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Heh… its been a heck of a while since I’ve actually made a fresh wallpaper that doesn’t use any of my own artwork, but what do we have here if not that? Check it out:

As per usual, click to see it full sized.

Yes indeed, its the Scarlet Sisters again. I was browsing danbooru to see if mochi.f had updated his artworks of late, and indeed as part of the selection found these two new grown up versions of Remi and Flan in their Chinadresses. Smokin’ hot if I may say so myself. And I figured, I had to make something with them, so I did.

I had to draw in a few extra bits, notably Flan’s leg and hat, and a bit of the wings for both vampire girls, and then extract/interspose them with this nice fisheye panorama of the Scarlet Devil Mansion Reception Hall.

Its then darkened overall, with posterisation added. Not typically a filter I use often, but it actually works very well here. I also extracted masks of their eyes and gave them a subtle red glow effect, as I expect them to have (scary!), and threw a few shadows around to aid with the atmosphere.

“The Sisters will See You Now” immediately then came to mind as a fun title. But will you survive the audience, son? Hehe…

Not alot else to say for today. Aniventure Shimaihen is proceeding smoothly and it might well be possible for me to release it before the end of the year if I can keep the pace up. The entire customised race section has been completed and is undergoing a litmus test, a new border was completed, and I also recently put together an interesting Superior Items & Loot Customisation ruleset.

Actually, speaking of Aniventure, there’s currently 20% off at Lulu until the 10th of August by entering the code ASTOUND20 at your checkout. So nows the time to pick stuff up!

Anyway, stay tuned and cya soon.


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Well, uh oh… I guess I’ve started down the dark road of doing Touhou fanarts now; as if we really need any more of that… 😀

Nevertheless, I just got this urge to draw a Remillia Scarlet picture today, and here she is, made into wallpaper size as well for your viewing pleasures:

As always, click her to see full sized.

Was going for a close up view of a reclining posture, hence the right wing is also visible (we can assume she prefers not to get it crushed when lying down, right?). The undone top button came naturally, I think… Also, I had to try a bit extra hard to make her as pale as possible whilst still holding a vaguely skin-like pallour. I do sometimes think her face ended up just a slight touch too large, but then I stand back from it and it feels alright. Anyway, reasonably happy with the result. I’ve actually got quite a stock of pictures that are collecting up and I haven’t yet got around to scanning in (tend to spend at least a couple of lunchbreaks and evenings a week sketching these days); guess I’ll do them gradually though.

Just this for today’s post. The new anime season is starting in fits and turns at the moment despite some shows having not finished their run from last season (notably, no Madoka!! Grr…). I’ve also been distracted due to my recent purchase of Pokemon White.

Anyway, stay tuned!

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