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Yeah, I’m slow in noticing this, but the new Touhou beat-em-up was announced a couple of days back by Tasofro (LINK HERE) with a couple of teaser shots and a blurb. Not one to miss out on regurgiating a small amount of information, I’m posting some random crap about it. To start with, here’s a shameless google translate of that blurb:

Fear of natural disaster that repeated natural disasters, no Koe,
They brought a pessimistic view of life in the human village.

Heavy air is swirling in the village.
However, it is not a feeling of hopelessness.
It was something close to a sense of stagnation future of human beings does not change no matter what you.

Is it not a “Yeah! ‘

I feel that I wonder who originated, such a voice that I can hear you.
Yeah, if does not change anything, I think what you may be doing?
Yeah, I’ve got to be Ikire more ephemeral.
The human heart of the village is released gradually, order went disturbed at the same time.

Those who see the situation from a different perspective that was there. Our home is a religion.
Religious thought trying to win the hearts and minds of the people disturbed.
Restore order and at the same time, because it is a good opportunity to collect their own faith.

Monks erected a temple in Gensokyo, Taoist aims to abandon the worldly immortality,
Aimed at rehabilitation and shaman.
These girls decided. That it is “my turn” what time like this.

Well, I think we can assume that some girls from the Human Village and the latest Touhou games will show up.

No doubt the internet will be full of roster speculation soon enough. I’m not going to cave to any of that, though. Here’s one the caps from that page as well (you can click to see it full-sized):
This is actually far more interesting to analyse. Here’s my observations:

  • First of all: 3D backgrounds. About time! Though its in need of some anti-aliasing and theres something odd going on with that hill between the two trees on the right. Still, its a step in the right direction, however much I loved the strange photorealism of SWR.
  • No Spellcards!? At least, none that can be seen. If so, this is quite a massive diversion from their past games. Instead, we have three gauges that I can spot. Theres a circular gauge around the portrait with red/blue/grey fillings. Theres the obvious classic mana bar going on at the bottom. And behind that are a set of three character relevant sprites (orbs for Reima, stars for Marisa). In the last case, Reimu’s orbs are coloured in, and Marisas stars are greyed out after Marisa is using what used to be one of her stardust broom smashes, so perhaps those stars are used for specials? This is of course pure speculation.
  • New Character Sprite Style. Its nice to see that its still a bit deliberately pixellated, and at odds with the gorgeous attack effects. Despite this, the sprite detail is notably higher as well. And less chibi!
  • Percentages? I’m assuming thats actually just the Rate or Limit or somesuch, but maybe its important.

Anyway, thats about it for today. Stay tuned.


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