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Well, had to wait quite a while for a sub of the Taisho era baseball daughters. It just came out today. I also had a anime fest and got around to watching Princess Lover! as well, so I’ll cover both shows in this little post.

Taisho Era Baseball Daughters

Again, my preview from before is fairly on the mark. There’s really little to say about this show other than the prior prediction being rather true: It does indeed feel remarkably like Princess Nine stepped into a Time Machine and sped back a few decades. Of course, in a way, it skewers itself in doing this, because it changes the probability of the story from ‘possible’ to ‘highly unlikely’. Since, hey, japanese girls in this period are only ~just~ beginning to get any sort of real recognition of rights at all; and alot of the public conciousness is into the fact that they are ladies or nothing.

Of course, I guess thats the point of the show. Its just it strains historical accuracy a little, but no worries, as long as it turns out entertaining, eh?

Naturally, this first episode is establishing the premise. The first few eps will likely be similar, following the recruitment of the other girls needed in the team. The protagonist is really dragged along for the ride here, unlike her fire headed princess nine counterpart. Anyways, some pics

Koume has a “What the frack did I just get myself into?” face. She’s got the bizarre permanent blush as well…


I can think of many things that boys do. The first one that comes to mind is NOT baseball. So I just LOL’ed at my perverse thought process.


GAHHHH! Its like hitchcocks birds gone anime style! This is part of Koume singing a bizarre history song during the first few minutes.


Aha! I spotted you, great-grandmother of Tsuruya-san.


The class rep’s chillingly doll-like movements somewhat scare me. She’s such a ‘perfect’ mannered young lady you think she’s gonna crack the screen.

These sports type shows always take a while to accelerate, and this is no different. Its got a very slow pace. If they don’t do it quick enough, such shows also manage to fall flat. We shall see.

Princess Lover!

Now this managed to surprise me a little. I guess I was expecting a flat out harem comedy. I mean, who doesn’t see that hilarious title and think otherwise, eh? Hence, getting into the right mindset was required before tackling it. However, it opened with a surprisingly interesting and even action packed (if hilariously ridiculous) first outing. Mainly because there was a car chase a horse and carriage being chased by a jeep and motorcycle. But of course, the horse and carriage was at no significant disadvantage against the motor vehicles, since it was driven by an AWESOME BUTLER.

No, I am being serious. Teppai is also (currently) a strong male lead. He’s tough, valourous, only a little perverse and stubborn enough to be likable, with good combat prowess. Of course, he ~could~ do an Asu no Yoichi on us yet, so I’m holding a breath for him at the moment to see if his behavoir can continue to err on the side of good. We’ve not seen enough of Charlotte yet to determine if she’s annoying, but similarily, she hasn’t made any blunders yet either, so things look okay. Sylvia is obviously a Saber clone (given breasts, of course), but she’s okay as well. Anyway, pictures to follow ze words, as usual:

Teppai’s mum was awesome. Female control at its paragon. Shame she dies in the first 3 minutes. Yeah, that was a spoiler. Oh well.


The Carriage/Jeep/Bike Chase was Lul Wut, but awesome. Mark Sullivan is apparently the head of the US secret service. I had to look that up…




Stop hiding Loli’s behind your leg. Its just not proper etiquette!


Like I say, Sylvia is obviously Saber given a Rapier and some breast implants to replace her usual Flat chest and Bastard Sword combo. (does she keep Excalibur there when she’s not using it?)


Teppai’s little sparring match with Sylvia was also pretty fun.

Its a good start for a harem show. It looks to be at least as decent as Akane Iro Somaru Saka. If it develops into the decent romance of the season I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Finally, I still need to finish off with G.A. and Kanamemo. Probably by Monday. See ya then!


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Its that time yet again, for another new season is around the corner. Much to my surprise, there’s actually Thirteen new shows that show some potential to be watched this season. Its about half of what turned up in the spring season, mind you (which is to be expected, since alot of shows like to start then). Nevertheless, it does mean I’ll probably at least get to watch at least the first episode of most of these, rather than having to immediately eliminate several of the shows off the bat. At least K-ON, Kurokami, Eden of the East and (I think) Ristorante Paradiso are all leaving the schedule. Probably leaving only Valkyria Chronicles and maybe PandoraHearts. So again, I’m left with 5 slots. The new Haruhi season will be watched, of course, but if several good shows are around, I may stretch to not including that in the seven limit. We shall see.

  • Umi Monogatari (a.k.a. Sea Story) Well, this has technically already started, with the first episode just out on Wednesday. I have in my queue to watch, but haven’t got around to it yet. It is apparently to the effect of a Magical Girl show meeting the Little Mermaid (the proper story, not the disney trashfest) and having a bastard child. As in, Mermaid Magical girls. Or something along those already bizarre, convuluted lines. Add some elemental shenanigans for your viewing convienience, stir, and bake in the oven for 35 minutes. I’ll give some better thoughts after I watch it.
  • S2009-Umi-Monogatari
  • The blonde girl in the closest foreground reminds me of Collette for some reason. But with a chest. LOL.

  • Bakemonogatari I’m not quite sure what to make of this. Guy becomes vampire. Gets cured. Meets girl literally made of paper. Introduces her to amazing homeless guy who can apparently cure demonic afflictions (somehow?). Sounds like the show will go through lots of traditional japanese bakemono and show the ways that they can be redeemed. And yet, somehow, it wants to sell itself as a comedy or at least a parody? If my research is right, that is. Weird.
  • S2009-Bakemonogatari
  • (And they’re trying to sell it with a poster of a Meganekko and her cats…which just makes it even more bizarre)

  • Needless Sounds like an uninspiring post apocalypic fightfest. Basically, weird wastelands appear. Said areas are blocked off by government. Criminals and other undesirables move in. They gain weird powers. Cue needless destruction. See what I did there? Anyway, its got a significant shounen vibe going on, so I’m wary of it.
  • S2009-Needless
  • Well, the picture of this already tells you all you need to know about the show…LOL…

  • Taisho Yakyuu Musume (a.k.a. Taisho-era Baseball Daughters) The sports anime of this season. Only, this appears to be interesting to me because it shares some rather big similarities with Princess Nine, which I quite enjoyed. The usual ‘Girls want to form a baseball team’ thing. Only this one is set in the Taisho era, as you might imagine (1912-1926). So historical sports. With lots of girls. At least I’ll give it a look.
  • S2009-Taisho-Yakyuu-Musume
  • I thought the Bottom right girl looked like Tsuruya’s great grandmother. Before the green hair gene, at least. I laughed.

  • Canaan Huzzah! Kinoko Nasu’s new baby is here!! You know, that guy who wrote Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night, and Kara No Kyoukai? Head honcho writer dude of TYPE-MOON? Naturally, being a rabid TYPE-MOON fanboy, this is almost guaranteed a slot from me, assuming it doesn’t manage to massively crush my expections, of course. Its based upon a mystery visual novel where an assasin like girl decides to go to Shanghai because a terrorism suspect is said to be there with a group of minions.
  • S2009-Canaan
  • I’m amazed I managed to restrict my oozing fanboyism over this. LOL.

  • Kanamemo The obvious 4-koma port of this season. Hence, it’ll most likely be lots of light humour and parody amidst a slice of life. It also somehow seems to give me Fruits Basket vibes. Because the main girl sounds like a doormat. Like Tohru was. Its set in a Newspaper delivery office which is convieniently packed with a pure female staff. These shows rely on good punchlines and likable characters, so we shall see. K-ON did it nearly right. Lucky Star did it right. Azumanga Daioh started the trend. We shall see.
  • S2009-Kanamemo
  • Pink haired lass screams ‘Loli-Tsundere’. And it looks like the usual drunk glasses girl showed up too.

  • Princess Lover! Well, the title is hilarious, and it deserves a watch purely based upon that. Though, of course, it should also be handled with some care, being the obvious Harem show of this season. Orphan dude goes to rich-bitch academy thanks to the ludicrously wealthy grandfather ploy. As always, these types of series live or die (at least for me) based on the balls of male protagonist and the annoyingness of his main female target. The first should at least exist, the second needs to be minimal. If so, though invariably mind-rot, the show can be at least enjoyable.
  • S2009-PrincessLover
  • Is the Euphemia knockoff girl going to be awesomecute or gouge your eyes out horrible? We shall see..

  • Sora No Manimani Its the overused “guy goes back to hometown to reunite with genki childhood friend” gag. But, being dragged into the astronomy club, and the whole ‘actually, I only have poor memories of her’ things might make this into something worthwhile, assuming they don’t do a heel-face turn on us. If they keep with the fresh ideas, rather than the tired ones, then this has the potential to be a decent romantic comedy, something I always dig.
  • S2009-SoraNoManiMani
  • (Lets see if I can guess: On the left foreground= Childhood Friend. On the right foreground= Girl he actually falls for.)

  • Geijutsuka Art Design Class G.A. Its another contraversial girl filled show. It almost sounds like a 4koma again, too. Just a slice of life thing focusing on ladies who are in an Art Class. Not actually alot of detail to be found about it. Maybe I’ll look to see if I can check out the manga to get a better picture of what it’ll be like, but at the moment, I haven’t got alot.
  • S2009-Geijutsuka-Art-Class
  • (I like the left hand girls character design. But I suspect thats because she looks like Yue from Negima; and I keep thinking she’s got a weapon over her shoulder, rather than a fold up canvas.)

  • Spice And Wolf Season II (a.k.a. Spicywolf) Well, I’ll say this almost another of those dead cert choices, since I loved Season One of Spicy Wolf. And I’ve read the manga. And the translated light novels. Though I know the arc these episodes will likely cover (the pyrite saga), I’ll probably watch this anyway. Because its awesome in its unique-ness. And Horo is amazing. And it has the strange chemistry of Pagan Wolf Goddess with a Travelling Merchant. Certainly, the slow pace and economics aspect aren’t probably everyone’s cup of tea, though.
  • S2009-Spicy-Wolf2
  • HORO! LAWRENCE! Its like reuniting with old friends. Or something.

  • Tokyo Magnitude 8 Now that’s fairly rare: a Disaster Anime. Using disasters as entertainment is a very western thing, and in general, the Japanese just can’t do it right. Because it becomes serious business for them. As anyone whose watched the terribly depressing and heartwrenching ‘Grave of the Fireflies’ can attest. This is also one especially close to home for them, since its about a critically bad earthquake. I’m very wary of it, but if they do manage to strike the right balance of common people facing extraordinary circumstances, it might end up a surpise winner.
  • S2009-TokyoMagnitude8
  • I didn’t think the Tokyo Tower leant that way. ROFL.

  • Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou (a.k.a. Properly Learnt Modern Magic) Interesting in that this one of the few shows this season based upon a fantasy light novel. I have a good track record with those types of shows, and like fantasy, and hence, I’m quite interested in this. A ~really~ short teenage girl who gets mistaken for a gradeschooler gets apprenticed to a powerful sorceress. Shenaningans await.
  • S2009-YokuWakaruGendaiMahou

Summer is usually the time when you have a surprisingly awesome romance to liven up your day. I hope this is so, since I’ve been lacking a decent one for quite some time. Well, if nothing else, Spice and Wolf will come close. If Nasu has his way and the production budget is up to it, Canaan will automatically be made of win and god.

There’s actually alot to be excited about in this lineup from my initial estimations, and I may have to stretch my already limited free time to its limit! As I did last season, I’ll provide first impressions of the shows as I watch them. Expect Umi Monogatari within a day or two. So stay tuned!

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