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That’s right! You can now buy the PDF of my Aniventure RPG system for JUST 99p / under $2!

Not only that, but there’s also 20% off the Paperback printcopy of the system, 5% off my 2013 calendar, and 5% off the Hardback printcopy!

MADNESS! What kind of lunacy is this!? It’s a special christmas gift to all of my loyal blog readers who for whatever reason felt that the old costs were a little too expensive and were holding out on picking something up.

Perhaps you want a cheap xmas gift for yourself or an anime/RPG affectionado in your family. Perhaps you were on a tight budget. And perhaps you just want to avoid a hammering from Eliza (she calls it “getting into the swing of Christmas”, whatever that means):

Whatever your reason, now is the time to pick something up, as this !!SPARTA!! class madness will only last until Boxing Day (26th December).

If you enjoy Aniventure already or end up liking it from this deal, please don’t hesitate to tell your friends in all corners of the globe about these limited time offers!

And if you buy the PDF and really end up liking it, please consider picking up a paper copy as well or donating to my Xmas fundraiser for Aniventure (Paypal button below).

!Click to Save a Catgirl from Slavery!*

Donate whatever you like! Even send me 1 cent and a rude comment! At least I’ll get a laugh out of it! Every humble amount helps towards making Aniventure more shiny and happy, and saving homeless destitute unemployed catgirls from untimely heavenly smiting caused by the discussion of physics in Anime.*

* = DISCLAIMER: Shiny-ness and happiness may not actually increase and I cannot actually guarantee the lives of unfortunate cat-girls, but of course any money raised from Aniventure sales and donations will, as usual, go to further development of the supplement, Shimaihen, to the purchase of ISBN numbers, and possibly to the commision of real artists far better than me. In all serious-ness, by clicking you are agreeing to donate to my cause under the assumption of christmas charity given to a complete stranger, understand you may never see any benefit, do so out the kindness of your own heart and waive any of your personal rights to complain about the matter. AND THANKYOU for doing so!


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Just a sketch and musings post today. This time, I’ve drawn Elizasleyn, the Throne (angel) from Kamidori Alchemy Meister, which was recently fan translated by Aroduc. It’s a darn good tactical strategy/visual novel game; kind of like what would happen if Fire Emblem, Atelier Rorona, and a Visual Novel of your choice were spliced together.

Check it out:
As always, click her to see full sized.

I gave her an bit of an outfit change; since I figured, well hey, all the main heroines in the game get some new outfits, so why not the sub-heroines like Eliza? This one mostly keeps her bronze pauldrons and collar, but replaces the bracers for furry/silk armlets and goes armless.

Moreover, I’ve created her in Aniventure to play as in a game my friend is running soon, partly as a beta-test of the new Saint class that will showing up in the supplement booklet, Shimaihen, but mostly just because she’s awesome. With ‘Born Conquerer’ as her personality, angelic songs, divine lightning and a winged warhammer, she should at least be amusing to play.

This sketch is of that version; perhaps some time before she became a Throne (she’s what… a Power or a Principality at this point?) and Lord of Misanshel. But she’s still as powerful (and scary) as ever. I like to split her name to Eliza of the Slain for my version (and Elizasleyn is just a shortened version of that). Whether or not she’ll ever say the title of this post? Who knows? But it feels in character! 😀

Here’s the cropped down 1440×900 Wallpaper version:
For your angelic desktop needs. Of course, this version loses much of her left arm, but not much can be done about that.

Shimaihen is still going well, by the way. I’m not going to set a final date since there’s still a fair bit to be completed, but I’m rather happy with the newly revised Suffragium and Malificarum (Holy and Profane Magic Schools) and power-sets. Summoning still needs a fair bit of work, but its on its way to completion. At the very least, I feel I should be able to get it done this year, barring any significant delays.

Personally, I’ve had a couple of fanboy-gasms over the last couple of weeks when I discovered UFO: Enemy Unknown was being remade by Firaxis (as X-COM Enemy Unknown). UFO is of course the greatest PC game of all time; and from what I’ve checked out about the remake, I’m very excited about it.

Obviously, the oldschool part of me is wary about them dumping Time Units and reducing the squad size. But replacing TU’s with a D&D style Move and Attack action for troops (and 4 distinct classes and RPG like bits) may well work like a charm:
Reducing squad size is a little more concerning; but in retrospect, the main reason for huge squads in the original was that all your initial guys were idiots X-COM had hired off the street and put in jumpsuits to fight the aliens rather than professional marines. If the new soldiers are actually semi-competent right off the bat, there won’t be need for the n00bs you throw off the Skyranger first as body shields (!).

Fully alive and ever changing bases like the ones in Evil Genius are a great touch too:
Hopefully they’ll add to the interception sequences too (look at UFO: Aftermath, guys, that was one part they did right in that- those ever changing video clips were actually really nice). I laughed at them joking it was now an Angry Birds minigame in the podcast.

Oh, although the random names of the marines you had in the original were funny, that they have fully customisable squad members now will be a nice treat (and more incentive to keep that small squad alive!):
Just so long as they remix the interceptor music and keep the Guile haircut, all’s right with the world. Haha.

Well, I believe that’s all for today. Stay tuned.

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