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And here’s my thoughts of what’s going on with the current anime season, compiled into a handy table for no reason whatsoever.

Well, I have to say, my predictions from before seemed somewhat inaccurate this time.


First and foremost, Arcana Famiglia has completely let me down… its director needs to be shot for such poor choices, because its been an utter hash so far. I’m going to endure it until episode 3 in the vague off chance of a sudden heel-face-turn, but frankly things aren’t looking good; mostly in their terrible use of telling rather than showing, and then pulling a recap in episode 2 just in case you’d switched off. Yikes.


Sword Art is as decent as hoped, and much like I’d wanted, they’ve decided to do things chronologically, by switching to one of the later side stories straight away for episode 2, since normally, in the first book, it time-skips 2 years after the introduction, and the author then released the gaps in later novels. They did indeed animate the first Kobold Lord boss battle quite nicely and handled his first proper meeting with Asuna well (even if that meeting is changed slightly, I prefer this version). I will admit a degree of bias, though, since I did like the books.

Then we have the surprise hits… both Utakoi and Chocolate slipped under my radar in the first impressions, but have both impressed themselves upon me.

Utakoi appeals to my literary grounding with its short stories interpreting classic japanese poetry in a rather nice art style. Its well framed and directed, and handles its exposition in a refined manner. Lots of terrible anime directors could learn from this (especially the nut that did Arcana Famiglia). And its mostly love stories, which appeals to my romantic side. Still… why were the snakes censored…?

Koi Senkyou to Chocolate has very nice chemistry (a rarity) between its main characters and if it actually ditched the harem, it might even qualify for being an actual romance. The fact it grabbed my attention immediately by killing some random girl off in the first few minutes and hinting to a deeper plot was also well played. And finally, decent direction too… mainly in the fact that they’ve handled the comedic timing well.

So, thats the excellent out of the way. There’s also a surprising amount of good this season, which is always nice.


The surprise at this level is the new gender bending sengoku anime, Oda Nobuna. It manages to nod alot to historical accuracy (though I’m sure there are mistakes, as my knowledge of the history is only moderate), especially with how they got the main character to replace Toyotomi Hideyoshi (and Nobuna calls him monkey/saru, much as the real Nobunaga did to the real Hideyoshi). Also, the scene with the lead using his i-phone to terrify the samurai… only to run out of batteries (yep, sounds like an i-phone) was hilarious. Second episode continued to improve on the first, which is nice, as our lead works to (and successfully averts) the events of the Owari rebellion. Nobuna is clearly already in love with him and he with her, but I guess they need to retain sexual tension in a show like this. Even so, its still pretty good.

Hagure Yuusha no Ecstatica somehow manages to add plenty of tits (mostly courtesy of Myu) without impeding its own plot. The male lead is basically the work-safe version of Rance, which is great, since he’s a wonderful bastard of a character. You know the type, utterly arrogant pervert, but has the strength to back it up, and seems to power up around beautiful girls (and in his case, has the ability to teleport girls underwear into his hands). Utterly silly, but surprisingly awesome so far.

Now, Jinrai wa Suita Shimashita I’ve decided to rename it Pastel Apocalypse Fairies. This is a throughly fucked up anime. If you don’t shout “WTF?!” at least twice an episode you’re doing it wrong. Its the utter dissonance between the colourful world and its subject matter that renders it so powerful, so the artists and screenwriters are clearly playing nice with each other, always a good thing. And the best part, IMHO, is the main girls sarcastic narration and monologue of whats going on as it happens. And lets not forget Ave Maria playing to roast chickens smashing through a stained glass window among streaming light into the midst of starved orphans. Yep.

Tari Tari… actually only barely rates as good at the moment. It has an erratic pace and puzzling ups and downs. Hopefully they’re trying to make a point with this by the third episode, so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, mainly because its P.A. works and its pretty. Very pretty. I also laughed when the school choir sung the OP from True Tears.

Campione, well it started off at a breakneck pace, and actually managed a decent first couple of episodes… though this one is clearly setting up the usual terrible harem flags, and has had some questionable direction choices. I can see it falling into disrepute if continues down this dark road and runs out of the energy it started with, but for now, well… we shall see…


Tanken Driland really needs to make something less generic of itself. It almost seems like a kids show at the moment, which can’t be true since it airs nearly at midnight. It had a nice enough random first boss battle, but thats about it. Again, shame it had such a generic first showing, because it really needs to start good in order to distract people from its SD style (which is cute, but rarely liked by many people).

Muv Luv… well, I heard the game its based on is great, but so far, I can’t help laughing at the aliens… and then laughing at the inconsistancy… and then at the fact that incompetant girls are given multi-billion dollar mecha to fight in only to die in the first 9 minutes of battle. At least all the annoying girls were killed brutally in episode 2 (though rival-girl didn’t really deserve that…). The only thing, so far, that really seemed good about it was the poignancy of a mother being distressed birthing her child into this crapsack world at the end of episode 2. That actually had some impact on me.

Well, that’s about it. If I still haven’t mentioned it, I’m not even bothering to follow it any further and its probably generic as heck. Or not. I’m not infalliable. But whatever. If you found it informative, all the better. Cya soon.

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Well, Nyaruko came out today. And I think I can confidently now say, it’s easily one of the most hilarious opening episodes I’ve seen in some time. It manages lampshades and references galore; the main protagonist is genre-savvy and handy with transdimensional forks. It has alot of promise. But much like I said in the preview, don’t watch if you value your sanity. Here’s some of the choice moments of episode 1, which I decided I needed to post since they kinda cracked me up:

Well, congratulations, I burst out laughing that they actually referenced the Call of Cthulu RPG here.

Earth is protected from transdimensional assault because of Japanese doujinshi production. It’s such a rare trade commodity among the galaxy that some Elder Ones are sent to protect humanity. Oh gods…

And that’s not even a metaphor!

Err, yeah, that’s delicious sounding. Go for it!

Space Close Quarters Combat involves a Tire Iron. And it’s terrifying.

No! We have a destiny to Craft our own Love!

And, on that note… cya soon!

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Again, I’ll be using the quicker format for now with my opinions attached. As noted before, I’m aware that full text previews are boring, but it takes 5+ hours for me to do fully picturised, tabled HTML happy preview posts, and frankly it achieves little more. Anyway, as before, click the link to be wisked off the Anime Database entry and see pretty pictures.

Guaranteed Watches:

Fate/Zero, Part II: Well, obviously. I was impressed at how well the first part kept to the novels, and in fact improved them with a few minor but well selected tweaks. UFOTable has kept the magic they applied to Kara no Kyoukai, and though everyone was dissapointed about having to wait a season for this continuation, it was in my thought better for them to do it right again than rush out the second part (which is pretty awesome in the novels!!).

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san: A boy is attacked by mind melting alien horrors. A dark god in the form of a young girl comes to his aid. And… !!! oh my god they didn’t just turn an Elder One moe, did they? Surely not!? Holy shit they did. High Scroll romantic battle comedy, meet Cthulu, you’ll get along just swimmingly! I really want to head-desk right now. Nevertheless, this is such a ridiculous concept it just might work, but irregardless it’ll probably make you lose 2D6 sanity points. Therefore, you have to watch it.

“Happy ♪ chaos, is due! Nyarlathotep is crawling next to you! Always smiling!”

Okay, so I lied about no pictures. But this stuff from the official promotional material is utterly priceless.

Cautiously Optimistic About:

Kuromajo-san ga Touru: Hmm, I can’t decide whether this is a kids show or not. However, the early morning showing suggests not. Apparently a girl obsessed with occult junk (but can’t cast a spell to save her life) accidently summons a real magic user. Hijinks of her bugging him/her/it (hard to tell with the robe~ Spider senses say male, but the trap alarm is blaring) for real magic lessons ensue.

Shining Hearts: The Bread of Happiness: All together now! (FACEPALM) at the title, please. Moreover, its based on a PSP RPG animated by Tony Taka of all people. You can guarantee, however, that his usual extreme art-quality, as always, does not transmute into anime (like in Shining Tears x Wind) because he can only do stills at that quality. But its got bread, amnesia, and pirates in it, so it can’t be terrible, right?

Acchi Kochi: The Tohno gland strikes again. A clone of Shiki is wrecking havoc in an alternate world, making a clone of Konata from lucky star into a tsundere for him and… (wait what?). Erm, actually this is a generic romance; but its very clear they’ve been stealing character designs, adding huge antennae, and calling it a day. The prospect of Romance done right is the only thing keeping my cautiously optimistic. Since the writer was involved in Astarotte (which had a distinct lack of morals but was actually quite sweet),  it could be ok.

Is this a zombie? Of the dead?: I don’t normally cover sequels in previews, but I needed to pad this area. Go figure. Anyway, Korewa Zombie is back. It was a great show for the first half. And then it just… wasn’t, for most of the second half. Its like their writer and director suddenly realised their fringe brilliance and felt the need to tone it down. Hopefully, the new season will forget that the second half of the first season ever existed (except Eu speaking to kill things, because that was actually awesome).

May possibly look into:

Accel World: Well, I read the first novel of this. It’s… weird… In 2046, a few elite have access to celerity of thought and action, allowing them to speak and react at stupendous rates. The price? You have to fight and win in real-life beat-em-ups with your powered up alter-ego. No really. Also, the main character is a fat chibi that somehow gains the attention of the school princess. (le sigh)

Sengoku Collection: The spiritual sequel to Oda Nobunaga’s Quest for Clothes. I can’t even remember the proper title of the show. The one based on pachinko. Momo-Iro-Paradox, that’s the one (I had to look it up). This time, is based on a game from a Japanese facebook. Joy. Famous japanese warlords thrown into the gender bender machine come into the modern day. Hilarity ensues.

Hyouka: Literature club, detective mystery, and wait… what… the writer of Full Metal Panic? Animated by KyoAni. Huh? What a wacky collection of resources. Don’t tell they’re going to try and duct-tape them to… of course they are… this season is just going to be like that, isn’t it?

No, Just NO!

Sanka Rea: Fact= Zombie girlfriends are cold in bed. Studio DEEN is involved. Avoid like the flesheating plague.
Medaka Box: Student Council. Shounen Jump source. Gainax have lost their way lately. Skip it.
Nazo no Kanojo X: Eating a girls bodily fluids for psychic connection? What the fuck is wrong with you, man?

The above titles should be, at best, touched with an eleven foot pole. Of course, your mileage may vary. But if it varies this low, I question your ability to appreciate entertainment.

Mm, yeah I think that’s about it, at least in terms of things worth mentioning. There is more, but everything else screams generic, and my senses are usually right with identifying the chaff (not always, though).

This season has alot in common with rooftop nabe. Lets throw things into a boiling pot of miso and cream and see what happens. You know, that kind of thing. Also, please don’t take my recommendation of Haiyore seriously. It’s a plot from the Elder Gods to get you to watch it. Of course, the fact that the blasphemy could turn out well is what makes it all the more puzzling. Besides Fate/Zero, and carrying on with watching Bodacious Space Pirates, I really don’t see alot of amazing. Which is odd, since last spring’s season was full of resplendant potential. Funny how things change year to year, isn’t it?

Anyway, keep it clean, people, and cya soon.

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Yet again, just a tiny little post, updating the spreadsheet once more.

After request for what other features that were wanted on the Crawl forums, spells seemed to be next choice. This took alot of work, as there 134 spells in Crawl that I had to chronicle (no kidding!), so here we are, 20 days later.

Check it out:
Spells are organised by Level, and then alphabetically. Notes are compiled mostly from personal experience and the Knowledge Bots. Each spell has all of its related skill groups, which books it is in, and the backgrounds that start with it (if applicable). A few tweaks were also made the base sheet to correct a couple of errors.

Get the New Version HERE!

Also today, I was dicking around making a new version of the eternal Longcat vs. Tacgnol wallpaper that I made way back in 2010. The old version can be found here. Here it is:
Tokyo is under attack once more! The main improvements are mostly to Tacgnol, who got some much better purple lightning and is being futilely attacked by a wing of F-22’s now. Different panorama, too, now the Tokyo Tower is up in flames!!!

I’ll admit that Longcat was mostly just cut and pasted across. He was pretty good before. Tacgnol now seems to be winning in this picture. And it seems that neither can aim correctly, still. 😀

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So, lets try something new. I’m gonna post each show I watched with a few snarky comments. This post will probably be updated as my opinions change; and my watch list alters.

Infinite Stratos

See, now this is just a case of bad planning, if you ask me:

Okay, so power armour can only be operated by girls initially, but are you really telling me they didn’t even have a contingency plan just in case a guy came along? Well, at least in this case his passive Magnetism is warranted, I guess. Maybe it even gives an excuse for Houki’s nearly painful case of Tsundereisms.

I completely don’t buy that these suits are only going to be used for sporting competitions, by the way. Oh, and Cecelia is a disgrace to Great Britain. The worst part is that I’ve actually known rich girls just like that.

A decent enough first episode, and the male lead has perhaps the biggest spine of all male leads this season so far.

Ep II Edit: Though Houki’s Tsun was turned up to 11 this week, its still proving to be entertaining; and I’m still liking the male lead. Though the fact that Cecelia gets wet after he does a speech about protecting his family name is more dubious than hilarious. Talk about love at first berserker charge.

Ep III Edit: Hmm… double the tsunderes first, then double the childhood friends. What crazy hell IS this? Ichika still gains points for holding onto his composure amidst so many harem oppertunities, though. It feels almost like Samurai girls with its continual additions to the harem, but as long as they go somewhere with this, I suppose ’tis okay.

Madoka Magica

Unlimited Matchlock Rifle Works!

Thanks for that, Shinbou. Really.

He really had fun regurgitating some weird trash in the dream sequences, which WERE very entertaining (if somehow reminiscient of the bizarre Bakemonogatari OP sequences with their giant scissors).

However, this barely covers the fact that this was as generic as generic magical girl show openings could get. Girl rescues Cute Sidekick, tries to convince villaingirl of love and justice, etc. The main point of interest was in fact the futuristic setting, if you ask me. Classrooms that are clinical white cages? Hmm…

Still, as an entree course, we can assume (or pray) that this can only go upwards.

Ep II Edit: After Episode II, This has gone up, as I’d hoped it would. Mami really does have a true Gate of Babylon for firearms; and the shows ability to both have a degree of depth and a set of thought provoking scenes is a great rarity in a magical girl show. And the dream sequences continue to be real high octane nightmare fuel. I think this has guaranteed itself a slot.

Ep III Edit: Wow, just wow. I thought this couldn’t get much better, but this episode still took me completely off guard. Kyubei racks up a significant amount of Renegade Points this episode, which makes one seriously question his motivations for making magical girls. It also seems possible that ‘Ressurection’ will become Madoka’s wish after a certain shocking event.

Yumekui Merry

Fear me, for I am John Doe given form!

Unfortunately, he fails to realise that he is part of the fiction.

Part of me really wants to like Merry, I really do, especially the bipedal cats, which always amuse me. However, this was both generic like Madoka but also lacking in direction and style to make up for it. Merry is basically wandering around the first episode for lolz; and briefly tries (and fails) an Al Azif introduction with a pantsu smash.

Ep II Edit: The show has also actually not been helped by its second episode, which involved angst and teleporting doughnuts. I can’t bring myself to care about a fairy dude we know nothing about when they pull an oh noes hes killed by a giant beartrap.

I’m still giving the benefit of the doubt for a short time, but this won’t last, I’d imagine.


By the power vested in torn clothing, I call upon thee! Navel Smash!

Hmm, why is it that these girls are trained at ‘The Academy for the inducement of post traumatic stress disorder’? Shouldn’t they be, like, learning tactics and teamplay against the aliens, rather than causing brutal injuries to one another?

I’m fairly surprised by how bloody this was. Limbs were falling off left, right and centre. Didn’t cover for the fairly clumsy execution, mind you. And our protagonist has immediately entered water-flea territory when his main action in the show is to squeel like a little girl, hallucinate about his sister, and glomp girls in inappropriate ways.

And don’t get me started on some of the stupid weapons. I’m only even giving this a chance because it was written by the Kurokami writer, but its time is numbered at the moment.

Ep II Edit: Humnmm, well, this went up to mediocre from atrocious, I suppose. Mainly due to the fact that Ganessa’s insanity was entertaining and I’m a sucker for anything that induces silvery-white hair on girls. At least Aoi improves very marginally this episode, though he’s still in Water Flea territory. I don’t ever really like the excuse of ‘OMG! This is the only guy that doesn’t set my androphobia!?’ being used to pair the male and female lead though.


C’est ne pas une pipe.

Well the opener was a really dissappointing Mystery, but lets face it, this is a show that is tailor made to allow Victorique to be cute. Our male protagonist is variable and mostly seems to spend his time as the running man/doormat for our resident gothaloli; very much being the Watson to the Holmes; although he does at least have the resolve to resist her at times (like with the luggage). Mr Drill hair is a bit fabulous and is currently stealing his limelight.

Still, as an opener, I’ve seen worse. If they do really get some good writing in for the subsequent mysteries, and continue to focus on Victorique cuteness, I imagine this can only go upwards.

Edit: It also suddenly occurs to me that if you say Gosick with a japanese inflection, i.e. ‘Go-see-ko‘, it sounds more like ‘Gothic‘; which actually makes alot more sense as a title than some implication of illness causing you to miss a day of work. Ah the wonders of deciphering Engrish. 😀

Ep II Edit: Less exposition this week; and they have indeed started to delve into classic mystery horror territory this week on the ship, with dark rooms, a hopelessly inescapable situation, easily killed off mooks, and tricks of the eye that are easily rebunked by Victorique’s intellect. Kujo also mans up even more, which is good, even if its in a chauvanist way (but then, this is set in the 20’s, so its not only expected but positive in the context). The cuteness is more subtle this week (like with the handholding), but its still there and I like it.

Ep III Edit: Well, the wrap up seemed a little too neat for this pair of episodes, but the continued progress is still proceeding at a good pace. Finding out about Victorique’s relation to Mr Drill Hair actually makes a fair bit of sense; and the divination with hares being explained was weird but interesting. Still a decent show.

Dragon Crisis


This screencap cannot express the sheer seduction she managed to put into that “Ryuuji”. If there was ever a voice acting role MADE for Rie, Rose is IT. Only she could ever get away with ten minutes of literal one-word vocabulary and still make it awesumcute by piling on the dere in spades.

And in terms of direction, this show comes out on top; as despite her lack of glibness, Rose actually feels like she is learning all the time, which is nicely done. Although the action was mediocre, it really feels like its going somewhere, unlike alot of stuff this season. And then there was the preview, which made me burst out laughing:

“Watashi wa Rose! Suki da na Ryuji! Suki! Suki! Ryuji Suki! Suki, suki! Ryuji, Ryuji! Ryuji Suki!”

Possibly my top show out of the initial selection, assuming you can take the blinding radioactive blonde hair.

Ep II Edit: Ouch… ouch… ouch… okay… Ryuji’s spine was promptly evacuated this week. I mean, he wasn’t great before; but… seriously. Un-needed angst due to mother issues that he threw at Rose for no reason. Not cool. He had at least 3 opportunities after that to redeem himself; and failed to take the biscuit each time; whilst Rose just heroically sacrifices herself and shames him in the process. Why mention him being a ‘Level 10’ if he doesn’t ever use it? Urk, painful. Perverted Extreme Scientist A shows up as if we hadn’t seen that before. At least Black Dragon douchebag gets things done; so far that makes him a far more likable character. I assume they’re doing a set up for his redemption, though the setup is poor. If they don’t, the show will go up in flames as magnificently as it started, which will be sad, since the first episode was greatly entertaining.

Ep III Edit: Fortunately, Ryuji realised he was taking a stukka dive into Water flea territory and managed to pull up just in time. It was a close one; though. Rose got to say Suki again alot, and grew some huge wings that helped with her glomping prowess. Onyx was defeated by a sudden Kurokami contract that gave Ryuji access to St Elmos fire to attach to his dragonfang sword; and he stayed good the rest of the episode. But whats odd is that they’ve pretty much entirely resolved the initial plotline. Eriko got her earring, Ryuji got his sword and dragongirl, Scientist A got some pictures of the wedding (don’t ask). And next week is a sudden beach episode. What?

Level E

He glows and heals kittens and uses puppets and everything!

No really, he actually does all of that this episode.

This is actually deadpan comedy in disguise; very rare in an anime, and possibly worthwhile just due to that. The other male lead spends a little too much time shouting and talking about baseball, but so far its been a fairly bemusing ride.

Sometimes the punchlines feel a bit awkward, but its not bad. I guess what is most interesting is that they have adapted to the source material in using a very pretty adaptation of a very 90’s anime style.

I’m not sold yet, but its got my attention.

Ep II Edit: This still feels like its in a rush to get somewhere or that they’re spreading the original material thin, since the punchlines still seem awkward and hung onto. Keeping the pet as a cliffhanger last week was odd; and there is now someone else for the protagonist to shout at, with the bodyguard being introduced. Although, at least the girl was immediately made relevant, rather than them creeping around her role. Still not entirely certain about this… we shall see…

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?

This show is sponsored by the letter X and the percentage 120:

Magical girls with chainsaws that like to wear curtains, giant anthropomorphic lobsters that want to butt-rape the main character, many revelations of ‘by the way, I’m dead, ROFL’, necromancer girls that sleep and sip tea, and lets not forget: a guy having a transformation sequence and wearing panties as he performs a ‘Mysteltein Kick!’, which is actually not a kick but a chainsaw vivisection move.

Err… yeah…anyway… this is where I’m supposed to carefully back away and shake my head, but much like the voyeurism inherent in watching a carcrash, you can’t help but look.

I think that perfectly sums up this show. Though I may watch it, I don’t think I’d like to admit it either way.

Ep II Edit: At least the stupidity was more restrained this episode, which actually helps, I think, as I don’t think I would have been able to take the intensity of the first episode for a second time. Not entirely sure how he is considered to have won that duel with the vampire ninja, but at least it was pretty creative (he uses his own arm as a boomerang!). And bizarrely, Euu is probably the character with by far the most development so far, despite the fact she has never said a word.


Excuse me, I seem to have fallen out of a game of Ragnarok Online:

If you call nuns temple maidens, then sure.

This is actually a Ghibli anime in disguise. Panning shots of oceans and serene fields montaged with unusual flying devices? Check. Unusual creatures not really noticed as odd by the protagonist? Check. Slow but devilishly inevitable pacing? Check.

The main protagonist, Klein, likes collecting 21st century junk and carries ancient technology like an iPod. The girl, Phryne, has no moral quandries, and is a flighty as they come. Oh, and Team Rocket shows up. Well, if Jesse and James turned into FBI agents and Meowth into a Loli, anyway. The behaviour and results (blasting off) is the same.

I really don’t know what to say so far about this; it feels more like a teaser so far. I guess we shall see.

Ep II Edit: Well, Nessa is GENKI! to the max; and being a very complex data avatar, pretty much teleports around as she likes. Though I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed her hair was purple in the promotional material, but has gone red now (huh?). I guess she is trying to communicate with Klein that his world is just better without the system, which makes people into aimless wanderers and sots that don’t even like to live in homes with their families any more.

Ep III Edit: Well, this started carefree and lulwut,  somewhere turned serious, and then dark, all in the course of this episode, as it becomes evident that there are people trying to live as they once did, and they are considered terrorists, when in fact they are mainly fighting against mass brainwashing by the ‘temple’ of a technological world. This is very much like the situation of Fritz Leibers novel ‘Gather, Darkness!’, just with enforced laziness and pacifism rather than brutal conditions. In other words, a different means of control.

Well, thats it for now, hope you found this post entertaining.

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Welcome again to this preview post for the Winter 2010 (October 2010-December 2010) Anime season.

To be honest, there’s a metric fcuk-tonne of material this season, (16 new, unique shows!) so apologies it took a while to collate. As a result, we also don’t know loads about every series, but I’ll cover things as best I can. Naturally, things can and will change as we actually approach the season, and my criteria excludes most sequels that are airing (if you’re interested, this therefore excludes season 2 of Sora no Otoshimono, Yumeiro Patisserie, Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee) and Arakawa Under the Bridge, all of which are also happening this season).

Anyway, without further ado…

MM! (aka. Massive Masochist)

Well, lets start with the contraversial. This is a show about masocism and incest.

No really. It follows Taro, who apparently loves to be abused by girls doing ‘this’ and ‘that’ to him. When I first read up on this, I figured this and that was just normal perversion, but nope, this guy has wire crossings. Serious ones. And apparently, just to add further stupidity to the proceedings, apparently, alot of the girls are related to him in some form. Theres apparently a plot about him wanting to cure this malady (involving a wannabe Haruhi and abusive girl template XXI).

Well, I guess there is a small chance that this could be somehow funny and positive, if it handles such an issue with the same finesse as B Gata H Kei handled female sexuality, but I already have about 12 warning bells sounding, so I’m highly dubious.

Anticipation: 2 vicious dominatrixes, 8 wimpering idiots

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls

This has actually already aired a teaser episode, which I haven’t yet bothered looking into yet. I hear it involves a wussy guy and nakedness in the first episode, and that instantly put me right off. My immediate thought was, “oh look, another generic fighting anime with a samurai theme and many scantily clad girls in a fapfest.”

Of course, it does have a couple of possible saving graces. It has a bloody nice artstyle, for one, that looks similar to the Wii game Muramasa: The Demon Blade, with really nice outlining that gives it a feel of being traditional Japanese fine art.

Second, if you’re not taking things seriously, I guess its hilarious to learn this follows alternate 21st century where the Meiji restoration never happened and the Japanese learnt to take out fighter aircraft WITH THEIR KATANAs.

Yeah, figure that one out. I’m not holding my breath, but I guess it could be stupid enough to be amusing. We’ll see.

Anticipation: 5 Hypersonic Katanas

The World God Only Knows

Aha, at last something to look forward to. I followed the Manga for this for quite some time.

It involves Keita, the ‘God of Capturing’; a guy so masterful with his dating games that he is considered the online de-facto source for all Visual Novel knowledge, able to clear the routes of several heroines in just a single evening.

He is accidently recruited by a ditzy, bumbling Shinigami girl, Elsee, who has the job of capturing escaped souls and needs a partner. She interprets the ‘God of Capturing’ as someone really useful to her! Uh oh…

And so, Keita is forced into a contract to extract malevolent souls inhabiting girls, and ends up having to use every modicum of his dating sim knowledge to actually charm 3d girls; using love to force the alien element out of them for collection.

It’s surprisingly hilarious, especially from my perspective, having played a bunch of Visual novels myself, and is probably one of my guaranteed watches this season.

Anticipation: 10 out 10 heroines flags have been raised

Panty&Stocking with Garterbelt

And this is Gainax apparently trying to troll us again, with a Powerpuff girls artstyle.

By the sounds of it, its utterly bizarre, with characters named after various indications of undergarments, angels descending from heaven (wait, is this Evangelion again!?), and battles between supernatural forces.

Now, since its Gainax, it could turn out okay, but damn, looking like that, really? I know I’m a bit of drawfag, and I find it hard to take this kind of thing seriously, it has to be said. Quite often, for example, I can’t get into retro games when they burn my eyes.

So, I really don’t know, especially given I know so little about this series.

Anticipation: 5 Lulwuts, 5 O RLYs


Well, this is partially inevitable, I guess, as this is the second story written by the wildly popular creators of Death Note.

It is, however, a completely different kettle of fish. Its a story covering a pair of guys whom try to become Manga-ka’s after an accidental incident at school where Moritaka leaves his notebook with his amazing drawings in and it is found by classmate Akito. Moritaka had an uncle in the business whom was a one hit wonder, and is reluctant to follow that path, but accidently ends up there anyway when his crush, Azuki, becomes involved (and she wishes to be a voice actress).

It could be an interesting portrayal of the industry, and the manga has had mixed reviews, so again, I guess we shall see.

Anticipation: 7mm away from the border

My Little Sister Can’t Be THIS CUTE! (aka. Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai)

Another fairly surprising (in a good way) announcement for me, as I recently read the first Light Novel on which this is based, and found it fairly chuckle-worthy (if not awe-inspiring).

In in a way, this is a different take on the secret otaku genre started partly by Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. Kyousuke doesn’t get along with his younger sister, Kirino, as she is always trying to be a cool, respected girl.

However, this all changes one day when he accidently stumbles across a dropped DVD of Stardust Witch Merle in his hallway, which starts a chain of events that not only has him talking with his sister again, but also discovering she is a hardcore closet anime and visual novel otaku. Suddenly, he is only one she can speak to about her long term secret, and he is forced to help her come to terms with her duality.

I believe this is ridiculously popular in Japan. I guess Otaku like to believe that all beautiful girls are actually just shells for their inner geeks; and this thing is interesting in the way it handles whether it is okay to be a geek in public. I’ll look forward to it.

Anticipation: 9 out 10 JUST can’t be this cute!

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (aka. Yakumo, Psychic Detective)

Ah, another show espousing the power of hetereochromia. (sigh)

Saito was born with a strange red left eye that has the power to see the astral plane, and all the ghosts and spirits that are there. He teams up with a girl called Haruka, whom asks him for aid in investigating and letting these spirits rest in peace, which he plans to do by removing the cause for their haunting.

I’m sort of dubious about this, because although the artwork looks interesting; the formula is very cookie cutter and liable to devolve into a monster of the week format. On the other hand, this is based on a novel, so perhaps it’ll avoid the obvious traps this kind of show normally falls into.

Anticipation: 7 benevolent spirits, 3 rowdy youkai

Yosuga no Sora

Hmm, part of me seems to vaguely remember this from somewhere. I’m sure I saw the game CG at some point.

Its based on a fairly generic dating game premise. A guy, Haruka, and his twin sister, Sora, go to live in a remote village, Okukozome, where their grandfather once lived. They have also recently lost their parents and have no other place to go, so end up staying in their Grandfathers old place.

Not alot else is known, and its quite possibly generic romantic comedy fare. Of course, like I say, I did see the CG, and if I remember right, there was the eyebrow raising potential for twincest in there.

So yeah. Of course, I guess it depends what they want to do with the anime version. I’ll probably keep an eye on it regardless in case it somehow turns into a sweet romance.

Anticipation: We’re only 75% related, so its not incest at all!

Otome Youkai Zakuro

And here’s your Kemonomimi (animal ears) fix for the season.

Apparently, this is set in alternate Meiji restoration era Japan, where Kitsune (Fox) Youkai are an actual recognised segment of the Japanese population. A delegation of Japanese troops are then placed to live with the foxes to apparently help promote interracial understanding. Of course, our focus is upon the strong willed and probably tsundere Zakuro (who looks suspiciously like Asuza from K-ON, if you ask me).

Now, at first glance, it looks to be trying to a take on warped military history, and not a fanservice show, but its funny how all of the Kitsune are female, which is making me wary.

Anticipation: 7 pairs of kemonomimi

Shinryaku! Ika Musume (aka. It came from the Sea)

Or, if you want to get technical, “The girl that invaded from the bottom of the sea”, but I thought “It came from the Sea” sounded like a hilarious horror B-Movie and went with that.

Well, despite my title, this actually seems to mix your classic weird girl franchise with a slice of life show. I’ve heard the Manga is 100% Kawaii in a huge mass, and is fairly popular. Basically, this central girl is a Squid (?) Princess or something, and decides in a serious flarp moment to invade the beaches in retaliation for human pollution of the oceans. Of course, being an idiot, she fails, and the show then chronicles her interactions on dry land.

It does look cute, I have to say, and if shes a squid, it suggests that she has prehensile hair, which is always a good (and hilarious) thing.

Anticipation: 8 tonnes of CALAMARI!

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

Milky Holmes? Really? I don’t think the good Sherlock would approve of his descendant being named after a dairy product. Arthur Conan Doyle must be rolling in his grave. LOL. Oh well. This is another show based upon a card game product, perhaps a little like Weiss Survive!

Now, this usually ends up being a seriously meh kind of thing. It sort of depends on how badly they try to insert their inevitable advertising. If the show ignores its roots and tries to make a serious show, it could be decent. All we have on the plot is that its based on four girls whom live in a city locked in film noir territory full of phantom thieves and private detectives. Of course, they ditched the art style and made it cute. Which is kind of silly. But oh well. This band of girls has aspirations to become famous private detectives of some renown.

I can’t say I feel either here nor there about this, but its not high on my to watch list.

Anticipation: 4 cases closed, 6 police fumbles

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru (aka. And yet the Town still turns)

A slice of life show by SHAFT?

We follow a crazy clumsy dejikko girl, Arashiyama, who works in a maid cafe but has a knack for investigating mysteries. Her cafe is lacklustre and doesn’t attract much business due being poorly staffed, and probably partially because of her clumsiness and the fact they like hiring old ladies. The only consistant customer is the guy who fancies her, Sanada. All of a sudden, Arashiyama’s friend Tatsuno comes to cafe and decides she also wishes to work there (partially because she seems to fancy Sanada as well, ye gads love triangles again!). Subsequently, weird craziness occurs.

Though I’m not normally much for maid related franchises, I am mysteriously interested in this. Perhaps its the picture being so weird. Does she really get to fly? Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised.

Anticipation: 8 bermuda love triangles, 2 ruined maid uniforms

A Certain Magical Index: Season II

Okay, so I lied about not including any sequels. But then, I’m a total Index/Railgun fanboy, what do you expect?

Anyway, after the side diversion of Railgun offering us the view from Misakas eyes (and Kuroko’s loins!), it’ll be nice to see Touma and Index properly again, and this should be darn good, because from what I’ve heard, the novels only proceed to get even better at this point (unlike, say, the Zero no Tsukaima novels, which start awesome and gradually degrade).

Of course, they had better also make more Index-tan to go with the DVDs. Haha. So yeah, this is probably one of my guaranteed watches this season.

Anticipation: 100% comprehension of magical studies

Togainu no Chi

Based on a Yaoi visual novel, which I’m generally allergic to, but if the show is decent enough, I may ignore that element.

Its set several years after a devastating third world war that has left Japan in ruins. The setting is what is left of Tokyo, which is now called Toshima, and is run by the dregs of a criminal syndicate called Vischio.

A man called Akira is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, and to get out of his sentance, he is offered the chance to play in a brutal battle survival game called Igura, where he has to defeat a champion to win and be declared innocent. The show follows his trials in the lawless streets of Toshima as he stuggles to survive and prevail.

A bit of a battle royale scenario, this could end up cheesy, unless they balance the brutality correctly. So I may look into it, but I don’t hold any breaths for following it.

Anticipation: 3 destructive fight scenes, 7 dead idiots

Fortune Arterial

Based upon a PS3 dating game, I believe, I have heard of this before.

A guy, Kouhei, moves to a new prestigious private school which is off on a small island reachable only by boat (seriously, who decides these things!). Of course, the weird title all becomes logical when you consider that the first beauty he meets, Erika, turns out to be a certain kind of vampire (the right hand blonde, in the above pic).

Of course, like all dating game scenario based animes, its ability to thrive is likely very dependant on how strong our male lead is. I know I say this alot, but its always true. Otherwise, it’ll just descent into a bunch of moronic Youkai girls chasing an idiot for reasons beyond human comprehension. The official site doesn’t seem to play into the whole vampire concept too deeply, and is more concerned with the cuteness, which is sometimes a dubious sign.

Anticipation: Only 45% of vampires have sufficient Iron in their diet


Based upon a popular josei manga. There seems to be an unhealthy squid fixation this season. (The main character has a strange collection of squid plushies.)

This follows Tsukimi, a girl who moves to Tokyo to become an illustrator.  She moves to an all female apartment complex that is full of girls like her, that are also diehard female otaku. The one day later, she also invites a beautiful glamourous woman to stay at her room, only to discover that the woman is not what she seems. Of course, the preview material heavily implies the ‘glamourous beauty’ is actually a trap. Though apparently not as good at disguise as most traps.

Now, again, cross-dressing craziness is not really my usual cup of tea, but it can be handled well and made really funny, like in Maria+Holic, so I’m not going to discard this out of hand.

Anticipation: 50% of guys admitted to crossdressing

And there you have it. As I say, there may have been some missed items and stuff that get annouced late, but eh. Hope, as usual, it helps you make you watching selections this season.

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