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Well, I started a new full-time job recently, so apologies for any lateness of my posts; chances are I’m not going to get around to a full 2-week summary for this season (besides, its already 5 weeks in now, ain’t it?). I’ll just say that you should be watching Attack on Titan, Gargantia, Devil Survivor, Hataraku Maou-sama, Railgun II and Nyaruko II at the least. There’s actually alot of quality out there this season, its all good.

A friend also pointed out to me that I’d foolishly forgotten to add Shimaihen character sheets despite promising to do so on the Aniventure page. This is now fixed. They’ll be on that page, and also HERE, for your Aniventure usage. It’s a vastly upgraded version of the original sheet incorporating alot of the things I’ve learnt and had suggested to me to improve the layout, so even if you don’t use Shimaihen but do use the original, you should still upgrade your sheets to these ones.

Anyway, as for the rest, here’s another artwork for you:

It’s Susie Drayke, the Princess of Draskalmory. Susie was an NPC in my second Retoria Dungeons and Dragons campaign; and one who was universally reviled and hated by my players. A massive ojou-sama type; arrogant and self-important, you know, the classic princess. Moreover, she was after another NPC (who was also the love interest of one of PCs), Prince Darien Silverscale.

In a moment where they went back in time, they accidently altered the timeline so that she did in fact marry him and then spent several sessions figuring out a way to fix this; which founded one of my favourite mini-arcs. Nevertheless, her attitude was very fun for me to roleplay; and I felt she needed a re-drawing (an earlier version of her was found in the 2011 calendar, if you care).

Amusingly enough, I recently re-introduced her granddaughter, Arasia (or ‘Sia’) Drayke in the third campaign; I think she’s generally found more acceptance so far, probably due to her better personality (tsundere combat nut!).

Anyway, here’s the wall version:

That’s about it for today, but stay tuned.


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Ho there. Been a bit of awhile again, eh? Honestly, though there’s not been much for me to report and I did take a bit of a break after releasing Shimaihen. However; over the last fortnight I’ve now started to compile some thoughts together for Aniventure EX, experimenting with a few new layout options and considering what could be upgraded for the joint book since just slapping the two together with some new artwork seems a bit of a cop-out option when I’m still hardly lacking in new and interesting ideas to throw in, and things (especially layout-wise) to improve.

If you’re an Aniventure player, please don’t hesitate to leave comments and ideas! I’m always looking for ways to improve the system and add things I may have otherwise missed.

In other news, here’s another new huge sketch for you, of Eryss Boltatt:

She’s from a short-lived mini-campaign of Aniventure I ran in January this year as a means to do a final test of the Racial/Mutational aspects ready for Shimaihen’s release. Sadly I had some grand ideas for the setting which kinda fell flat on their face and didn’t really work with my party that well, but alas. She’s the daughter of the Mayor of the township of Metamo, and the great-grandaughter of one of the five heroes of Zuway, Ririyanha the Stormborn. Blessed by the god Watson, she has powers over electricity.

Anyway, this is the first sketch I’ve tried scanning in from my A3 pad. Which honestly is a bit of nightmare!! She’s stitched together from 4 seperate scans! Not sure about how she turned out, actually. Someone observed her head somehow feels squashed and I guess that’s true. Nevertheless, I did enjoy adding in all the extra details and besides that I think it turned it pretty decent.

Here’s the wallpaper version:

This one was given a paintbrush filter after running a few processing passes in teh ‘shop. Looks kinda pretty.

Anyway, enjoy, and tune in again soon!

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Almost precisely two weeks to sort it out from the gold stage this time. I guess that wasn’t too bad. It’s a Valentine’s present, haha!

Anyway, the hardback book is out, and can be obtained here.

The PDF electronic version can be obtained here.

The webpage for Aniventure in general will also be updated shortly to reflect this release.

So, what’s next for the system? Well, the plan is to eventually combine the original and the supplement into a monster volume including both; and also getting one of my friends (who’s a better artist than I am) to provide illustrations for this combo version.

Of course, this is quite a way off. I’m taking a break from it for at least a couple of months; and the amount of formatting and re-formatting I’ll need to perform to get the two books to play together nicely will be actually quite staggering, especially since I seem to have lost the font I originally used for the first book, so its all horribly out of proportion in its source file now. On top of that, since I can’t exactly afford to pay my friend any commision for his art (he’s currently throwing things out for it since he really likes the system), I’m definately not in a position to impose any sort of time-limit on his work.

As a result, I can say with easy certainty that your shouldn’t expect “Aniventure EX” to be out this year. Nine to twelve months is a barely plausible timeframe.

Anyway, to decorate this post a bit, I’m also posting a wall-paperized version of the latest Mondaiji End card featuring Shiroyasha:

This, as you can imagine, has been my desktop for a few days. Still a darn decent show even if it’s protagonists are hilariously overpowered. In the end, considering I’m still following Tempest, Magi, Sakurasou, Robotics;Notes and Shin Sekai Yori from last season, I could only manage to keep watching Mondaiji, Sasami and Maouyu this season and that’s already quite alot to keep track of.

Well, in any case, hope you enjoy Shimaihen, and stay tuned!

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Or just !Happy Tuesday! Have a celebratory extra-hi-rez Alice-chan Wallpaper:
b-2012-Alice-CelebratoryIn other news, the Holiday Sale is now over. Thankyou to everyone who purchased a copy of Aniventure during this time! Due to the staggering success of this little initiative; I’ve decided that I shall keep the prices much lower than before for the pdf. It is now set at £1.25/$2 permanently, all thanks to you. Congratulations!

Additionally, the Paperback will continue to keep its 20% discount since the poor thing never sells otherwise (its always Hardbacks and Electronic copies, lol), and there is now 10% off my Calendar since its now January.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned.

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Tongue-twisters aside, just another quick post today for showcasing another sketch, this time of Fyuria from Agarest: Generations of War:

She seems to be suffering from a permanent Wardrobe Malfunction in the game, though Lavinia is worse in my opinion. In actual fact, I’ve given her slightly more clothing than her official art suggests; as in that she has a black band thing rather than panties. Go figure.

Nevertheless, despite being rather low in my initial estimations, her character grew on me through the first generation when I was playing and eventually ended up my choice; probably because Elaine and Luana felt rather undeveloped, and I also have a weakness to tsunderes.

What am I on about? Well, the wiki explains better, but Agarest is a rather large RPG on PS3. It has 5 generations to it; and in each you must choose a heroine for your main character to settle down with: and this determines your next hero character’s appearance, stats, weapons, and a bunch of other things when theres a timeskip to the kid continuing the cause to battle against the unleashed evil.

Anyway, here’s the wallpaper version, thrown through the usual filters and resized:

I really liked how sharp the wall turned out, actually, looks pretty sexy. As always, click images for full size.

I am working on the preview for the next season, but awaiting for some more info to be released on some things. At the very least, I’m excited about the Anime adaptation of “Be Mine, Hero! [I refuse!]”, as the manga of this is good, though the promo-art for it initially looked catastrophically bad, the PV looked ok, so I guess we’ll see. Still, it doesn’t look to be as triumphant a season as the last/most current one has been. Anyway, tune in again soon.

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Yikes, its nearly been a month again since I posted last, I am getting lazy.

Anyway, here’s another new sketch of Astaraye, previously seen in her heroic form here, and now 550% more fabulous:

Well, see, recently in our third D&D 4th ed campaign in my setting Retoria, everyone finally reached Paragon. In Raye’s case, this has meant her becoming a Verunan Azure Fusilier. I then realised, after the fact, that their uniform on her would make her look hilariously fabulous, so I had to draw it. I even gave her the classic Lelouch/Zero pose and a Phoenix Feather in her Tricorn Hat to add to the fabulous factor already made pretty high by the double capes and uniform in general (however, she has dropped the long sleeves once worn by her sponsor, the pirate queen Lilliana LuGunther Veruna, in her youth).

Anyway, here’s the wallpaper crop:

In other news; I started a community succession game in Dwarf Fortress called Lakebones, the topic for which can be reached at Bay12 here. There is still space for about 3-5 supervisors and any number of migrants if you wish to join in. Don’t know what Dwarf Fortress is? It’s a hyper-real simulationist roguelike with the eventual goal of being to create and interact with everything in a fully proceedurally generated world. At the moment, the highlight is its Fortress Mode, but the Adventurer Mode part of it is certainly gaining in momentum. You can read about it at the Wiki here.

As for Aniventure Shimaihen, its still making good progress, and at current projections I should get it out before the New Year, though theres a growing chance I’ll have to slightly overshoot that and release in January 2013. At the moment, the bestiary is clogging me down a bit, and I may restructure it to be more lightweight (which, if I follow the idea I currently have means fewer creatures, but still about 80, rather than the original proposed 120~ish). In more positive light, the massive errata section is nearly done, and the mutations/create your own race section has basically been complete for some time; so I’d say its about 85% complete at this time, clocking in at around 120 A4 pages right now.

I’m also working on a companion Microsoft Excel character sheet for it with several (wonderfully complex) autocalculating features that I’ll release the full version of here at the same time as I let Shimaihen out. For now though, you can check out this Early Alpha Version 1A that has most of the complex bits done for the first page.

I’ll also get around to looking at the next anime season soon, probably posting the preview mid-December if I can manage it.

Lots of bits and bobs, eh? I guess that happens if you leave posting for a month! Anyway, stay tuned, thats all for now!

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I have no idea what I was smoking when I decided upon that title. The subtitle sounds like it was ripped from some terrible Robert Ludlum novel, but alas… Anyway, yet another sketch-a-licious post today, covering, as you may have guessed, Neptune from Hyperdimensional Neptunia, everyone’s favourite anthropomorphised non-existent next-gen SEGA console that may have been competing in the fifth console generation vs. the 360, Wii and PS3 had SEGA not basically gone bust over the Dreamcast and been bought out by Nintendo. Here she is:

If you’ve not heard of/played the game, then to clarify, the left hand girl form (‘Neptune’) is her regular appearance, and the right hand (‘Purple Heart’) is what she transforms into as part of her HDD Divinity, so yeah, they’re the same girl, though Nep in particular seems to get a huge age/bosom UP from the process (which I always found funny, actually).

All of the consoles of said generation are represented with girls in a similar fashion in these games. Though, that said, the first game has a snore-worthy battle system that is frankly verging on terrible, though it has an amusing console wars plotline going on. The second game, MK2, lost a bit on the story department, but vastly improved the battle system and added in girls for the various handhelds (PSP, the DS twins, and Nepgear). The third is shaping up to hopefully combine the best of both of the prior ones.

Anyway, to speak of the sketch, I’m generally very happy with how it turned out, though I have to say their wonderfully chaotic and messy hair gave me alot of troubles to get it looking right! I spent a long time tweaking various parts, and as you can guess, ran out of dedication before I could fill in a background, especially as I came to the conclusion that I could do this electronically for the wallpaper version and in this case have it look even better, which I think I did. See for yourself:

Interestingly enough, Smart Blur/Posterization came into use again with this, though with different settings to Itsuki; and this time it was given a few extra blending options afterwards. I also colourized the N Logo, as the purple-ness didn’t come out too well when scanned. You can spot a few added binary streams I put in as extra layers too if you look closely. Cleaning the sketch and adding its transparency was a bit of a nightmare for some reason this time, but I think it was worth the effort.

Also, funnily enough I realised after completing the wallpaper that Neptune’s hoodie-dress outfit is her one from the original two games, whilst her Heart bodysuit is actually her revised one from the new third game (Neptunia Victory). Since her transformed form is pulling the original and beckoning (to the future?) its also ended up making an interesting (if entirely and hilariously accidental) statement about the progress of the series in general.

Anyways, stay tuned.

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