself as a girl; and I suspect if Shirou HADN’T have been so concious of her femininity, he probably wouldn’t have fazed her. So its all okay at the end of the day. Obviously, this route has only one end, the True one, which is a little sad, but actually pretty nice.

*= Actually, I always thought this might’ve been a subtle reference to Tsukihime, with the whole thing about Arcruid not dying when Shiki kills her. (since she has her epic regeneration)

Heavens Feel

aka. The Sakura route

Yeah; this is a reprint, with stuff, like, added…

  • This starts if you build up Sakura love-points starting at the first day, and escort her home in time to see her grandfather. It can only occur if you’ve already got the True end or the Good end from Unlimited Blade Works.
  • Shirou is even more GAR in this route. The Heavens Feel version accepts a broken woman, gives her reason to live, discards his own ideals for her, and even manages to project both Berserkers Sword and even (in the normal end) Excalibur itself.
  • Ilya does indeed get quite a big role in this route. And we properly learn about Kiritsugu, and the Einzbern’s millenia long quest to create the Holy Grail. (though I had already got some of this when I read the online translation of Fate/Zero, its nice to see it backed up by the core material)
  • Kotomine is a much more three dimensional character in this route too. I really sympathised with him. He has a hilarious curry scene, and he also gets to use the Black Keys like Ciel from Tsukihime, which is pretty awesome.
  • Rider, also, gets to be awesome here. And this is only route that actually reveals her true identity as Medusa with her eyes of petrification. She gets to throw Assassin around like some kind of Shot-Putt, which is hilarious.
  • Shockingly, Gilgamesh dies really easily here too. Not to mention poor Lancer being skewered by Zabanaya.
  • This route also has True Assassin in it. As in the one based on the Hassan, the original assassins, rather than the wielder of the Monohoshizhao.
  • And yeah, I want my own Zeltretch jewelblade after seeing a certain scene… “You may have inexhaustable power, but I have limitless power!” Wow…Rin, you’re awesome…beating the power of the holy grail with the power of the infinite dimensions…just yikes…
  • Sakura is scary and adorable in equal measure, and possessed of the most epic amount of willpower you could ever imagine. She’s also disturbingly horny. Her Normal End is really, really depressing, but her True end is of course generally accepted as being the canon ending (and the one Fate Hollow Ataraxia follows from).


Yeah, so go and buy it! Its an absolutely awesome game, and deserves it!
And go over to mirror moon and give them many thanks for translating this awesomeness.

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