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Well, the spring season is pretty much out of the gate now. My Guaranteed watches have stayed guaranteed (which is funny, since I originally put Nyaruko there as a joke, but it’s actually probably the second best show of the season, much as predicted). Fate/Zero is looking as resplendant as ever, of course, though they changed Gil’s roflcopter into a space glider. Oh well.

As for the rest, well, Zombie Season II is typically making my eyes roll; since they’ve ignored any plot potential so far and are instead re-running their greatest hits. Which is sad to watch; really. Sure, it’s had a few chuckles, but its not original.

Acchi Kochi is… okay. Its actually a 4koma type thing, not a romance (although Io and Tsumiki are always lovey dovey and denying their feelings); and its got a couple of giggles out of me, I guess.

Shining Hearts takes its bread seriously. No really. Serious FUCKING BUSINESS. And besides that, I don’t think the show knows what to do with itself. They haven’t even made the main guys amnesia interesting so far. His harem seems awfully generic. Elves are cardboard cutouts. Only funny because I keep making stupid jokes about buns in the oven.

Kuromajo is indeed a kids show. I’d like to think otherwise, but nah, it is. Weird given its air time. Also, it spends the entire episode setting up its punchlines. Even if they’re half-size episodes thats not really gonna wash.

Accel World was never a great novel, in my opinion, and it feels similarly meh onscreen since they’re keeping things accurate. The author did a far better job with Sword Art Online; which I’ve heard is actually coming out next season. That might be worth the watch, but here? Not so much.

Sengoku Collection is an episodic tin of meh. Nobunaga is not funny, and clearly they’re doing some cliches each week with each of the ancient Japanese warlords making their way to Modern Japan. Its not even silly like Momo-Iro-Paradox.

Hyouka is not out until the 23rd, so we shall see about that.

Anyway, have some Arshes Elucianne Fafnir:

As always, click to see full sized

This lady is the latest addition to the D&D party; an ancient vampire girl from the history of Fafnir. She’s a master hexer and also an invoker of Simic. She was locked away for 80 years; and as a result, is still mostly clad in the old fashions (of giant ballgowns). She’s also the master of the Spectreshard, Ector and loves trolling people with undead summons.

As a slight D&D Note, its plausible I may eventually release my 4th Ed setting for general consumption, since I actually started crafting a Gazetteer for the world recently. Don’t hold your breath at the moment, mind.

As another side note, Aniventure Shimaihen is actually also progressing well for the first time in awhile. A fair bit has been done. Although a recent weird incident with one of my fonts suddenly having a casing spazz (which itself may well be related to me switching my system over to full Japanese mode rather than using Applocale all the time) may cause a slowdown as I search for a freely usable alternative.

Anyway, that’s all for now, keep it real.


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Again, I’ll be using the quicker format for now with my opinions attached. As noted before, I’m aware that full text previews are boring, but it takes 5+ hours for me to do fully picturised, tabled HTML happy preview posts, and frankly it achieves little more. Anyway, as before, click the link to be wisked off the Anime Database entry and see pretty pictures.

Guaranteed Watches:

Fate/Zero, Part II: Well, obviously. I was impressed at how well the first part kept to the novels, and in fact improved them with a few minor but well selected tweaks. UFOTable has kept the magic they applied to Kara no Kyoukai, and though everyone was dissapointed about having to wait a season for this continuation, it was in my thought better for them to do it right again than rush out the second part (which is pretty awesome in the novels!!).

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san: A boy is attacked by mind melting alien horrors. A dark god in the form of a young girl comes to his aid. And… !!! oh my god they didn’t just turn an Elder One moe, did they? Surely not!? Holy shit they did. High Scroll romantic battle comedy, meet Cthulu, you’ll get along just swimmingly! I really want to head-desk right now. Nevertheless, this is such a ridiculous concept it just might work, but irregardless it’ll probably make you lose 2D6 sanity points. Therefore, you have to watch it.

“Happy ♪ chaos, is due! Nyarlathotep is crawling next to you! Always smiling!”

Okay, so I lied about no pictures. But this stuff from the official promotional material is utterly priceless.

Cautiously Optimistic About:

Kuromajo-san ga Touru: Hmm, I can’t decide whether this is a kids show or not. However, the early morning showing suggests not. Apparently a girl obsessed with occult junk (but can’t cast a spell to save her life) accidently summons a real magic user. Hijinks of her bugging him/her/it (hard to tell with the robe~ Spider senses say male, but the trap alarm is blaring) for real magic lessons ensue.

Shining Hearts: The Bread of Happiness: All together now! (FACEPALM) at the title, please. Moreover, its based on a PSP RPG animated by Tony Taka of all people. You can guarantee, however, that his usual extreme art-quality, as always, does not transmute into anime (like in Shining Tears x Wind) because he can only do stills at that quality. But its got bread, amnesia, and pirates in it, so it can’t be terrible, right?

Acchi Kochi: The Tohno gland strikes again. A clone of Shiki is wrecking havoc in an alternate world, making a clone of Konata from lucky star into a tsundere for him and… (wait what?). Erm, actually this is a generic romance; but its very clear they’ve been stealing character designs, adding huge antennae, and calling it a day. The prospect of Romance done right is the only thing keeping my cautiously optimistic. Since the writer was involved in Astarotte (which had a distinct lack of morals but was actually quite sweet),  it could be ok.

Is this a zombie? Of the dead?: I don’t normally cover sequels in previews, but I needed to pad this area. Go figure. Anyway, Korewa Zombie is back. It was a great show for the first half. And then it just… wasn’t, for most of the second half. Its like their writer and director suddenly realised their fringe brilliance and felt the need to tone it down. Hopefully, the new season will forget that the second half of the first season ever existed (except Eu speaking to kill things, because that was actually awesome).

May possibly look into:

Accel World: Well, I read the first novel of this. It’s… weird… In 2046, a few elite have access to celerity of thought and action, allowing them to speak and react at stupendous rates. The price? You have to fight and win in real-life beat-em-ups with your powered up alter-ego. No really. Also, the main character is a fat chibi that somehow gains the attention of the school princess. (le sigh)

Sengoku Collection: The spiritual sequel to Oda Nobunaga’s Quest for Clothes. I can’t even remember the proper title of the show. The one based on pachinko. Momo-Iro-Paradox, that’s the one (I had to look it up). This time, is based on a game from a Japanese facebook. Joy. Famous japanese warlords thrown into the gender bender machine come into the modern day. Hilarity ensues.

Hyouka: Literature club, detective mystery, and wait… what… the writer of Full Metal Panic? Animated by KyoAni. Huh? What a wacky collection of resources. Don’t tell they’re going to try and duct-tape them to… of course they are… this season is just going to be like that, isn’t it?

No, Just NO!

Sanka Rea: Fact= Zombie girlfriends are cold in bed. Studio DEEN is involved. Avoid like the flesheating plague.
Medaka Box: Student Council. Shounen Jump source. Gainax have lost their way lately. Skip it.
Nazo no Kanojo X: Eating a girls bodily fluids for psychic connection? What the fuck is wrong with you, man?

The above titles should be, at best, touched with an eleven foot pole. Of course, your mileage may vary. But if it varies this low, I question your ability to appreciate entertainment.

Mm, yeah I think that’s about it, at least in terms of things worth mentioning. There is more, but everything else screams generic, and my senses are usually right with identifying the chaff (not always, though).

This season has alot in common with rooftop nabe. Lets throw things into a boiling pot of miso and cream and see what happens. You know, that kind of thing. Also, please don’t take my recommendation of Haiyore seriously. It’s a plot from the Elder Gods to get you to watch it. Of course, the fact that the blasphemy could turn out well is what makes it all the more puzzling. Besides Fate/Zero, and carrying on with watching Bodacious Space Pirates, I really don’t see alot of amazing. Which is odd, since last spring’s season was full of resplendant potential. Funny how things change year to year, isn’t it?

Anyway, keep it clean, people, and cya soon.

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So, lets try something new. I’m gonna post each show I watched with a few snarky comments. This post will probably be updated as my opinions change; and my watch list alters.

Infinite Stratos

See, now this is just a case of bad planning, if you ask me:

Okay, so power armour can only be operated by girls initially, but are you really telling me they didn’t even have a contingency plan just in case a guy came along? Well, at least in this case his passive Magnetism is warranted, I guess. Maybe it even gives an excuse for Houki’s nearly painful case of Tsundereisms.

I completely don’t buy that these suits are only going to be used for sporting competitions, by the way. Oh, and Cecelia is a disgrace to Great Britain. The worst part is that I’ve actually known rich girls just like that.

A decent enough first episode, and the male lead has perhaps the biggest spine of all male leads this season so far.

Ep II Edit: Though Houki’s Tsun was turned up to 11 this week, its still proving to be entertaining; and I’m still liking the male lead. Though the fact that Cecelia gets wet after he does a speech about protecting his family name is more dubious than hilarious. Talk about love at first berserker charge.

Ep III Edit: Hmm… double the tsunderes first, then double the childhood friends. What crazy hell IS this? Ichika still gains points for holding onto his composure amidst so many harem oppertunities, though. It feels almost like Samurai girls with its continual additions to the harem, but as long as they go somewhere with this, I suppose ’tis okay.

Madoka Magica

Unlimited Matchlock Rifle Works!

Thanks for that, Shinbou. Really.

He really had fun regurgitating some weird trash in the dream sequences, which WERE very entertaining (if somehow reminiscient of the bizarre Bakemonogatari OP sequences with their giant scissors).

However, this barely covers the fact that this was as generic as generic magical girl show openings could get. Girl rescues Cute Sidekick, tries to convince villaingirl of love and justice, etc. The main point of interest was in fact the futuristic setting, if you ask me. Classrooms that are clinical white cages? Hmm…

Still, as an entree course, we can assume (or pray) that this can only go upwards.

Ep II Edit: After Episode II, This has gone up, as I’d hoped it would. Mami really does have a true Gate of Babylon for firearms; and the shows ability to both have a degree of depth and a set of thought provoking scenes is a great rarity in a magical girl show. And the dream sequences continue to be real high octane nightmare fuel. I think this has guaranteed itself a slot.

Ep III Edit: Wow, just wow. I thought this couldn’t get much better, but this episode still took me completely off guard. Kyubei racks up a significant amount of Renegade Points this episode, which makes one seriously question his motivations for making magical girls. It also seems possible that ‘Ressurection’ will become Madoka’s wish after a certain shocking event.

Yumekui Merry

Fear me, for I am John Doe given form!

Unfortunately, he fails to realise that he is part of the fiction.

Part of me really wants to like Merry, I really do, especially the bipedal cats, which always amuse me. However, this was both generic like Madoka but also lacking in direction and style to make up for it. Merry is basically wandering around the first episode for lolz; and briefly tries (and fails) an Al Azif introduction with a pantsu smash.

Ep II Edit: The show has also actually not been helped by its second episode, which involved angst and teleporting doughnuts. I can’t bring myself to care about a fairy dude we know nothing about when they pull an oh noes hes killed by a giant beartrap.

I’m still giving the benefit of the doubt for a short time, but this won’t last, I’d imagine.


By the power vested in torn clothing, I call upon thee! Navel Smash!

Hmm, why is it that these girls are trained at ‘The Academy for the inducement of post traumatic stress disorder’? Shouldn’t they be, like, learning tactics and teamplay against the aliens, rather than causing brutal injuries to one another?

I’m fairly surprised by how bloody this was. Limbs were falling off left, right and centre. Didn’t cover for the fairly clumsy execution, mind you. And our protagonist has immediately entered water-flea territory when his main action in the show is to squeel like a little girl, hallucinate about his sister, and glomp girls in inappropriate ways.

And don’t get me started on some of the stupid weapons. I’m only even giving this a chance because it was written by the Kurokami writer, but its time is numbered at the moment.

Ep II Edit: Humnmm, well, this went up to mediocre from atrocious, I suppose. Mainly due to the fact that Ganessa’s insanity was entertaining and I’m a sucker for anything that induces silvery-white hair on girls. At least Aoi improves very marginally this episode, though he’s still in Water Flea territory. I don’t ever really like the excuse of ‘OMG! This is the only guy that doesn’t set my androphobia!?’ being used to pair the male and female lead though.


C’est ne pas une pipe.

Well the opener was a really dissappointing Mystery, but lets face it, this is a show that is tailor made to allow Victorique to be cute. Our male protagonist is variable and mostly seems to spend his time as the running man/doormat for our resident gothaloli; very much being the Watson to the Holmes; although he does at least have the resolve to resist her at times (like with the luggage). Mr Drill hair is a bit fabulous and is currently stealing his limelight.

Still, as an opener, I’ve seen worse. If they do really get some good writing in for the subsequent mysteries, and continue to focus on Victorique cuteness, I imagine this can only go upwards.

Edit: It also suddenly occurs to me that if you say Gosick with a japanese inflection, i.e. ‘Go-see-ko‘, it sounds more like ‘Gothic‘; which actually makes alot more sense as a title than some implication of illness causing you to miss a day of work. Ah the wonders of deciphering Engrish. 😀

Ep II Edit: Less exposition this week; and they have indeed started to delve into classic mystery horror territory this week on the ship, with dark rooms, a hopelessly inescapable situation, easily killed off mooks, and tricks of the eye that are easily rebunked by Victorique’s intellect. Kujo also mans up even more, which is good, even if its in a chauvanist way (but then, this is set in the 20’s, so its not only expected but positive in the context). The cuteness is more subtle this week (like with the handholding), but its still there and I like it.

Ep III Edit: Well, the wrap up seemed a little too neat for this pair of episodes, but the continued progress is still proceeding at a good pace. Finding out about Victorique’s relation to Mr Drill Hair actually makes a fair bit of sense; and the divination with hares being explained was weird but interesting. Still a decent show.

Dragon Crisis


This screencap cannot express the sheer seduction she managed to put into that “Ryuuji”. If there was ever a voice acting role MADE for Rie, Rose is IT. Only she could ever get away with ten minutes of literal one-word vocabulary and still make it awesumcute by piling on the dere in spades.

And in terms of direction, this show comes out on top; as despite her lack of glibness, Rose actually feels like she is learning all the time, which is nicely done. Although the action was mediocre, it really feels like its going somewhere, unlike alot of stuff this season. And then there was the preview, which made me burst out laughing:

“Watashi wa Rose! Suki da na Ryuji! Suki! Suki! Ryuji Suki! Suki, suki! Ryuji, Ryuji! Ryuji Suki!”

Possibly my top show out of the initial selection, assuming you can take the blinding radioactive blonde hair.

Ep II Edit: Ouch… ouch… ouch… okay… Ryuji’s spine was promptly evacuated this week. I mean, he wasn’t great before; but… seriously. Un-needed angst due to mother issues that he threw at Rose for no reason. Not cool. He had at least 3 opportunities after that to redeem himself; and failed to take the biscuit each time; whilst Rose just heroically sacrifices herself and shames him in the process. Why mention him being a ‘Level 10’ if he doesn’t ever use it? Urk, painful. Perverted Extreme Scientist A shows up as if we hadn’t seen that before. At least Black Dragon douchebag gets things done; so far that makes him a far more likable character. I assume they’re doing a set up for his redemption, though the setup is poor. If they don’t, the show will go up in flames as magnificently as it started, which will be sad, since the first episode was greatly entertaining.

Ep III Edit: Fortunately, Ryuji realised he was taking a stukka dive into Water flea territory and managed to pull up just in time. It was a close one; though. Rose got to say Suki again alot, and grew some huge wings that helped with her glomping prowess. Onyx was defeated by a sudden Kurokami contract that gave Ryuji access to St Elmos fire to attach to his dragonfang sword; and he stayed good the rest of the episode. But whats odd is that they’ve pretty much entirely resolved the initial plotline. Eriko got her earring, Ryuji got his sword and dragongirl, Scientist A got some pictures of the wedding (don’t ask). And next week is a sudden beach episode. What?

Level E

He glows and heals kittens and uses puppets and everything!

No really, he actually does all of that this episode.

This is actually deadpan comedy in disguise; very rare in an anime, and possibly worthwhile just due to that. The other male lead spends a little too much time shouting and talking about baseball, but so far its been a fairly bemusing ride.

Sometimes the punchlines feel a bit awkward, but its not bad. I guess what is most interesting is that they have adapted to the source material in using a very pretty adaptation of a very 90’s anime style.

I’m not sold yet, but its got my attention.

Ep II Edit: This still feels like its in a rush to get somewhere or that they’re spreading the original material thin, since the punchlines still seem awkward and hung onto. Keeping the pet as a cliffhanger last week was odd; and there is now someone else for the protagonist to shout at, with the bodyguard being introduced. Although, at least the girl was immediately made relevant, rather than them creeping around her role. Still not entirely certain about this… we shall see…

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?

This show is sponsored by the letter X and the percentage 120:

Magical girls with chainsaws that like to wear curtains, giant anthropomorphic lobsters that want to butt-rape the main character, many revelations of ‘by the way, I’m dead, ROFL’, necromancer girls that sleep and sip tea, and lets not forget: a guy having a transformation sequence and wearing panties as he performs a ‘Mysteltein Kick!’, which is actually not a kick but a chainsaw vivisection move.

Err… yeah…anyway… this is where I’m supposed to carefully back away and shake my head, but much like the voyeurism inherent in watching a carcrash, you can’t help but look.

I think that perfectly sums up this show. Though I may watch it, I don’t think I’d like to admit it either way.

Ep II Edit: At least the stupidity was more restrained this episode, which actually helps, I think, as I don’t think I would have been able to take the intensity of the first episode for a second time. Not entirely sure how he is considered to have won that duel with the vampire ninja, but at least it was pretty creative (he uses his own arm as a boomerang!). And bizarrely, Euu is probably the character with by far the most development so far, despite the fact she has never said a word.


Excuse me, I seem to have fallen out of a game of Ragnarok Online:

If you call nuns temple maidens, then sure.

This is actually a Ghibli anime in disguise. Panning shots of oceans and serene fields montaged with unusual flying devices? Check. Unusual creatures not really noticed as odd by the protagonist? Check. Slow but devilishly inevitable pacing? Check.

The main protagonist, Klein, likes collecting 21st century junk and carries ancient technology like an iPod. The girl, Phryne, has no moral quandries, and is a flighty as they come. Oh, and Team Rocket shows up. Well, if Jesse and James turned into FBI agents and Meowth into a Loli, anyway. The behaviour and results (blasting off) is the same.

I really don’t know what to say so far about this; it feels more like a teaser so far. I guess we shall see.

Ep II Edit: Well, Nessa is GENKI! to the max; and being a very complex data avatar, pretty much teleports around as she likes. Though I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed her hair was purple in the promotional material, but has gone red now (huh?). I guess she is trying to communicate with Klein that his world is just better without the system, which makes people into aimless wanderers and sots that don’t even like to live in homes with their families any more.

Ep III Edit: Well, this started carefree and lulwut,  somewhere turned serious, and then dark, all in the course of this episode, as it becomes evident that there are people trying to live as they once did, and they are considered terrorists, when in fact they are mainly fighting against mass brainwashing by the ‘temple’ of a technological world. This is very much like the situation of Fritz Leibers novel ‘Gather, Darkness!’, just with enforced laziness and pacifism rather than brutal conditions. In other words, a different means of control.

Well, thats it for now, hope you found this post entertaining.

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This is for early 2011; If you want the newest Anime Season that will be starting in APRIL 2011, CLICK THIS LINK!

Hey all, its that time again, as promised, for the early look at what we’ve got coming up this season.

Starting with this one, I’ll ditch the somewhat marginally confusing seasonal identifier, and just state which months we’re covering. Previously, this post would have been known as Winter/Spring 2011, for example.

Anyway, I’ve identified 14 shows that meet the usual criteria this time, so without further ado, let’s leap straight into frying pan, shall we?

Rio: Rainbow Gate

Okay, this made me immediately go ‘wut?’, as my first reading of some of the previews suggested it might have been an anime about Japan’s favourite gambling pastime, Pachinko. In fact, it seems that the story is merely inspired by some of the artwork on one of those machines.

This is about the dealer at a famous (if fictional) Howard Resort casino, Rio Rollins (her entire name reeks of gambling, eh?). However, there are some Yu-gi-Oh! type foundations here, as she is actually searching for a set of legendary cards called Gates. Which, if my spider senses are correct, are probably of the summoning variety. The person to gather all (13?) of these cards gains a special title.

The previews suggest it might be laden with fanservice, and possibly battle maids. And perhaps a perverse loli. The fact that there is a suspicious number of cards that convieniently match a standard seasons number of episodes (i.e. 13) also makes me think its going to be monster of the week. So, overall, I’m rather wary about it.

Anticipation: I’d put my money on Red 4 over 10 Black anyday.

Kimi no Todoke 2

Yes, I’m breaking my criteria again by including a sequel, but quiet you. This immediately had me out in fanboyish squeeing, since I absolutely loved the first season of Kimi no Todoke. It was so warm and fuzzy and delightful, even when there was angst.

Its about Sawako Kuronuma, whom has the unfortunate blessing of looking exactly like Sadako from the Ring. Terrifyingly so. As a result, she was a lonely girl shunned by most of the class. At least, until popular and kind Kazehaya Shouta steps into the picture. This season is the continuation of their romance.

Since I’m a romance junkie, this probably my only guaranteed watch for this season. I’m glad its come along since Amagami has finally finished and I’m always in need of good Fuzzy Feeling Fix.

Anticipation: 10 tonnes of KAWAII!

Infinite Stratos

I also don’t normally analyse obvious Mecha shows, but for some reason, this vaguely reminded me of Stratos 4 and Vandread; so I gave it a look. The initial description is kind of rife with cliche, though. It is about the namesake of the title, which are exoskeletons that sort of resemble samurai armour. Unfortunately for the guys, only women are able to operate Infinite Stratos… with very few exceptions.

As you might imagine, our male protagonist, Ichika, is an exception, a (cough) orphan raised by a famous pilot. When his compatibility is found at 15, he’s gets a scholarship. Which means this is a harem mecha show.

I guess, as usual, we’re going to be analysing whether or not Ichika has a spine, and whether the actual combat and plot are any good. I’m not exactly holding my breath, but since this could be alright, I’m interested.

Anticipation: 7 dancing mecha, 3 stupid perverts

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magicka

What’s this, a magical girl show? You bet. Again, normally this might not meet the criteria and I’d pass it off as a kids show; but… its directed by Akiyuki Shinbou! And since the last magical girl series he directed was indeed Nanoha… you’ve got my attention (even if he hadn’t have made other brilliance like Bakemonogatari under his belt).

There is therefore no way that this is just a magical girl show. If that wasn’t enough, Urubochi Gen is the writer (that guy who wrote the Fate\Zero novels!!). So yeah… my only reservation is that they obviously have the Hidamari Sketch character designer, but I might forgive that, if the others pull that up.

Basically nothing is known of the plot besides the usual magical girl faire. Normal middle schooler has strange encounter with cute sidekick, and the magic hits the fan. Chaos ensues.

Anticipation: 9 Divine Busters

Yumekui Merry (aka. Merry Nightmare)

Hohum, its another one of those ‘attack from the mysterious alternate world’ scenarios. I do have a bit of weak spot for these kinds of concepts, actually, and who can blame me when they can produce things as interesting as Shana and PandoraHearts?

Anyway, this about a student called Yumeji whom has a secret ability: he can gaze into other peoples dreams. One day he stumbles across a midriff bearing girl who calls herself Merry (wanna take bets if she falls from the sky?), whom wandered into the Real from the dream, hunting escaped nightmares. The two, naturally, have a duo in the making.

Possibly quite generic, indeed. Merry also looks like Al-Azif with a fashion statement (what is that, a prehensile coat?) and a haircut. With so little to go on, I guess it could go either way, but we shall have to see.

Anticipation: 8 dreams of striped stockings


Gothaloli detective that resembles Evangeline from Negima? Well, I’m sold.

Ahem. This is set in the roaring 20’s (specifically, 1924), where a transfer student from the Japanese Empire, Kujo, comes to study at St. Marguerite Academy in the fictional country of Sauville (though by that name I think we can assume they’re going for a French tone). In this traditional place, he meets a genius girl called Victorique that finds school boring and prefers to read the entire contents of the library and solve puzzles and crimes.

By the sounds of it, he is made into her sidekick, and together they go onto fight crime solve mysteries.

Basically, they’ve taken Detective Conan, turned him into a loli, and chucked him into a time machine. Thats a good recipe for success in my opinion, and I’m quite interested to see how this turns out.

Anticipation: Its 85% elementary, my dear Victorique!


The latest Jump franchise, and quite likely a very long running series as a result.

This is probably the shounen interpretation of Ashiteru ze Baby, with 100% more demonic blood in your resident child. Also seems to remind me a bit of Tenjou Tenge. Tatsumi attends a school for delinquents (seriously, I don’t think any school would advertise itself as such an institution!) and is the most feared and strongest fighter. He is fishing (whilst plotting downfall of his enemies) one day and sees the body of his friend floating downstream. The body splits in half revealing a strange baby; which so happens to be the son of the demon king. He suddenly inherits a maid called Hilda to aid in the process of raising the child; and tries to find someone more evil and powerful to take the burden of raising it.

Its unlikely I’ll pick this up, mainly because I don’t really think I can stomach a huge series (I always lose interest after 50+ episodes). If it turns out to be shorter, I may pick it up after the matter, however, and I’m likely to, at the very least look at the first episode.

Anticipation: 6 Googoogaa’s, 4 Raaagh’s!

Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!

I don’t even really need to say anything about this, do I? Really?

Take perverse male lead. Add to NOT RELATED BY BLOOD sister. Insert four pairs of used panties. Dash with a character designer who thinks girls shoulders should be half the width of their thighs. Blood extracted from the nose of a virgin is optional.

I think that should give you a good idea of what to expect. If you like this, then here it is, but I’ll be standing over there, thanks.

Anticipation: 10% of your bodies haemoglobins are expelled with your semen*

* = This is not a medically endorsed fact. Please ignore it.

Dragon Crisis!

A comtemporary fantasy based on a light novel? That often works out pretty decent.

One day, Ryuji, an otherwise normal high school student, is unwillingly dragged along by his cousin Eriko on a dangerous excursion to retrieve a strange box from black-market dealers. Ryuji finds he is able to open, and inside there happens to be a golden haired, blue-eyed girl called Rose, that actually turns out to be some kind of dragon with alot of firepower. He is drawn into an underground conflict for relic boxes, and Ryuji decides to fight to protect Rose, whom becomes utterly dependent on him.

So yeah, I guess this is your exotic girl franchise of the season; I guess its cashing in on D&D thing where Gold Dragons like to turn into humans for the lulz. Oh, and guess what, Shana’s voice actress is being the dragon girl. Oh dear. Still, could be fun.

Anticipation: My breath weapon melts 75% of your steel from half a mile away!


Boobs, check. Underwear Flashes, check. Improbable destruction of cloth in an inappropriate manner, check. Genetically modified super girls, check. I guess this one is going sweep the ‘ecchi girls with stupid weapons’ category this season.

Its semi-futuristic. Earth has been invaded by pan-dimensional aliens. Our protagonist, Aoi, enrolls to train in a school to become a handler for a genetically modified girl (a ‘Pandora’) that is made to battle the aliens. All Pandoras have a male partner called a Limiter, that is trained to limit their foes mobility with a power called Freezing. Aoi meets a weird older girl called Bridgette (hopefully not a trap), who seems to be powerful yet is lacking a partner. He is warned about her by all the others, but chooses to be her limiter in spite of this.

On the other hand, its by the same author as Kurokami, so its not a complete bust from the word go (yes, pun intended). If you can blind me with enough awesome, I might forget about the pointless fanservice, I suppose. Not holding my breath though.

Anticipation: A 6-billion dollar female taskforce against 10 aliens?

Kore wa Zombie desuka? (aka. Are you a Zombie?)

Who knows what kind of crack they were smoking when someone had this idea.

Ayumu is a lazy boy who suddenly gets killed during a run of bizarre serial killings. However, he is then resurrected as a zombie by a necromancer girl called Yuu, whom he had met shortly prior to his untimely demise. He enters this strange world of magical girls and supernatural creatures, and chaos ensues.

So, err, Necromancer girls wielding colour co-ordinated chainsaws. Oh, and some valkyries, and vampire ninjas. Okay then. Like I said, who knows what crack was involved in the pre-production of this show. Maybe it’ll be amusing though.

Anticipation: 7 stoned golems, 3 fantasy cliches.

Level E

Hmm, some Sci-fi that isn’t mecha based? Thats a nice change. This is apparently based on a nearly forgotten work from the 90’s by the author of Yu-Yu- Hakusho, that looks almost inspired by the Men In Black idea that loads of aliens are living among us, as us, but we are not aware of their presence.

One day, Baka, the prince of the planet Dogra, crash lands on Earth and loses his memory. He forcibly moves in with Yukitata, a first year high school student whom had just moved out on his own. The normal life Yukitaka once knew is quickly pulled away as he becomes the target of the prince’s torment, as the alien has an exceptionally high IQ and has little interest other than using it to torment those around him for his own amusement.

Hilariously, in japanese, Baka-ouji means ‘stupid prince’, which is perhaps ironic given the main characters intellect. I have to say I’m quite interested in how this one pans out.

Anticipation: 9 out of 10 surveyed adults claimed they had spoken to an extraterrestrial


One of those oh so very rare (these days) animes that is actually an original work, rather than being based upon something. The idea reminds me of some kind of mid point between now and what happens in H.G. Wells The Time Machine or the Setting of Metamorphosis Alpha to Omega.

With the creation of the “Fractale”, a computer system that manages every aspect of the world, humanity creates a kind of ultimate paradise; in which living requires absolutely no effort and everyone is free to do whatever they like. But, a 1000 years after the systems creation, there is no one alive who understands it, with the vast majority seeing it as a kind of myth, and whom unquestioningly believe that it is the only requirement of human happiness. However, on a distant island, the system finally shows signs of wear and tear. Crane is a boy who lives an aimless life until he helps a girl being pursued. She disappears before his very eyes, leaving only a brooch that contains data, which can project itself as Nessa, an avatar in the form of a girl. Crane, together with Nessa, leave on a journey in search of the girl. In doing so, he will learn the truth behind the System.

Well, an actual solid plot is a darn good start here, and this is definately getting a look (especially since I also like the art style as well). Part of me is also reminded of the wonders of Kino’s Journey and Scrapped Princess.

Anticipation: 100% agreement that ignorance is never bliss.

Hourou Musuko (aka. Wandering Son)

Huh, and I guess we’ll finish with the semi-contraversial this time. Though it doesn’t look it, huh?

Hourou Musuko is based upon a manga that addresses the identity crisises of an effeminate boy and a masculine girl that become friends when they realise they both feel they are of the wrong gender. It follows them from 4th grade until high school and their relationship troubles and conflicts with the society that raises them.

Pretty serious stuff, but presented in a lighthearted way, and resulting an eventual Trap + Reverse Trap romance by the sounds of it (Yes, in the above image, I believe left is a boy, right is a girl, by the way). I’m quite enamoured by the art style, so I might give this a look. If it doesn’t turn out to be too heavy going with its transgenderisms, I may watch it.

Anticipation: 7 x/y, 3 y/x

And there you have it, thats all for now. Phew!

Hope you can find something to whet your palete there. As always, there is no guarantee I didn’t miss something, but these things happen, don’tchaknow?

I imagine I won’t be posting anything else until after Xmas now, but hopefully I’ll put something new out before the new year. See you soon, and have a good festive holiday, people!

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