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Yeah, I know, its a day late. Busy, busy, etc.

Well, I haven’t got a specific anime this time like I had with the K-ON spot the difference. So this is really a miscellaneous bunch of spot the difference exercises, mainly showcasing ridiculous things that have been found in the anime and games world recently. Its also hopefully funny and perhaps even marginally educational. (LIES!)

Exercise 1: A Loli wearing nothing but a copy of Zelda: Twilight Princess?

Yup, The IGN guys even somehow managed to find their way into Bakemonogatari!

I had to rewind to see this again because I burst out laughing too hard.

The exercise here is to guess which part is causing the reaction. The Loli or the game?

I guess this meme has taken a life of its own. I believe they are known as bakagaijin on 2channel. Which is amusing.

Exercise 2: And behind magic curtain number 2, is… <drumroll>:

Its like that daft game of chance in Mario Party, where you just choose doors until you die. Except with curtains. And, uh, more lingeries.

Despite a ridiculously rushed and rather contrived ending, Gendai Yokou Mahou had its moments like this. It amazed me to see the curtains opening simultaneously apparently by Kaho’s telekinesis. She’s so hardcore, she doesn’t even have to look to know its going to be an unfair deity moment.

Speaking of mystery curtains, why aren’t there any cheesy gameshows on television anymore? Everybody loves the Price is Right and Strike It Lucky. Or am I just showing my age? (or perhaps my disgust at so called ‘reality television’, which is drivel in my opinion).

And I just see Yumiko being that obligatory girl modelling on the top prize sports car. LOL.

Exercise 3: Testing your Trap Detection capabilitiestrap-detection

Yessiree, you have 5 seconds to decide which of the above is male, and which is female.

Times up! Answers on a postcard to the comment box.

Gotta Love Maria+Holic. Easily one of my favourite shows of the season it was in. Mainly because it was just innately WRONG, I suppose. And no, the above is not a trick question at all, which you will understand if you have actually watched the anime. One of the above is Maria, and one of the above is Shizu. One is a trap, the other is a reverse trap.

See, reading blogs is not a waste of time. This is actually developing survival skills! (well, survival skills for watching anime, anyway)

Exercise 4: Learning to play the pure/vile maiden guitar?Maria-vs-Yui

With you powers combined, I…AM…Captain Gibson!

Which do you think makes a better riff, Mio’s Panties or Matsurika’s Bloomers? Both are instruments of the finest caliber? Its hard to say, isn’t it? I guess some of these exercises are a bit mean. Sorry.

LOL, this combines the old and the new. That is to say, I managed to stuff some K-ON in here again, and double the Maria+Holic for double the fun.

Exercise 5: King of Heroes and Queen of Gaps: A match made in hell?Gap-of-Gensyoko-vs-Gate-of-Babylon

Yukari vs. Gilgamesh. Gap of Gensyoko vs. Gate of Babylon.

Holy cow, I’d pay good money to see that fight. But I don’t have to, as it is happening right above as I speak.

In before causing a storm of excrement, who wins? I imagine its a standstill. Depends on how many Flandres can be pulled out and their effectiveness against the blast of Ea. Are the roadsigns epic artefacts in same realm as noble phantasms? I’m sure Yukari thinks so.

Exercise 6: And we’ll be right back after this…

Lets go full circle to finish and close up with another comment from our new friends, the IGN bakagaijin guys!

Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na’s anime adaption was one of those that makes you lose your faith in humanity. I mean, everyone can tolerate some animation cuts, but the animation in this was…sheer eye cancer. The above shot of the Anime Feena is actually a pretty good shot as far as some of them go. The anime is legendary for the slanting eyes of doom and the never ending lettuce of death. So much so, it became known as Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na: Cabbage Love among more cynical 2channel viewers.

And of course, considering how amazing the ingame art is, many fans of everyones favourite lunar princess died a little inside that day.

Its also one of the reasons that I am VERY wary of most dating game adaptations these days. They can be done right, like with Akane Iro Somaru Saka. But more often than not, they can be done wrong. Very wrong, like the above. And VERY, very wrong, like the soul crushing travesty that is Da Capo Second Season.

Anyway, thats all for now. I’ve exhausted all the spot exercises I could think of! Enjoy!


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Well, here’s something unexpected.

This week on K-ON, they decided to have yet another beach episode. Which is a bold move, given that such territory is rarely touched twice in any given series. Hence, it really almost boils down to Spot the Difference, K-ON style.

Of course, this weeks version includes 100% more Asuza. Who is herself already a big sufferer of cloning, seeing as how her character design is almost entirely a rip-off of Kooh from Pangya. Check this out:


You can click the above to study closer, if needed.

What’s more, there’s further ‘Deja Vu gone wrong’ goodness in this episode, with Asuza’s amazing ability to gain a full body tan in EXACTLY ONE MINUTE (of screen time). Here’s the evidence:
Asuza is on the far right. This is at 9:54. Now compare:

This shot is taken at 10:54! Exactly one minute and she’s like a crisp!

You’d think they’d at least of tried to have some more gradual progression.

Nevertheless, I still LOL’ed, given as I got the feeling that this was deliberately NOT trying to be serious, especially as none of the others got even a smidgen of darkness. It was like someone clicked the ‘Tan’ switch on her.

For more hilarity, they actually did a proper Deja Vu scene with re-used, recoloured animation at the start and the end. So here’s round two of the spot the difference! Check it out:

LOL. Its rather tongue-in-cheek, isn’t it? It’ll be even more amusing if she now manages to drop the tan entirely by next weeks episode.

Anyway, Summer fun aside, personally its not usually one of my favourite seasons.

Why? You ask? Probably because I usually end up like this:

Much like Yui, I can’t seem to handle the heat. It drains my energy away and makes me even lazier than usual (and you thought such a thing wasn’t possible, didn’t you?!? ROFL). What’s more, I have a distinct distaste for the extra insects that the summer months seem to generate. Though I guess the extra sunlight is fine as long as there’s a decent wind to go with it.

Oh well. Nevertheless, this episode inspired my creativity again, for some reason, and I’ve made yet another widescreen wallpaper to commemorate the wonderful, wicked heat of summer, K-ON style. Enjoy!


As always, click the above to get the full sized wall.

Is it too chockablock full of fanservice? Probably. But that’s surely part of the appeal, right? I’m quite pleased about the work that went into this. I created the Background from Mio’s image as a basis. It also required several extra masks for the sunlight. Not to mention I basically had to re-build the top part of Yui, as well as changing Asuza’s arm and hair since they got in the way. Mugi is disturbingly lovely in this picture of her, I have to say. I also spent awhile on getting the font right. Its supposed to look as if Yui carved it into the wall before conking out.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this K-ON madness. Stay tuned.

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